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  1. Need Palm Pixi Driver

    Maybe this could do the job . PrePixiCentroTreo800w_DiagDrivers.rar
  2. Need Palm Pixi Driver

    pre drivers.rar USB_Driver.rar Try these .
  3. Please suggest CDMA handset

    You can go for BB 9330 @ 11k or I can also get you BB STYLE 9670 without BIS working but with working internet on TATA @ 13.5k ... lmk
  4. Great Initiative Amit ji ...
  5. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    Yes, it's MEID registered with Reliance ... Will confirm about EVDO soon ... Haven't tested it ...
  6. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    Available in Stock ... Price - Rs 27500
  7. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Nice find ... but sadly not for Delhi ...
  8. I have a new Palm Pre available @ 9.5k with charger, cable, pouch and original box included ... LMK if interested ...
  9. Nice post Rajan bhai. +1 for you .
  10. Please suggest a QWERTY Music Phone

    Yes, you are absolutely right, this handset doesn't support RUIM but you can still activate your TATA or Reliance no. on it. You just need to visit Tata Hub, to get your no. activated on to this handset. I will provide rest of the details later on.
  11. Please suggest a QWERTY Music Phone

    I am having Pixi Plus for Tata @ 5.5k and evdo can also be activated at an additional cost . Regards
  12. Happy Holi !

    Happy HOLI to all rimwebians .
  13. Vodafone 3G Update

    @ Karthik R The speed test was done when I was tethering from my phone with laptop. And when I downloaded a 700 kb file on my phone itself, I t got downloaded within 2 seconds. @ rahulmalik_81 When I called customer care, they never asked me which handset I was using or anything like that, just told me that I require 3G compatible handset to use 3G services and to make video calls etc. I even got vodafone TV activated on my phone for Rs 7 per day. There was no buffering of any kind. And there was around 3 - 4 seconds delay in telecast compared to Tatasky.
  14. Vodafone 3G Update

    I got 3G activated on my vodafone no. in less than an hour. And here is my speed-test result
  15. Vodafone 3G Update

    I had called vodafone customer care and they told me that activation of 3G through sms is not working right now, and they are taking request for activation.
  16. Yes, OS6 has some issues.
  17. Battery pull should fix the issue .
  18. How to restore the handset original MEID?

    In Palm also if you reset the phone , the original MEID will come back but not the ESN ... and then ESN and MEID will get mismatched and phone will go in offline mode . So, it's better you change the ESN to pESN first and the reset ...
  19. How To Read MEID from OHM SIM?

    Mostly the non OMH Sim are either not available or are MEID based .
  20. How To Read MEID from OHM SIM?

    To read the MEID you can even use unlocked Data Card .
  21. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    ^^^ Sir ji, Please get your facts right, I had joined Speakasiaonline on 23rd December 2010. I had written "IT ACTUALLY PAYS FOR YOUR GENUINE OPINION" because by end of January I had received my first survey income and hence got sure of it. But if I had not done my survey work then i wouldn't have got paid. So it clears one thing here that I was actually paid for doing work here and also for my Genuine Opinion. I didn't thought that sharing information (pdf) will create so many doubts in your mind. I only have his name and his email id which is already there on the website as I told you earlier. Now if you want I can PM you the link but cannot post it here just to avoid breaking of any rules.
  22. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    1. Yes, and I think these are all common queries . 2. Sorry, I cannot provide the email address . 3. Does it really matter ...??? 4. Franchisee Name is : Speak India Online Franchisee details can be found at the company's website . Please see, I am not promoting anything and just wanted to share the facts .
  23. WWE Fans... This Is Something Awesome...

    Good to see oldies back in WWE ... Now it'll be more fun to watch ...