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  1. OnePlus One issues - Discuss here

    I have been using OPO since a month & half, everything working flawlessly. There was one issue however it has now been resolved. HD Video (1080p) perhaps wasn't being supported by the phone even after installing MX Player + required codec. I hv them running smoothly on other phones like htc one, moto x, oppo n1, etc with same combination of mx player + codec. Moreover it didn't throw back an error but actually hung & I had to force restart. I was still happy to live with that prob since rest of performance was just superb considering the price & availability of the phone. After few days mx player got updated & now the same videos run flawlessly. The stock vid player still doesn't run the videos & the phone looses its patience & hangs up.
  2. Karbonn Titanium S1 selling for 7.5k
  3. Try some authorized reseller in your city.There have been some cases where buyer's have reported non genuine accessories included with new camera. thanks for your valuable advice. I checked out local market, same product is costing me 3k extra with lesser freebies, i.e. carrying bag. Is it still risky to buy online if paid using paypal?
  4. I want to buy a Nikon D5200, ebay it is selling for 38k any better deal than this? or discount coupon code??
  5. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    if earlier handsets costed lesser than the latest ones, how will the company manage to sell it cheaper now? or did you mean the earlier ones costed 43550 instead?
  6. There are few traditional / older card readers which are not compatible when used on smart phone.. perhaps drivers issue. These must be updated with the same..
  7. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Thanks Mr. Banarjee and Dhiraj ji yes Nikon D5200 looks better option. Now D5200 & 600D are both options to shortlist one. Although I will first buy camera only and later on advance to different lenses perhaps once I have good hands on.
  8. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    Which one did you buy? HTC One dual sim or HTC One x sprint? In the other thread you have mentioned the later one, however in this thread we assume you bought the dual sim variant as the topic suggests. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/28011-feedback-for-hetaldp/?p=296635
  9. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Hello Gentlemen I am looking forward to buy a DSLR camera, however not sure on which one to go for. I prefer Canon / Nikon and the budget is 30-40k. Someone suggested me to go for Canon 600D which is costing around 28k on ebay, maybe a little lesser it will cost in local market. To shell out a little more is not a prob (<40) if it is worth. It will be a blessing if someone shares a good offer along with the advise on model. I haven't used DSLR's earlier, only automatic digital cameras, so this is going to be my first DSLR. Your kind advise will be highly helpful & appreciated.
  10. Unable to use internet on my Reliance CDMA prepaid SIM

    Mine was a dealer number and faced a similar prob. After retaining the MDN to new RUIM, the HSA never got transferred / activated on new RUIM. Our top most Gurus Hetal Patel & Amit jain i know can turn tables when it comes to cdma and especially Reliance, however in my case even they couldn't do much because god knows what blunders they've (Reliance) made in their systems. I was advised to convert my number from prepaid to postpaid, even after doing so nothing happened to work. The worst thing is I never registered my number as Dealer number (Lafu / recharge sim) and ww said there is no way till date to de-register from Dealer mapping. Finally I ported my number to Tata docomo CDMA. Even after porting to tata, I get reliance promotional msgs.
  11. Good initiative for people with less technical knowledge... It did really help me to get data working back on my phone. Thanks and +1
  12. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    somehow i had made up my mind to shift to gsm and sold s3 usc. now htc one dual sim has tempted so much that i am thinking to stay back on cdma which also gives option for additional sim(gsm)... now hunting for a good deal..
  13. ^^ The answer to your question is NO. You cannot use recharge coupons mapped for gsm with CDMA. you may activate the offer by sending sms as well, i haven't searched for the sms code although, but there has to be..
  14. I have ported my number Tata docomo cdma postpaid since 1.5 months. Using omh sim in US cellular S3. Cc activated 94 pack for 5gb data, initially I thought it can be used for 1x / evdo on handset only (no tethering), however only after getting 1st Bill I got to know I had been charged over and above the 94 plan without even crossing 1gb. Any particular setting to be done? Or this is just not for me? Cc said data used on Tata zone application only is counted under 5gb, other than that data used under any app like come / whatsapp / fb, etc will be charged extra. ain't this foolish? Other hsia packs seem to be over expensive. RCDMA 94 pack was much better than this.
  15. nope - that SCH I535 is verison phone (world phone) - either gsm or cdma one at a time. this SCH-I939D is a dual-sim phone. I believe 1 slot each for RUIM & SIM respectively just like Galaxy ACE Duos (CDMA+GSM) we have in India.