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  1. If it is using Band 40 using external Antenna, the speed will be higher. Also, Jio can reserve the band 5 for VoLTE and coverage. They can redirect home users who wants heavy data to the Band 40. Clever move from JIO! It will be really helpful for the people in rural areas who is not covered by any broadband and cable companies
  2. They sent the sim only for the postpaid numbers.
  3. I purposefully left my one of my prepaid CDMA number not to upgrade 4G. Guess what? The EVDO service resumed back last week after two weeks downtime with good speeds. I can recharge and use the CDMA number without any issues, like nothing happened in Reliance... I'm in Tamilnadu circle...
  4. In Tamilnadu, Reliance 4G is visible on Network search. But can't latch on it. I can access it from the place where Rcom GSM is not reachable. So it might be 850 Band..
  5. No EVDO here in Tamilnadu from this morning!!
  6. That app drained all of my battery in few minutes, especially when the passive monitoring and gps enabled. I recommend those who is installing, to uninstall it after knowing the band.. On the other note, did anyone notice the RJIO Sim toolkit application that recently appeared on the phone menu? I'm sure it was not there one week before. Also, my network name is changing to "Reliance" occasionally instead of "JIO 4G" . It seems they have now disabled the firewall too. I can access many sites that was banned before!
  7. It works if you download it from computer browser. Android browser failed for me. It is ~23Mb file
  8. Has anyone from the Tamilnadu circle got the new sim active? I got the sim 3 weeks before. After registered, the new sim is still not active. My CDMA number is still working fine including EVDO. The problem is I have to carry two phones all the time.. Anyone knows when it is going to active if they are not activating already?
  9. Jio Join not needed for iPhone. It has native support for VoLTE. JioJion app is only for the phones that is not supporting the VoLTE but supporting the LTE. You can use it for forwarding your dongle number though.
  10. The LTE sim arrived in bluedart yesterday. The courier guy having hundreds of these covers with him to deliver. They are sending the free sims for all postpaid customers it seems. So, it is the end of the Rcom CDMA in Tamilnadu!!!
  11. EVDO is working fine here in Coimbatore and Avinashi for me on phone. Getting around 800-900Kbps speed. Edit: today around 1.06 Mbps
  12. How about the speed I'm getting in my home. I'm using tethering
  13. To the all who got the LYF handsets, there are couple of updates available for your phone. Update them all. First update will made your phone slow but latest update fixes all and also there is speed improvement. After updating the signal show VoLTE instead of LTE HD.
  14. Hi Gurus, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Core Duos phone. Recently the phone become slow. So i had to reset it. But after reset I've realized I've stored entire photo album on my phone memory instead of SD card. Is there any software that can recover the data's from it? please let me know which is the best. Thanks