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  1. We are talking about BAD ESN handsets, what about GSM handsets stolen, you cant get them blocked. There is no law (imho) for stolen or lost handsets in India. Of course you cant import a stolen handset. But again we did not steal the handset, We purchased it from a 3rd party.
  2. As per law - You can not import a old/used mobile phone by Courier /Post. - Any imported handset should have MEID / ESN / IMEI as required & should not be NULL. - Extra duty on Chinese Origin goods. As for unlocking mobile phone - there is no law in India.
  3. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Aliexpress has listings for G2 screen + Digitizers @ USD 47 with free shipping to India. I purchased 1 few months back and its equally good as Original.
  4. eBay.in is a big time fraud in regards to Taxes, they are allowing everyone without any compliance. But as per their T&C Seller / Buyer are responsible for Taxes, Duties etc. And as I said earlier 5% & 13% VAT for same item in 2 diff states, Margin comes to 8%, Wholesale business works on 4-5% margin and here people can earn much just due to tax variation. While GST will stop all of this.
  5. Companies are making profit due to tax variation. My line of business, Earthmoving Machinery parts, Tax in MP, WB @ 5% while in MH its 13%
  6. MRP can varry from state to state. Like Diesel & Petrol is cheaper in Delhi while its much expensive in Mumbai because of Tax variation. Many items in Delhi are charged @ 5% which are charged @ 13% in MP. That's the reason government is pushing GST so that prices are same all over India.
  7. No such law imho. As per law they have to collect VAT & issue local state invoice if they have a Branch office & not delivery network. And having a Branch office in every state is not possible from e-commerce companies. Flipkart sent me (Katni, MP) a router from Bangalore & they charged 5% CST on invoice which is correct.
  8. CST - Central Sales Tax. Applicable in case of inter-state sale. CST is applicable at rate of 2% or 1% against Form C (Registered Dealers), Form D (Individuals). In case of no Form C, CST is applicable at seller state's VAT rate. VAT - Value Added Tax, Applicable in case of intra-state sale. Technically when FK sells a item from Mum to Blr without Form C, CST has to be applied at rate of VAT. But many times seller charge VAT so that they save the work to file return / deposit tax in other head (VAT & CST). A seller from Mumbai can never deposit VAT or CST in Bangalore. He has to file return from the place of issue of TIN#, CST#.
  9. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    Rediff is correct on OEM part. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer which does not imply that product is Original/Genuine. OEM's sell their product with different quality standard at a lesser price under different brand names. Specially Chinese.
  10. The Off Topic Thread

    No harm in changing the cables. Some Motorola may have issues. If using different chargers make sure to check output voltage and amperage
  11. They declare the value randomly & in accordance with package content. They ask us for invoice, but very rarely its shown to Custom guys, In case of hold invoice is must. And why the complains of higher duty ? No one said anything or praised SNS when they paid lower or no duty. Like Hitesh said, Its business and dunes come.
  12. Right now SNS is facing exactly same issues which PPO was facing last year. Reliability of SNS has always been far better than PPO, but right now the congestion is very high & clearance rate is very low at their Delhi hub. Before I had imported from China to Delhi and they delivered the consignment on less than 72 hours and now it took more than 6 days to reach Delhi from their SHA hub. Similar is happening from their NY hub. As far as duty part is concerned, I paid Rs 450 only while duty should have been in range of Rs 7 to 8 thousand at least. So you never know.
  13. If your SNS consignment is cleared from Delhi, be prepared to pay very high custom duty. I paid 2500 for G2 cleared from Delhi and 1600 for G2 cleared from Mumbai.
  14. Can I use TOT to downgrade from ZVA to ZV8 ?? And does anyone have ZVA tot ? If Yes, Please post link. XDA link not working for me.