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  1. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    Did it worked ? Mine Pixi+ is facing the same problem.
  2. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    ^^ Check the plan here http://www.chiragcare.in/pages/Special-MNP-Plans/pgid-56288.aspx
  3. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    @parth How was its performance ??? Please post detailed review.
  4. Advice needed for using Palm Pixi Plus

    Any way to sync contacts from my PC & NOT google ?
  5. Telescope

    Check this site http://www.spacearcade.in/
  6. Android Updates For Your Phone

    I am having Zync Z999 Tab. Any updates for it ?
  7. 10 Best Uses For A Usb Pen Drive

    Nice info. Thanks alot.
  8. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Just got the Zync Z999
  9. Vaishno Devi Helicopter Service & Other Queries

    Pony is a good option. It is a prepaid system. The horsemen will surround you. But first check the horses & then finalize the deal. Sometimes the horses are in bad condition & this may slowdown you trip.
  10. Vaishno Devi Helicopter Service & Other Queries

    Contact any travel agent in Jammu / Katra. They prebook all the tickets. PM me for agent's mobile no.
  11. I using R-CDMA (MAH) with SRP200 plan on Palm Pixi plus. Is there any plan for me ?