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  1. I have given Nokia 6275 to cool aditya and he received the same. I have the remaining Blackberry 9630 and it was programmed to Relaince, If you can able to programme it to Tata I will give it to you. Let me know. You can come and take it from me.
  2. I have three new LG LS665 MOBILES virgin mobile with CDMA and LTE, but i am unable to use with reliance jio, if any one can help me to use it with JIo, I can give one of it free.
  3. I have one Nokia 6275 and one Blackberry 9630 ( global mode is also working). Any body can take it. Babulu
  4. You can buy airtel unlocked 4g modem from ebay and you can use it as hotspot
  5. Friend Verizon is unlocked for GSM networks and you can use it for any GSM network outside U.S. Straight away you can not use for cdma. I think it is to be programmed to work on CDMA Networks. Some of Gurus here will help you.
  6. They are also giving two connections life time free in Nellore for the site owners.
  7. In Bangalore blue sims are being given for normal connections
  8. It appears that GSM can be activated after going through this but I am not that efficient to do that. Some tech guys can try this
  9. You can buy verizon Jetpack ZTE 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot either EBAY.COM at cheaper price or buy from (higher price) and that can be used for reliance 4g. I am using now with 2g(SO CALLED RELIACNE 4G). Did you take any legal action for return of the dongle against Reliance. I already issued a notice and awaiting reply.
  10. Data is working fine no problem
  11. Yesterday at 10.51 PM i received the following message "Dear Customer we are upgrading to 4G. You may face intermitent network issues. We regret the inconvenience and seek support during this process. Thx RCOM" Babulu (AP)
  12. I would like to buy AC on ebay. Any coupon code for the same. Thanks and regards Babulu