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  1. NO. Not in my case. Plans are getting activated as in queue only. Rs149 was activated for me, even though Rs999 was in the queue (last though).
  2. Go for option [2]. JioPhone is coming later and may be you need to get new number and there are too many confusions wrt JioPhone, including delivery date. Further Rs399/84 days is cheaper than Rs153/28 days. Go for it. Go for JioPhone when there is the much needed clarity...
  3. Yes.. I got 30GB (no daily FUP) for 30 days vouchers for 2 of my Jio numbers. Good way to compensate current 90GB for 90days (no daily FUP) of Rs999 with 60GB for 60 days (again no daily FUP) of my old Rs999 recharges. According to Jio, for my first Rs999 recharge I got SuSu offer (but still NO 10GB booster given as per their promise even after complaining to CC -- NOT really a big deal) and for second one, this voucher offer applicable. Good steps by Jio. I really really appreciate them for giving equal benefits to customers who have done early recharges. But still I have doubts about their SW system.
  4. Great.. So I think, they will change the validity of 999 plan to 90 days (along with 90GB without daily limit) for 2 of my Jio numbers. Jio keeps on rocking...
  5. MyJio App

    Yes.. This is EXACTLY what happened. I have just now activated Rs399 recharge JDDD NOW and it got activated within minutes. Now the Dashboard shows I am in DDD plan instead of SuSu plan earlier. Another plus is -- This facility will help us to complete many Rs149 prime recharges in same month. Good going Jio. "THE CHOICE" of using the recharges we have done already is a very big plus and NEVER EVER heard in Indian Telecom. Jio will continue to kick as$ for sure...
  6. MyJio App

    YAY... Great news.. Yes, the activate button allows us to choose the selected pack to be used IMMEDIATELY instead of using costly TopUps, when data got exhausted. I have just activated JDDD 399 plan even along with my running 149 plan (whose data got finished). It just asks for confirmation (as shown in the picture below) and you are good to go... ---------------------- This is easily single biggest and best change Jio has done in its SW. It is still much better than Top-Ups, imho... I love JIO...
  7. Is TATA closing CDMA business?

