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  1. MNP Experience

    I had given porting request today. From Vodafone to Reliance GSM. When I visited Reliance Communication office (in Dombivili) The sales girl told I cant port for Reliance GSM Pre-paid, as porting to Reliance GSM is stopped by the Company. I asked here to write it on a paper and give this info, she refused to give it on writing. They told me take a Rs.350/month Post Paid connection and they will make sure it can be ported to Reliance GSM from Vodafone. I am porting from Vodafone because I dont have signal at my residence in Dombivili (Mumbai). It does not make sense to have a mobile if there is no network. After fighting for 15 mins finally they agreed to take my porting request. Now waiting for it to get it ported to Reliance GSM Pre-paid.
  2. OnePlus invites

    I want one invite. pls pm me
  3. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    What's the advantage of using whatsapp+
  4. UNINOR Mumbai shut down!

    They Paid me back. they not even took back the sim card
  5. UNINOR Mumbai shut down!

    Oh I didnt know that. I had just took a New Connection (Uninor) Yesterday)
  6. Windows 8 upgrade for less

    I also brought for Windows 8 for 699, Created a ISO file also. will the drivers will be compatable?
  7. I would like to buy a Bluetooth headset (Maily for phone calls not music) Which one is good (under 2K) how is Samsung HM1000? Best price?
  8. Beats Audio Now Available For Any Gingerbread ROMs

    I am using it on my Spice Mi-410 and I feel the difference. Its really great
  9. here is the link http://www.ebay.in/itm/Pre-Sale-Veedee-D10-Capacitive-7-Tablet-PC-1-5-Ghz-MID-Android-2-3-WIFI-1080p-/130618999638?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item1e697fc356
  10. I really love it. I can use it as a media player. Had played Full HD(1080p) 60fps video with out any lag. Both on Tablet and on my LED (connected using HDML cable). U can use external 3g Data card. ( I tried GSM) But I am not able to get Reliance netconnect+ on this. ( Now finding a way) Screen is very. responsive It have android 2.3. I had installed android 4. (ICS) and removed it as its not 100% stable. A stabel ver wil lbe out soon. 3D games are great. ITs already pre-rooted, Android MArket pre-installed. Its value for money. Screen is only 7" I would have gone for 10" (This is the only minus point)
  11. Its Veedee 10 (China tablet now on Sale on Ebay) Allwinner processor 7" capacitive screens 1.5 Ghz processor brought it for 6.9K
  12. Can we connect Reliance Boardband+ (CDMA) to an Android tablet? Is there nay way to do it?
  13. This phone has the same hardware of Spice Mi-410/Ideos X6, I am using it for last few months. we can get teh same phone (GSM) for Rs.12-13K in India, so its not a good deal