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  1. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Hi, This is my feedback post. I called the number Guru Gopal provided. They took my complain regarding evdo not working, and provided the complaint number. Before that I had already emailed them to the email address provided by vabs. For both, call and emailed I was provide with the different complaint numbers. I don't know which one did the trick, but in two days, my EVDO started working. Finally! Thank you very much everyone who helped me to get this solved.
  2. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Thanks vabs. Actually, I found it through website. And already emailed twice I've also called on number Guru provided. Let's see, fingers crossed
  3. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Thank you Guruji. Will try this.
  4. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Hi Vabs, I am facing the same issue. SMS sais, HSD already active, but getting only 1X data. Using HTC One E8. Instacare SR is not working. Can you tell me which email ID you used to send email?
  5. Can anyone clarify, which SIM works without programming on ota 4.4.3 ? Hi, I am doing these changes and writing to device in dfs. RUIM settings are saved, but MIP changes are not saved. Are not writing I think. When I read again, the settings are unchanged. Can you help me with this?
  6. Hello Everyone, Has anyone found the solution for this problem? I bought an USSC SIII for my colleague, which he updated via OTA to 4.3 and now there is no data. Thanks Mahesh
  7. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    I suggest you try to contact a good unlocker in your city, he might do it because nokia phones are many times unlocked with some special hardware.
  8. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    Even I would buy 1 if it's made working on reliance.
  9. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    This handset be the best seller lumia in Indian market. Best phone you can grt at the price point. It will attract youth. Colors are awesome, hope all colors will be available. Mahesh Sent via Tapatalk for Android.
  10. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    My pleasure..
  11. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    People in India complain about Lumia 800 (WP7.X in general) because store people doesn't know much about it, they cannot answer and solve their quires, Another major reason is lack of BT file transfer and Memory Card support, which I don't ever need. All the major apps are available windows phone store which you use day to day basis, I have many local indian apps installed which help me a lot. And Nokia maps and Nokia Drive are simply best. Apart form that, many good games are on xbox live. Xbox live is biggest gamin network. Another good part is integrated facebook and skydrive. I know there are some issues, like no access to videos for third party apps, no all in one video player and so on, but every OS has some of it's draw backs. Over all I am more than happy with my Phone. Regards Mahesh
  12. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    The Nokia Lumia 822 is here. Amazing phone with amazing OS, Windows Phone 8 Looking forward to use this on reliance. More Details Here RIM Gurus and Reputed Sellers, Do you think this can be brought to Reliance? And what RIMWEB friends think about the handset? BTW I am using Lumia 800 since launch, and I am very happy with it, So I am thinking if I can use this on my Reliance CDMA connection. Regards Mahesh
  13. I checked my purchase history and realized that I have installed more than 300 apps so far, but the apps which I use day to day and frequently are not more than 20. Others I just installed to try and never used again. So what matters is the quality of apps, not quantity of apps. WP OS has lot of features which fills the requirement of many apps. Just saying.. ;-)
  14. Install the following file from that XDA Thread (Post number 7) MobileODIN_FlashKernel_D710-v1.0.zip That's what it's asking for.
  15. Windows Phone OS is promising, I am using Lumia 800 since the launch as my main handset, and I never felt that it's missing something. With Nokia advantages, it's even more useful. Now HTC has shown more interest in investing actively in platform, this will be even interesting. And yes, the 8X features Beats audio with inbuilt Amp, that's something never happened in a smart phone. Still Lumia 920 wins here, but audiophiles will love this phone.