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  1. Hi I am able to get the blue sim from Reliance Digital but whenever I visit they always inform there server is down. Is this thing everywhere? Can anyone help me in activating blue Jio Sim PS:I have not submitted any documents to store,just taken sim from them as they earlier used to inform no sim is available
  2. How-To: Unlock Sprint HTC One for GSM

    able to get gsm sim unlock finaly. will post detailed guide tomorow.
  3. How-To: Unlock Sprint HTC One for GSM

    hi I was on 4.3.3 and I was able to Unlock BootLoader But it shows me Tampered above bootloader I hope that is Ok I was able to Flash TWRP and also Root the Phone Then I have installed HTCONEUnlocker SIM APP It shows me Device verified Sprint HTC One Root:Available Sense Rom :Yes After that when I click start it shows me an error Sorry vDM client Stopped unexpectedly I browsed various forums to find the solution but nothing concrete I am not able to get. Is the only solution to change the ROM or what. PS:I have done following steps till now 1.Firstly install HTC Sync Manager so that it contains all driver 2.Used Kingo HTC Bootloader to unlock boot,it is easy just to connect phone and it does all. http://www.kingoapp.com/htc-bootloader-unlock.htm Now to flash TWRP ,download twrp openrecovery-twrp- Do not download 2.5 as in that touch does not response and you would need to wait till phone battery is drained. 1.Downloaded from here http://techerrata.com/browse/twrp2/m7wls 2.Installed TWRP 3.Installed Superuser 4.Flashed HtcOMADM_SPC in recover http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2534208 Now getting vDM client Stopped unexpectedly error
  4. How-To: Unlock Sprint HTC One for GSM

    Hi I have got HTC one from US. The phone is in original ROM Now I am trying to insert GSM Sim on the slot but I am getting error INVALID SIM CONTACT SERVICE PROVIDER Can anybody help me,I need to update ram or rom or what Thanks in advance
  5. WIFI ADSL2+Router Beetel 450TC-1 Speed Reduced

    I think changing the router may be the only solution. No their has not been any change in the furniture in the room
  6. WIFI ADSL2+Router Beetel 450TC-1 Speed Reduced

    Hi aliwant thanks for your help!! but i tried many band it dint effect also tried changing the location no use. The strangest part is the range in the room where it is placed has also reduced. inside room also get 2-3 bars whereas it used to be full within room
  7. Hi I am using WIFI ADSL2+Router Beetel 450TC-1 Speed Reduced from last 3 years. It was working problem free and range was also good. But from last few days range has drastically dropped and now even inside the room where it is placed the signal level are reduced to 1 or 2 bars. It is not working in other rooms also where it was working fine. Physical damage is not at all possible as it is placed in stable place in good condition I tried the hard reset of the modem but it was no use. Can anyone suggest what could be the reason and any solution if possible
  8. thx kapil ji I tried this in automatic mode and also downloaded motofail and other 2 method but the things are getting stucked up in step 7 for auto and other 2 modes ie Waiting for Device Also In Motofail Step 5 ie Waiting for Device I have attached the screen shot for the same. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1sext324v2hgzzp/P8ramXJghg#f:clickoneerror.jpg Any guidance kapil ji
  9. Hi I am trying to root my phone ie droid pro @ mohd faiz the root method given by you gives me and error SEARCHING FOR THE PHONE (connect it now if you haven't yet)... found! Running exploit step 1 of 3 (setting up symlink)... done! Rebooting your phone... done! Running exploit step 2 of 3 (modifying local.prop)... done! Rebooting your phone... done! Running exploit step 3 of 3 (adding su, busybox, and superuser.apk)... FAIL! ERROR: adb could not be granted root access via local.prop method Try again from the start, but if the problem continues, check your version of Gingerbread -- hopefully you don't have a version where this exploit was fixed. @kapil ji root method http://dl.dropbox.com/u/66473210/motoerror.jpg The error is in above image as I was unable to copy the text from command prompt I also tried MotorolaOneClickRoot_psouza4 from http://www.mediafire.com/?g226n7as6cb1y6e it says that successfully rooted the phone But I still get the error phone is not rooted when I am trying to edit the files. Any help please. I really need to root it to make net and sms work in it
  10. Activating Internet On Motorola Droid 2 Global

    Yes able to connect to CDMA WS
  11. Need Advice For Printer Purchase

    @alok thats why I just checked this epson T200 it has CIS.Any other model which have CIS do you suggest? @volstagg Its true that printer company earn more from the cartridge then selling printer that's why I can invest in a printer but want low running cost @ashokb & gurugopal My local vendor recommended not to go for color laser printer as they have higher refilling cost.
  12. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Still available just brought 3 of them
  13. Need Advice For Printer Purchase

    Hi I am looking for a color printer with scanner and copy for printing approximate 500pages per month.I just browsed the net and have shortlisted Epson T200 for Rs9000 Any advice for a better model?