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  1. Suggestion For New Digital Camera / Handycam

    http://www.ebay.in/itm/SONY-CYBER-SHOT-DSC-H70-… USE HDFC OR ICICI voucher ..search in google
  2. Best GSM Android Phones in India

    Dear Rajan Mehta sir, Need your valuable input for Galaxy Y Details here : http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/smartphone/GT-S5360MAAINU/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail&returnurl= http://www.letsbuy.com/samsung-galaxy-y-p-27038 Suggest any better phone below 10 K. Thanks
  3. Rajanbhai when I click on the below link to buy Toshiba Satellite C Series C660-P5012 ,it says When is an item Permanently Discontinued? http://www.flipkart.com/computers/laptops/toshiba/itmczzy7pfmy48uf?affid=jimishjoba This product is no longer available on Flipkart because it’s obsolete and/or production for it has been discontinued . But the same is available on letsbuy though at higher price :'( . I am very much confused whether I should go ahead and buy from letsbuy or not. Please help . :sos:
  4. Did they increase the price now? it says 17999, so net will be 16.8K Rajanbhai..They have increased the price .Suggest some good deal or the next move..Cant buy at this price to repent again
  5. @RajanBhai Have finally zeroed in for Toshiba laptop for my parents to do skype and simple net stuffs.. Following are the two models from letsbuy http://www.letsbuy.com/toshiba-satellite-c-series-c660p5012-genchaku-black-with-tops-pattern-p-17973 and http://www.letsbuy.com/toshiba-satellite-c-series-c660i5010-genchaku-black-with-tops-pattern-p-17979 Please suggest pros and cons of both considering the usability and longer life Also since the laptops come with DOS so age old work of installing the OS remains..Please suggest how the laptops are user friendly in installing the pirated OS..
  6. This netbook comes with dos.So please let us which OS was later installed .Also how is the performance .
  7. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    I have ordered books from Flipkart and Nbconline and never faced any issue .They have promptly delivered the books right on time. Once ordered from bookadda.com and it took 10-12 days for them to deliver the book.Infibeam is worst.They will show the item on their website available and the wait for delivery is too long after the order date.As the delivery date comes near they will update the website and also mail if the book is not available.I dont understand why the inventory on the website is not updated and customers are kept waiting for long time :'( My suggestion for book lovers is to call all these online ecommerce site before placing the order and confirm the stock.
  8. One offer from Snapdeal if you guys not aware of .. Register any 16 digit visa card number (no need of cvv and expiry date so can borrow from friends n relatives ).Rupees 100 gets credited as SD cash which can be used for any purchase on snapdeal.Me n my friends have already enjoyed most of the food deals .
  9. Hi, I need to buy a new laptop for my parents for basic use(budget max 25k).Please suggest me a good online deal.