    Just got a confirmed news that TataCDMA is starting to close its towers even in Tier-II cities as well, in TN circle. (They have closed tier-3 and villages long back). In Sivakasi, there is NO TataCDMA signal for almost a week. Since there is NO dealer for them in the whole district, no body knows the reason for few days and TOTAL of (upto) hundred prepaid CDMA users are in panic mode. On further enquiry, Tata guys in Madurai said that, they are switching OFF all CDMA towers to cut cost in cities where there is NO EVDO (Tata has EVDO in just 5 to 7 cities in TN). People there has to travel 75KMs to madurai to get TataCDMA network and then Port out to some other operator. Why is Tata closing CDMA and that too without announcement? Is this happening in other circles as well?? Is it just cost cutting or for liberalisation to 4G spectrum to make their co’s sale attractive???? When we thought ChoRCom was behaving bad in closing its CDMA services, TATA proved that they are still worse...
  8. It's using those booster recharges jio is going to earn a lot of money. Further data users may prefer to do bigger recharges in future as well. Data usage addiction will force people to not go for Rs149 plan in future. Good for jio Sent from my SM-C900F using Tapatalk
  9. Exactly @LTE4G you are right.. Yes, extra 1GB is seen on other 12 recharges of Rs149, in that number. May be they are trying to say that BOGO offer is for one week only 25th March to 31st March only. The one who have enthusiastically recharged earlier are all ULLUs.. So once again, this proves that "NEVER EVER DO ADVANCED RECHARGES FOR JIO". Now I wonder what is stopping my 10GB booster data.
  10. Well, that is the MAIN issue I am reporting.. If they didn't add BOGO offer for ANY number, then it was mistake from their side and can be rectified easily. But if the BOGO offer is activated for many, BUT NOT ACTIVATED FOR SOME RANDOM people, then surely their SW system is totally ducked UP, imho... OK. Let me show you where the 10GB offer was applied as below.. ----- Now, let me show the original 2GB got exhausted and 10GB pack is NEVER used (image up and down below) -------------- Now, let me show that BOGO data is NOT added to my current plan as below... ------------- The date on which I have recharged prime and other Rs149 recharges are shown in my previous posts... [1] So I have 10GB data booster applied in my plan, which I CAN NOT use. [2] No BOGO offer for the recharge(s) done on March 2017 for some jio numbers (mine is an example).. Once again, I am NOT saying Jio is cheating -- because they have been giving 100s of GB even for freeloaders, hence giving 1GB extra for paid customer will be no issue for them. But what I am trying to say is their SW system is totally ducked up.. The thing which happened to me today, can happen to anyone in coming days and it is TOTALLY out of their control, which is the sad thing. So friends, NEVER EVER do advanced recharges in Jio...
  11. OH, come on bro... I know all these and I have done Rs99 prime + Rs149x13 (during March2017) + Rs999 (during April first week to get SuSu 100GB offer) + Rs399 DDD (84 days 1GB per day) on that particular number already (validity now upto 5th Jan 2019 <<If that 999Rs validity is 3 months>> I think). I got the 10GB voucher on MyVouchers. Then I claimed it and it is showing in my jio app, after the scroll as well. But I just can NOT use it (I have exhausted the 2GB already). Anyway I didn't get 1GB extra data of BOGO offer as well. Jio's SW System is totally ducked up, for all my 3 jio numbers...
  12. May be.. But it is NOT showing so in My Statement as well... My first recharge of Rs999 has already started with 60GB for 60 days (NO BOGO benefit). My second recharge of Rs999 also shows just 60GB for 60 days in My Statements. First everything was clear in MyPlans. Later it was messed up and shown in "My Statement" only. Now, even "My Statement" is incomplete (with 60 days for second Rs999 recharge and NO BOGO offer details). That's why I am repeating, "Jio's SW system is TOTALLY MESSED UP". Good that, you have got 5GB additional data as part of BoGo offer. But I didn't get any in all three Jio numbers (2 with Rs999 and one with Rs149). Rs149 recharge was promised to have 1GB extra as BOGO offer and 10GB in case of Rs999 recharges. But all of a sudden, I got 10GB voucher for that 149 recharged number as I started to use it on my Samsung C9 PRO. So this Jio number recharged with Rs149 got 10GB Samsung offer this month and NO 1GB BuyOneGetOne offer as promised. ---------- -------- Another Rs999 recharge summary -------- Both Jio numbers with Rs999 recharges, doesn't have 10GB extra BOGO data as promised. Both numbers have another Rs999 recharge in queue. But that second recharge's validity is shown as 60 days only and NOT 90 days in "My Statement". I am NEITHER saying Jio is cheating NOR am hungry for huge amounts of cheap data... But what I am saying is, "JIO's SOFTWARE SYSTEM IS TOTALLY FLAWED"... EDIT 1:- Added Recharge Summary of all those numbers showing date of recharges... EDIT 2:- The number in which 149 Recharge was done and 10GB booster is active (as per MyJio app), Data stopped working after the 2GB was exhausted. NO, that 10GB is NOT yet activated and even though that is showing in Data balance.. So I am wrong in saying Jio's SW as flawed, IT'S TOTALLY DUCKED UP ACTUALLY (U know what I actually meant)..
  13. I don't think so.. Forget the Rs303 recharge, which is still having 28 days validity only. But what about Rs999 one? It now has 90GB data with 90 days validity. But my Rs999 recharges (twice done on each number) done before March31, are still showing 60 days validity (with 60GB data) ONLY. The sw system of Jio is totally messed up, imho...
  14. Well, it is a lesson learnt, that we should NOT do excess recharges to be in Queue. I have done Rs149x13 for one Jio number (later in first week of April done Rs999 to get SuSu offer as well). Forget the current better offer, I am NOT even getting the BOGO offer (which gives 1GB booster extra for those 13 recharges). The long term recharge is NOT as fruitful as I thought. So do recharges only when the need arises to NOT miss a better offer in the pipeline. In other 2 numbers, I have done Rs999x2 in each no. There also I didn't get 10GB voucher as BoGo offer. That BOGO offer is looking like a bogus offer for me. Jio's s/w system is seriously flawed, imho...
  15. Jio Mobile

    NO.. It doesn't looks like Jio's website. EDIT:- After some research, I found its FAKE.. Look here..
  16. MyJio App

