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  1. Hey guys one of my friend is dealing into hi-end mobile phones and gadgets. She doesn't own shop. Now people want to pay her by credit card, so want to know about mobile credit card swiping/accepting machine. I've seen normal machine used with LG 2030 for dailing in bank. so it can be use. Now if anyone of u guys aware, let me know about it, where ill get the cable and basic stuff about it. Thanks and regards.
  2. You reading this post because you have an imported/foreign CDMA handset with you and its ESN/MEID is registered in Reliance database. If ESN/MEID is not registered then you can check this topic. Now you want this handset to be working on India's Largest and RIMweb's beloved CDMA network! Though this area is little tricky for n00b's, past knowledge of CDMA development plays a key role. But if you don't have anyone this post will help you (hopefully); fingers crossed! PLEASE NOTE THIS PROCESS CAN GET YOU VERY EXPENSIVE AND ULTRA MODERN PAPERWEIGHT. SO YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU DOING. IF YOU DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN THEN GET IT DONE WITH THE HELP SOMEONE AS MENTIONED IN THE FAQ TOPIC. Prerequisites 1) CDMA 800 Mhz handset (Which ofcourse you have) with its data cable. 2) CDMA workshop v 2.7 (though there are more softwares to do it, this is used commonly) - Use Google to find 2a) There is a possibility that your handset isn't supported by CDMA Workshop v 2.7. In that case you need QPST - Use Google to find 3) Knowledge of how to put your particular handset in DIAGNOSTIC mode along with its driver. You can Google that out. 3a) Though I have personally done 100's of different handset models, keeping track of each handset model is difficult. So I am mentioning the most common DIAG mode enabler below: HTC Handsets: ##3424# or ##3424+Call button. Palm/HP: ##8727277# Samsung: ##8778# and select modem. BlackBerry DIAG behaves on virtual port created by installing BlackBerry DM. This list will be huge if i keep writing. So I'll suggest if your handset isn't mentioned in this list then please ask on this topic and I will try to reply with your enabling DIAG solution. 4) Diagnostic Driver for your device. (There are so many handsets and usually there are different drivers for each devices, so this is something you have to request here, commonly used DIAG Drivers - Google for it) 5) Windows PC with XP or Win 7 32 bit. (Its very difficult to find 64 bit drivers so I'll keep and support this tutorial for 32 bit only) 6) Carrier specific NAM PRL or Preferred Roaming list file. (Check the pinned topics in Technical forum) 7) A-key or Authorization key. (will be provided by ESN/MEID Registrar or handset seller) 8) Your handset's SPC (check your handset cover box or ask your handset seller). How to / Step by Step: Note - There are many handsets/models and each time process is little different. But basic changes to latch your phone to Reliance network is mentioned here. I am using HTC DEVICE to do it for Tutorial. 1) Pick your phone and enable Diagnostic mode in it. ( I am using HTC HERO and so i punch: ##3424#). Please find your phone DIAG enabler in prerequisites above. 2) Connect your Phone to PC using Data cable and let the Driver search process begin. (mostly Driver installation failed and you have to do it manually) See pic or video. 