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  1. thanks for confirmation does call conference works too?
  2. bro is anyway to contact u ? im not able to send u private msg @ankit
  3. will it work on any os or any os limitations? the data is important for me
  4. thats nice to know m frm vijayawada
  5. Hey everyone i was planning to buy MotoX 1st gen to use on Reliance Cdma only or may be tata which one i shall I get sprint one or USCELLULAR data is must for me please suggest me thx in advance
  6. Guys I have droid MAxx running on 4.4 BL unlocked still I'm not able to get reliance cdma data even I'm downgrade to 4.2.2 radio what's the issue.
  7. Did u ever checked sheet of their payment dd to customs? once i manged to get that they are changing invoices for example if you buy 25k phone they are declaring value as 75k phone so customs will be 4k ill try to share pic soon
  8. wtf! what to do now? did u contacted aramex?
  9. My shipment has been dispatched fform dubai but still aramex saying its not reached delhi and customer care guys saying its reached and undercustoms i dont know what the fk going on really tensed abt this
  10. sns packages being cleared at delhi/mumbai depends on item
  11. after updating to Kitkat Reliance Data stops working but tata data will work fine u need get your meid registered or get modified sim but i dont think thiis is possible now as meid registration has been stopped by reliance