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  1. Micro SD Card write protected

    connect sd to pc are try running chkdsk to see what error it throws
  2. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    For Gatwick you may or may not need transit visa. Usually when you booking your ticket ask the airlines, they will tell u if u need it for gatwick airport. I have done terminal changes at heathrow, which involved 20 min bus ride to next terminal.
  3. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    @vishalseth If you are in transit in UK and have a VALID USA VISA then there is no issue in any european country. I have done transit via UK, Amsterdam and Paris couple of times. You will need UK visa only if you intend to leave the airport and pass through immigration (not airport change).
  4. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    Thanks arun for pointing me to this thread.. 1) Well you have a lot of cheaper prepaid plans over here so buzz me if you need info. Do not buy any plan till you yourself see the coverage in the area you will be living in. The coverage maps are different than ground reality. T-Mobile is spotty network and so is att. Verizon is the best and has most extensive coverage. There are Verizon mvnos too. 2) USA is a land of deals. If one is smart enough to look around one can get anything for a fraction of a cost or for pennies. This is all I could say as far as phones are concerned. :-)
  5. How To Get Data On Palm

    OK so here is a simple to do guide to get 1x data on palm pre for reliance and also for tata pre requirements 1) palm pre running webos 1.1 or 1.2 ( u can just use update program on pre and do OTA update which is safe) 2) palm pre DIAG drivers 3) root acess 4) qpst 2.7 1) connect ur palm pre to qpst now i m tired of mentioning it again and again on how to root a pre for programming here i m writing it in simple steps a) install palm sdk on ur pc http://developer.pal...ter&sdkdownload make sure u have latest version of java on ur pc c) once sdk is installed its very simple to gain root access on ur palm pre enter developer mode to do so from ur keyboard type konami code it will show developer mode icon , turn it on d) go to startmenu --run --type cmd e) it will open up command prompt f) just type following then type the following now it will show root@castle:/# ←[J now just type done it will ask u for pre drivers and direct to to location where u have it g) now just go to qpst and connect to corresponding com port 2) setting data in qpst when data isn't provisioned on palm pre , u will just see signal bars and battery indicator thats all see this pic of my palm pre without data http://img230.images...7/imag0006z.jpg 1) open up qpst 2) press read from phone , it will ask for spc code , put in 000000 or whatever spc u have 3) go to mip tab and in "mobile ip behaviour" select "simple ip only" 4) u will see user profiles , click on profile 1 and press edit 5) it will open up profile 1 edit screen , clcik tab profile enable 6) in NAI write xyz@sprintpcs.com 7) teethered NAI xyz@modem sprintpcs.com 8) check rev tunnel preferred 9) make primary HA HOME HA AND SECONDARY HA ADDRESS 10) press ok and click write to phone see below two screenshots from my pre to get an idea http://img169.images...01oct020004.gif http://img101.images...02oct020004.gif 11) now go to ppp tab u will see an option of username and password, go to UM and AN TABS and write username and password , in this case i wrote it as username - UTS@ relianceinfo.com password- i4gE7DW ( u can put any other username password) click write to phone 12) now press read from phone tab and make sure all settings are there 3) setting up data on handset 1) from ur phone dialpad dial ##evdo# ie ##3836# and select 1xrtt http://img401.images...8/imag0019a.jpg 2) from ur phone dialpad dial ##data# go to browser and zero PRIMARY /SECONDAY NCG and ports done now reboot ur phone if all settings are configured properly ur data will start working u will see a 1x sign next to signal bars ( 1x sign indicates data is activated , if u dont see1x sign it means ur settings are not proper) see pic of my handset after data got provisioned http://img101.images...72/imag0008.jpg pre drivers.rar
  6. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    You need a provisioning profile and certificate . Basically your UDID is registered as a developer and you can install any ipa after signing it . It works across all iOS devices .Its available online for 10-15$ .after that u can do as many installs as u want
  7. Apple iPhone 5 & iOS6 discussion

    Jailbreaks are not that much fun as before .Except for few customisations most things can be done without jailbreak now - Crack apps - Wireless Tether - Banner name change etc dont need jailbreak
  8. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    FoxFI is good app not needing root but its not supported on Devices with 4.1 as of now for wifi tether.
  9. palm pre is a unique handset , and as such all methods are also one of a kind pre doesnt accept 1x prl u have to load evdo prl pre will show international roaming sign 1) connect pre in pass through mode 2) open up qpst 3) load evdo prl 4) phone will show sprint banner name 5) close qpst and open up cdma workshop 2.7 6) go to memory and to nv items 7) click write and load the text file i have attached 8) banner name changed ( for changing banner name we have read nvitem 9047 to edit ASCII of sprint with ASCII of reliance /tata and then load it back ) rr.rar
  10. Time to pay back to forum once more i can get gsm blackberry unlock codes for free All models/carriers PM me with your IMEI/Carrier/Model i will send u the unlock code by pm Don't complain about turn around times, these are free so delays might be there preferrably for trsuted and advanced members for posts above 100
  11. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    R u sure u have correct diag drivers, the cdc abstract drivers will be available online. Also u need to put passthru serial
  12. The embedded sim might be lte sim and not gsm one. Like thhe evo lte
  13. i have made a cab file which replaces the htc_cm_guardian.exe on ur stock roms with a blank file all u have to do is just install the cab file now no need to create a blank file on ur desktop , copy to ur device and use total commander to replace it just install and u r done NOTE : u might have to remove iota folder ( if at all it exists in ur device) if anyone can post iota folder from their device ( before they delete it) then i can make all in one cab file to remove iota as well create htc guardian blank file PS: i m trying to make all in one cab file to do all the job of replacing guardian file , removing iota and creating rworld settings !!! give feedback if its working or not MK- htc guardian fix.cab
  14. I dont know how many on forum are aware of this but there is a secret hidden menu for debugging and developers in backberry called as ENGINEERING MODE i used this mode twice while unlocking GSM of 8830 , by MFI TOOL which disabled mass strogae mode by default when writing new ram image this mode has lot of option . though i dont have bb to explore more options , but a lot can be done , besides enabling and disabling mass storage HOW TO GET INTO THIS SCREEN first of all u will need engineering screen code generator the mfi tool has this code generator all u have to do is -On device press ALT+SHIFT+H at same time , it will open help screen - on pc start MFI tool , donot connect ur blackberry , and press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 It wil open a menu in that click ESCREEN CODES it will open a code generator now look at help screen u opened on bb fill in the details in code generator exactly as u see in bb help screen it will generate a code now on ur bb , still in help screen , just type that code by pressing buttons ( for numbers use alt ) it wont show anyting on screen but when u finish typing code it will open up engineering screen it also has option in radio to enable/disable gps .
  15. iOS5 on iPhone 4 CDMA?