    Good.. Now waiting for it to show in MyPlans section, most probably after 15th July (at least for Rs999 users).
  17. Option 4 is better with no daily FUP and 4 FULL months.. Option 2 is ok, if daily 1GB is enough, as it has 6x28 days validity.
  18. It is a well known thing, that ChoRCom blocks the SMS from 1901 (the response SMS with UPC or Unique Port Code after sending SMS to 1900). But once we call the CC, they will tell the code verbally, at least.. If they are still NOT giving you the code, then its better to complain them on pgportal, saying "RCom blocking PORT sms".. There is a reason they are called as ChoRCom. They have the cheapest tariff plans in industry (even cheaper than Jio), shares the JIO 4G network, but still, they are the NUMBERO UNO in losing customers every month via MNP (that is even after blocking port SMS). Because they are Chor.
  19. Yup.. For me, the roaming including outgoing calls are FREE, as I am in 649 Infinity plan (In Airtel, all infinity plans with rent 649 or above have roaming outgoing free). For others in 349 Infinity plan, only incoming roaming calls are free (apart from all local/std calls in home circle). Now got an email from Airtel CEO that from July there is yet another surprise offer coming, may be continuation of that 10GB per month data for another 3 months. Now the Local BB provider has increased the speed to 20Mbps MAX (Download 20Mbps & Upload 10Mbps) from 3Mbps (with unlimited data usage no FUP). BSNL LL people also retained me, using the 647Rs UL 2Mbps plan. OMG, It is raining data offers, from all the possible sides. Obviously thanks to Jio.
  20. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Ooops... Then there is something terribly wrong in Jio's system / software...
  21. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Rs99 is prime recharge and can be done only once. If you have done twice, it may have been refunded to you already. Not sure about the second 499 though. Or have you done 99+499 on another number by any chance?
  22. MyJio App

    @Njwm don't worry. In Jio, the double Rs999 recharge you have done will be in the queue and so it's not 60+60GB = 120GB to be completed in 60 days. It's actually 60GB in 60 days and then again 60GB on next 60 days. Yes, it's 120GB in 120 days. Reg your second doubt, yes the booster validity is confusing as well as irritating for sure. Jio must do something about it. Or atleast release more variety of boosters to give good choice for customers. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  23. Very TRUE. Jio need to correct them, both are very very important. In my place, performance of Jio has increased to mind-blowing levels. We are using Jio mainly for data, as almost all of my family members are using Airtel's infinity postpaid plans (Thanks to JIO) for voice calls. Speed of Airtel has reduced to 10Mbps (which is still NOT bad, comparing 3Mbps of Vodafone, 0.3Mbps of BSNL) from earlier 20+Mbps speed. But Jio speed is great around 26 to 35Mbps (speed varies by time of course). We already have good Local broadband provider with 3Mbps unlimited -- a very reliable connection and JioLink with 4GB per day, which is also working great. The backup BSNL BB connection was closed as its the most un-reliable one. I have recharged my family members' 3 Jio numbers with Rs999 on March itself, all those have got 100GB FREE usage for 3 months without any daily limit, we find it very hard to exhaust them. Few years ago, we don't had any reliable BB connection, even if we are ready to spend upto Rs3k to 5k per month. But now, we are spoiled with choices, all thanks to Jio. Even wrt voice calls, Jio is good enough, except to Bull $hit Nigam Limited LandLine calls. But we rarely use Jio for voice calls, as Airtel was super generous and succeeded in retaining us. I used to pay Rs1599 + Taxes to Airtel to get 10,000 minutes (incl roaming) + 8GB of 3G/4G data. Now I am paying just Rs649 for unlimited calls (incl roaming) and 21GB of data. My other family members are paying Rs349 for Unlimited calls (incoming roaming FREE) and 11GB of data. Further HD Voice calls in Airtel (on its DC-HSPA network -- 10MHz 3G) network is equal or better than VoLTE calls of Jio, imho. Yes, calls to most numbers (especially Airtel) connect instantly, like Jio 2 Jio calls. But in roaming, normal voice calls on Airtel 3G (5MHz 3G) is good-enough only as its NOT HD, like DC-HSPA of TN. I know Jio is the reason for Airtel's new found love for its customers. So thanks to Jio. I am waiting for Jio's VoLTE button-phone. Without that I can't move all my Corp connections to Jio, even if I want to.
  24. Even Supreme Court is saying different things on different days. So eKYC for mobile connection is MUST, but aadhaar is optional. So they are trying to defend by saying that taking mobile connection is OPTIONAL? WTF?? Mobile connection, even mobile data has become more like a necessity than a LUXURY, even for middle class person today (esp when Govt themselves flooding play store with apps day by day). Actually making aadhaar compulsary with PAN / IT filing is a master stroke to avoid black money rotation. Say for example, somebody is operating bank account without giving PAN for years, with some proof like DL / Voters ID, after linking PAN and aadhaar, that bank a/c is just a simple search command away from Govt side. I will be happy, if they announced aadhaar is MANDATORY FOR ALL, incl Diplomats in India. But they are NOT doing that. Thats why I am suspicious. I wonder how many politicians have NOT taken aadhaar till date???
  25. Supreme Court also told Govt NOT to shove Aadhaar into throats of people as Govt keep on saying Aadhaar is NOT a must and then this sh!t??? What if a person who doesn't have aadhaar, since it is NOT mandatory???