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  1. I have tried this long back. Enabled the band 40 in DFS. But the Airtel 4G sim could not catch the 4G signal, only 2G. Is kernel or other modification required to enable the band 40?
  2. Issue resolved for Hotspot.. On Phone data stops working once Hotspot activated but with WiFi on other devices internet connectivity stays superbDon't import Verizon Moto E 2nd Gen as now it comes with LP 5.1 pre-updated... I have a new update that if Rge sim activated on foreign handset like sprint lg tribute or sprint htc desire 510 then it works with data on Verizon moto E2 on android lollipop 5.1, can anybody check and confirm. Sent from my Motorola Moto E 2015 using Tapatalk For LG Tribute RGE sim card is not required. It works on REC06 series. Hello Please read carefully he only asked to activate RGE sim on Tribute not to use. I will check by tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I did activated RGE on LG RD series phone, but didn't worked. When I tried to activate RGE on Desire 510 there was a pop up like "NAM parameters downloaded successfully" but it was not successful as activation was failed actually. When I tried to use that RGE on unlocked CDMA dongle it didn't worked for internet. So finally I transferred my number to another SIM and it started working. So it seems like to activate RGE on HTC 510 is not worth. One person advised me that he will do the programming and RGE will work. But charges are too high. 1000 Rs for 1 mobile. I am thinking to hand over phone to him. Activated RGE series sim in S3-R530U. But still no data in xt1528. anything else to be done?
  3. For LG Tribute RGE sim card is not required. It works on REC06 series. Hello Please read carefully he only asked to activate RGE sim on Tribute not to use. I will check by tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Sprint Tribute will not accept RGE series sim. "Invalid sim card" error will come. Dont know about htc 510. I have an USC S3 -R530, will activating in this mobile work in moto e xt1528?
  4. I am using Moto E 2nd Gen with 5.1. Data is not working & carrier shows as "unknown". But with RGE series sim carrier shows as "Reliance" & other details shown correctly. Did you made any tweak with REG series sim in Moto G?. It may work in Moto E also. Please guide me. Thanks.
  5. 1. CDMA without data works. No 1X or evdo 2. GSM works with Edge. No 3G Please use RGE series sim.
  6. Hi, With the RGEREC series omh sim, moto E shows network as "Reliance" instead of "unknown". Now I could able to add APN. But Still no data. Changes made in the DFS reverts back ( Like PPP username & password, etc). Could some one throw some light to get data with 5.1? Thanks
  7. 1. XT1528 - have CDMA band - on 5.0.2 everything was worked (call, SMS, 3G data). After 5.1 update only call & sms working, not data. 2. At the time of 5.1 upgrade, phone was not rooted or Bootloader unlock. Bootloader can not be unlocked for this model. After data issue, I started to look for rooting..
  8. I tried to downgrade using "VRZ_XT1528_lxi2250-28_cfc.xml.zip" file. But during fastboot command it throws error. Do you have firmware link other than the above file? Thanks
  9. Hi, Newly got verizon XT1528 phone. Upon receiving phone has lollipop version 5.0.2. With the reliance OMH card everything was worked without any modifications(call/sms/3Gdata). Phone prompted for OTA update & accepted it. After OTA update to 5.1 version, phone lost data connection. Call & SMS working. Now network symbol shows with exclamation mark. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  10. LG G3 F400 GSM/CDMA

    I am using Verizon G3 - Lollipop on OMH sim. Call & SMS working. But data not working. The same SIM card gives EVDO on LG Tribute phone with data. Could some one help me to activate data on VS985? Thanks.
  11. I am having Verizon LG G3 VS985 with Lollipop. Call & SMS working with reliance OMH sim card with out any tweaks. grayed 3G symbol shows near network tower. But data is not working. Tried this method (changing VZW to REL). but phone process crash. Any other method to get the data on VS985 on reliance OMH sim? Thanks
  12. Hi all, developed an app to unlock the Sprint phone SPH-L720T. It is working for me. I hope this will also unlock other sprint phones. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=56489748&postcount=1355 Thanks
  13. Hi, L720 on NAE 4.4.2 not working with OMH sim card. Says "Invalid Sim". Any settings needs to be adjusted? Thanks
  14. Using USC S3 on OMH sim series 'REC RUC 06xxxxxxx' with 4.4.2 stock. Still not getting Data (1x or 3g) Is this sim series ok? What are the tweaks required in DFS?
  15. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi, Will RECRUC06xxxxxxx series sim card work with R530U on 4.3, for data? I got this series sim card & tried it. But data is not working. Any settings need to be changed?