    This is not problem only with reliance but with all flashed phones According to me the problem lies with carrier bundle not there for reliance , which is causing sms gateway issues Either an apple update or modification of carrier bundle can fix it
  16. @rajan lol awesome post , took quite some time to read it though ...lol 2 yrs of contract is not a problem when plan is good and cheapest one not given by any other operator .Besides there are loopholes to break contract too without paying a single penny in ETF !!! @gjp as i told u , in order for ur brother to stay on that plan , u can buy some cheap phone off ebay/craiglist and use its esn
  17. Firstly ,sprint doesnt accept verizon or any outside esn , so officially u cannot use incredible 1 on sprint But then u could do it un officially , for which u need a sprint esn/meid , and u need to use that on incredible Sprint doesnt use Akey , so all u need is sprint esn Once u have it on incredible , ask ur brother to call sprint cs and transfer no on incredible . After that u need to put up a request on sprint that your 3G is not working , then they will OTA you MIP settings and your 3G will start working on it . I am a sprint user , and have done things which people in USA normally say is not possible !!! i can provide u with clean sprint esn shoot me mail
  18. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    ^^^ currently in usa , hope could come down there for few weeks
  19. Free Blackberry GSM Unlock Codes!

    ^^^ nice one sunilji btw c u next time i am in mumbai
  20. Since i now own an iPhone 4s , and jailbreak for iPhone 4s is still not sure about .As many people here are using iPad 2 , iPhone 4 etc which are either on iOS 5 or they don't want to jailbreak The biggest advantage of jailbreak on iDevices is ability to install "crack" apps and 3rd party apps .But not anymore , you don't need to jailbreak to be able to install apps without app store The process isn't free , but its worth money spent and is not that huge of amount Process involves getting your UDID ( device hardware id used for development purposes) to be registered with apple developing accounts and using dev certificates and profiles There are several developers on net who sell these services for 9.99$ -15$ they provide u with dev certificate and register your UDID with apple developer accounts All u need is a mac and just install certificate and use ire sign to sign apps u downloaded and sync it with iTunes it basically tricks phone security into thinking that u are testing the application as a developer http://uhelios.com/ this developer i have dealt with personally and his services are at 9.99$ for windows users u have 2 options - install vmware and install and use mac os to use i resign -or sign up for xappsx service , which allows u to directly download apps from www.xappsx.com from your iPhone/ipod/ipad and install on ur device . xappsx is site similar to apptrackr for people who pay can directly download apps and install on their devices without need of using ire sign , but that costs 20$ http://shopios.com/ i have dealt with these guys also and they are very legit offering service for windows as well as mac users for 10$ its worth every penny having to no more worry about iOS updates or ability to loose jailbreak Currently i have iOS 5.01 on my iPhone 4s and i use macbook pro to sign my apps i download from apptrackr it works perfectly , no need to wait for jailbreak anymore . This method works irrespective of your iOS VERSION There are some who can do it for 4-6$ also , but i don't know if they are genuine In my case i bought my package for 10$ . I couldn't get it to work initially , i contacted developer he tried to change certain certificate settings on my macbook , but even he gave up after trying 2-3 times , stating that my macbook has some issues , LOL , i kept playing with it alone and boom it started working .It was just minor issue of mis spelling in one of lines ..... P.S- Plz pay developers for their apps , some apps are well worth every penny , i prefer to pay for apps whenever possible .
  21. ^^^ most importantly and practical use of JB is use of installous and cracked apps , rest all is hardly used by other people
  22. I don't think its jail , every OS has its own pros and cons I am not fan of any os , i enjoy technology be it iPhone or android or webs i have used all , and will use all , thats how u enjoy , rather than been a fanboy Reason u have to do all this to install cracked apps , i coz there is no jailbreak for 4s or iPad 2 every os has some fallback , like even in android we have to wait for root to enjoy wireless tether and some other features I am enjoying my devices , and i find ways round problems / limitations if they spoil my fun
  23. Rooting and Custom ROMs

    EVO 3D bootloader is now fully unlocked there are lot of guides on xda about same u can install roms , kernels , etc U cannot get updates if u root , even if u on stock rom , it will download update but when u press install it will give error
  24. Blackberry Hidden Engineering Screen

    ^^^^ 1. Flip the phone into Landscape Mode. 2. From the Home screen, press and hold the !?123 button to enable numlock. 3. Press the Menu key. 4. Select Show Keyboard. 5. Type 2*92
  25. Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

    Dont worry with HTC as with Motorola just hook EVO View to workshop 2.7 , try sending samsung default password , as that also gives SPC many times directly on HTC after making spc all 0 , just write nv file , if u have for reliance data settings , usually seller would provide u with that .