3) Now open CDMA workshop (You might have to disable your antivirus, as the crack for CDMA workshop uses Trojan pattern) 4) Open Device manager and expand Ports (COM & LPT) there u see which COM PORT assigned for your device. In my case its Com PORT 7 5) Select that comport on CDMA workshop and press connect. and press read. 6) Go to security Tab and enter SPC and press SEND button. return message should be SPC COrrect Phone unlocked See pic. 7) Now go to Nam Tab and press load and select Reliance.nam and press write. 8) Go to CAVE and enter your akey and press write. (You might have to calculate akey, see pic for details on calculation) 9) Go to Other tab and press write under PRL select Reliance.PRL file return message should be success. 10) Now your phone is flashed on Reliance CDMA network. :thumbup: :thumbup: Note - Now after this process you need to visit Reliance webworld to transfer ur number from existing handset/RUIM to this phone. U can also use HCC (Handset Change Card) if its available and work in ur city/state. Hope you enjoy flashing your phone. Thanks. EVDO Activation & Configuration For questions related to generating the NV dump file with EVDO parameters and submitting EVDO activation request, please check the FAQ topic. If you have the NV dump file from your handset seller or MEID/ESN registrar, you can follow these steps to upload the NV dump file to start using EVDO: 1) Go to "Security" tab in CDMA Workshop and Send the SPC as explained earlier in this topic. 2) Once it showed that the phone has been unlocked, go to the "Memory" tab and click "Write" under "NV Items" 3) Clik OK when it shows that you have to send the SPC and then you will be able to select the NV dump file. Browse and select the file. Sample file name is like "MEIDnumber@hrpd.rcom.co.in-net-NVItem-Script-PPP-HDR-27.txt" 4) Submit the file and it will show that the NV items have been written successfully. Now restart the handset and EVDO should work fine if the EVDO activation has been done already at Reliance.
  3. How much for the bulb.. I knight get it change and give them.. As they don't have AC in classes.. Lmk... Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
  4. I personally don't want this.. But there this NGO who teach computers to poor kids and women specially in slums. Projector was on their wishlist.. Lmk if u can give.. Will donate on your name.. lmk.. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
  5. Driver install using "have disk" Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
  6. Meet me on gtalk on shaikhsadik@gmail.com Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 2
  7. Guys here's download only page for ringtones and wallpapers. Request u guys not to post here to keep it easy searchable. If anyone alse want to add direct download link most welcome. Any request?? PM me. I start here 1. Salaam E Ishq (Instrumental) http://www.mobanza.com/59d12083/Salaam-e-ishq.mp3 2. Salaam E Ishq - Remix http://www.mobanza.com/fa20b67d/Salaam-e-%20Ishq2.mp3 3. Title Song http://www.mobanza.com/9648c4d7/Title.mp3 4. Sayyan Re Sayyan http://www.mobanza.com/63c9216b/Sayyan%20Re.mp3 5. Dil Kya Kare http://www.mobanza.com/30408466/Dil%20Kya%20kare.mp3 6. Babuji Dheere http://www.mobanza.com/bad8e6ea/Babu...0-%20SuYoG.zip 7. Ya Rabba http://www.mobanza.com/158d63e3/Ya%2...-E-Ishq%20.mp3 Movie GURU http://www.mobanza.com/46b0e9ac/Tere%20Bina%20-%20GURU.mp3 http://www.mobanza.com/666d759a/Barso%20re%20-%20GURU.mp3
  8. Help: Samsung Galaxy Nexus S (CDMA) Not Switching On

