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  1. 'Michhami Dukkadam' - A Day Of Universal Forgiveness

  2. dear all i have lg fathom vs750 windows 6.5 verizon firmware v7 registered meid with reliance write prl and nv dump given by seller but still Internet not run i have try both are nv dump [sip] & [smip] by cw 2.7 is there any internal setting to run net ? pls help me thx
  3. Tutorial: Generating NV Dump file

    problem solved seller send me smip nv dump file
  4. Tutorial: Generating NV Dump file

    i have nv dump file from given by meid register seller for htc one v if i edit following address 579,1194 meid@hrpd.rcom.co.in (Replace meid with your Phones MEID) 580,1192 MIN can this work 1x data on my lg fathom ? bcoz i have lost nv dump of lg fathom .......
  5. Unable to use internet on my Reliance CDMA prepaid SIM

    it working in data card ? and which phone u r using ?
  6. Pattern unlock on Android

    download samsung pattern unlocker SamPattern Unlocker.rar
  7. Stock Market Crash - Guidance For Newbies

    @ digitalnirvana can u provide u r share name detail with quantity ?
  8. How To Get Data On Palm

    i have plam pixi plus verizone i done all process but still not able get 1x data pls help me
  9. Dear Shripal kawadia, We make every effort to fulfill all the orders placed, however certain orders cannot be processed and unfortunately must be cancelled. We regret to inform you that your order number 5026619692 has been cancelled due to the following reason(s): Pricing Error Refund (if applicable), will be done in the same mode as the payment was made. If the payment mode was Cheque or DD, we will send you a Cheque (not a DD). Cheques will be sent only to the billing address of the customer. If you believe that the cancellation was an error , please feel free to contact our Customer Care. You can call us at +91 22-222-1947 (24x7) or email us at support@futurebazaar.com.
  10. Android OS on HTC 6800 (titan)

    i got error failed no partition found on sd card /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
  11. Android Updates For Your Phone

    any update for samsung galaxy pro b7510 current version 2.2.2
  12. Hi Friends, Latest BuythePrice Working Coupon of Rs 450/- for a min purchase of Rs 1000/- KRD5AG8CID