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  1. guys need help my motorola droid is not getting any signal ,,i did try to unlock my bootloader but failed when i restored from recovery the phone is booting but is not picking any signal while using both in cdma as well as in gsm.....
  2. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    chk out foxify...found out though wifi could not be started but my moto droid was able to connect on usb mode.... link to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxfi&hl=en regards Abhishek
  3. nah ....the plan given is 1gb UL with 150 local calls for three months...
  4. got mts smartphone activated sim for 500 bucks.....1gb data with 150 local call free for three months......got the sim and got it cut to microsim...evdo working flawlessly.... :w00t:
  5. even i was trying to get a mts micro sim for my moto razr max hd..the price in mts store was 2k bucks with 3gb of data for three months with unlimited local though fup of 60 minutes per day was applicable....
  6. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    brought a scanner HP G2410 for 3450 /- which was for 3750/- after applying 10% dicount coupon on shopclues...dont know how but ebay was providing that at costlier pricing....
  7. Please Suggest a GSM handset

    Even the Samsung galaxy y products duo with both touch and type is damm gud.. I Sent from my GT-B5512 using Tapatalk 2
  8. need a 8gb memory card with a card reader.....any gud deals coming up ....
  9. reload the windows os if the problem is cropping up too much.....os gets corrupred sometimes...
  10. Android Updates For Your Phone

    any android upgrades for samsung b5512 or samsung y pro duo....plz let me knw the procedure to update to icecream sandwhich....already its on 2.3.6....
  11. my guess mts will be winding up its operations after telenor does......now tht telenor has made its decision to do away with its losses of 14k crores mts will hv very little options left..still might be coz russia has been india's ally for long india might find a way to retain mts but other than tht the options hv been limited for mts too...
  12. Suggestions Required For A Dual SIM Handset

    guys again coming to the handset suggestion ...i need a handset which can satisfy the following criteria: a) used for making calls and sms...(qwerty will be preferrable) b)need to sync mail something like a bb as i m wanting to stop bb services on my blackberry c)no need of cam or so... d)cud be cdma but on tata and gsm (gsm will be preferred more as calls r dropping on tata.) e)budget till 10k let me knw wht r my options. regards Abhishek
  13. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    airtel tv s**ks...till one yr whn the box was in warranty it was okay as i didnt hv to pay a penny on exchanging the dead box but after tht in 3 months or so the box was going dead and each replacement costed me 500 + 100 .....tht is very much of scam from airtel who r supplying old boxes and taking the money for new ones.....hv changed the service as of now to tata sky....let see how far thy go....