    Nexus S runs best on GingerBread.. 2.3... waiting for jelly bean.. But excellent on 2.3..
  9. RIL and Qualcomm hold 4G licenses and they both looking on LTE. Rev.B is haste decision anyways.. Tata and MTS both share infra so its feasible for them.. But reliance still waiting. Wait and watch after licensed killed.. Also MTS will never exit.. We cant afford to hurt Russians on their investments.. Lets see.
  10. Rooting and Custom ROMs

    ^^^ 1) Usually nothing happens on data after flashing ROM only... 2) U need to install titanium backup to understand it.. its not 2 buttons app... It calculate all the scenarios on ur device and gives you option whatever u want to do. ex - u can restore single app + data or u can restore all the apps + data. u can restore 2 apps only and 3 apps+data... U have to understand it. Install it. take back up of one app + data uninstall that app.. and restore using titanium... u will get what i am saying.. Happy Flashing.
  11. Rooting and Custom ROMs

    What i usually do with my phones is.. Root it. Download Rom Manager (Premium), Flash recovery and rom using Rom manager. (Most of my phones are on CM7 though) Big questions come to mind whats with Contacts and SMS after root. I use titanium Backup (Pro) Before jumping to titanium Please read about it.. new guys who dont know much about titanium backup.. Do the following to back/restore of sms and contact.. Use Gmail to sync contacts(So the first thing on ur new rom when u sync same Gmail u get ur contacts back) For sms.. Use Go Sms pro.. There is built in back up and restore option.. Just download Go sms use it as ur default sms to take back up of ur sms. (To restore u need to install Go sms pro again restore and uninstall Go sms pro if u dont want to use it) major issue in regularly flashing roms is ur apps and apps data (Apps data is something ur progress with apps and games.. Like u plyed 80 stages on angry bird but when u flash new rom and install angry bird again u have to play those 80 stages again- to avoid that use titanium backup.. it takes backup of apps + Data on it..) so after new rom flashed u need to restore using titanium backup and back to where u were.. always take backup of existing rom in recovery.. once u use to it.. u will never think of going back to stock.. that is atleast my experience..
  12. You cant even compare Android with Mango.. Mango is walled garden.. U get limited access to garden walled by MS... How many days u think u will not get bored with same tiling UI.. Android is not walled.. and u are free to make ur phone as and how u want it to be.. Whenever i am bored i change UX using some new rom.. I want Iphone like sophistication i go for MIUI.. I want lite OS i go Vanila plain Android 2.3.7... ICS is going to change all the UX game... High quality apps are popping now from FB, twitter and Google Currents.. they are similar to those on iOS if not better.. I keep updating my android screen on my Google+ page every now and thn.. Please see what i am talking about.. About the Gmail i never ever experience that.. May be because of i am using Nexus S and always on Wifi.. But 99% of the time my Blackberry and Nexus S notify me almost same time.. ICD have taken good care of Gmail in ICS.. so wait and watch.. Windows phone is nothing unless they port thier Metro UI on Phone with Windows phones 8.. 7.5 is big fail.. I was using Dell venue pro just for UX and trust me it never attracts me... Though couple of things are no doubt cool in Mango like People, Twitter and Group tiles.. But its human tendency we get bore too soon now a days.. Mango is no go for me.. above view is IMHO.. @kshah Multitasking is good on Mango though...
  13. Test Drive Android On Your Pc

    http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html Simple download and install and use all/any android app on windows..
  14. Am looking for 3 all-in-one PC. Entry level But not Atom based.. i3 may be.. Please let me know. Thanks.
  15. @rajan I hit the link moment u upload it.. but 9900 was sold out.. though i already bought it from homeshop18... for 29200.. bugger reduce 400 after i bought it.. ;D naseeb slow hai aaj kal..
  16. Want Blackberry 9900 can anyone get me good price. Homeshop18 is giving in 29119 something after GCIND95UPNCFY1PED coupon If any better price please letme know.. I want this to gift someone.. (More of a bribe i can say lol.. )
  17. Stock Market Crash - Guidance For Newbies

    Sell all ur shares.. invest in sadhana Forest.. Google it.. See movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward.. and forget about all investments and returns.. monetary system and capitalism is to collapse.. and no one know what happen.. because its never ever happened before.. this is just a suggestion and IMO.. also see what is trillion dollars..
  18. CDMA iPhone 4 Is Here!

    Its available on 3rd feb 11. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/iphone.jsp
  19. I used net banking and already got my reebok shades and tshirt.. Shades are high quality excellent box and all.. Tshirt is ultra cheap... Using it in night... Am glad they sent me XXL instead of XL...
  20. @taunk23 thanks ya.. but now my friend want LED only.. can someone please compare Onida model and let me know. thanks..
  21. how about this one... Using Rcom code.. it comes to 17k.. @Dkaile and @rajan lmk please.. http://www.letsbuy.com/onida-antireflective-p-14917
  22. @dkaile purana tv kaha fekte ho bata dena mujhe... Koi sendond me pada ho to mujhe bejho main bhi IPL ke maze loot lu.
  23. PC1529492EK5 PC1557994QB4 PC1526539I5L buy anything worth 1000 and get 40% off. I bought Reebok Sunglasses already discounted 77% and one tshirt.. Total bill came to 650 including 45 Shipping charges..