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  1. Rajan sir.. Any good deals for lenovo A2107 tab or NY other tab of similar feature On flipkart it is showing out of stock ...
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Seems all the members are watching IPL...anyways I have installed liquid smooth ROM ..bt needs clarification wheather and how can I do call conference in my Verizon s3 on reliance
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3

    can anyone help in finding good rom( if possible 4.2.2 ) for verizon s3 with call conference working and best battery backup....
  4. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    This will be exynos octacore 16gb variant......
  5. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    I think samsung will launch s4 on may10 in india @44999 .
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi can anyone plz tell me why my hidden codes are not working on my Verizon s3 after CM10.1 official nightly...previously it was working on official JB update
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hii all... I am running on CM 10.1 nightly 4.2 .on my Verizon s3..can someone plz tell me best kernel to extend its battery life
  8. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Happy b'day to rimmed nd congrats to rimmed to make it so much successful..
  9. wifi model....but i am not sure wheather u will be so lucky or not ..nd wheather they will offer u such a deal or not...
  10. @aditya...i don't know wheather it will help you or not..but yesterday i went to EZone here in kolkata..nd i bought an IPAD2 there in 15000 only...they sold since tha was the last piece actually demo piece nd having a minor scratch on back side ..so juss enquire if any last piece is available in your area then u may get IPAD 2 in 15k only..
  11. Babu Shayari Club

    jo khul jaye butik to hame pariniti ki salwar dila do aa gaya jo usse lene apna parma ,to phir kuraishi ki talwar dila do reliance to ho raha aajkal blue ,to bhaiya hetal bhi kuch suna ker ker do sabka mann green rajan k kaam ko pradyumn chuna laga gaya ker diya usne cid ka naam suna suna logo ka jina haram ,so farma ker shayari wo bhi ker le thora sa aaram saam ki taazi hawa jab parin ka mann behlati hain to phir chand line likhne ko uska bhi mannn tarap jati hain... ye doctor ki mauz ko rimweb ki fauj kam ker do jara si jab hogi guruo ke naye roop ki baarish yaha ,to phir aayegi narmi inmein thori si...
  12. Babu Shayari Club

    kiya jo suru vinay ,usmein ab kamaal aa gaya andaaje bayan unka daddu per ek naya bawal la gaya ab to intezaar hain hetal rajan aur parin ka jo ker diya inhone bhi aagaz ,to samjho rimweb per ye naya dhamal aa gaya
  13. gr8 work sadikk bhai...ab aise hi steps DATA k liye bhi....
  14. U can get this for Rs.8541 if u hav ebay.in 10% discount code.. http://www.ebay.in/i...=item20c3686a37 i don't have any discount coupon code of ebay... sirji this is valid only when i am using icici ..but i will use my hdfc credit card..