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  1. The same issues observed in HTC One me dual sim and Lenovo vibe K5 note(4GB) from my friends. Regarding the second phone, switching the sim to first slot, solved the issue.
  2. The same issue is for me and I've contacted JIO. It seems there are some issues going on the JIO network as per their words. They hope it will be sorted out within a day or two.
  3. It stopped working from yesterday 5 pm. Maybe it could be testing. Further they may planned to use RCom 2G/3G as a fallback.
  4. I can connect to RCom 2g using Jio sim. Calls and internet working fine. All users can use it, Jio now even works on nokia 1100..
  5. Jio Link project is on hold as per my friend who is working. With the Jio Link, later there will be a set top box bundled so you can watch TV based on your subscription.
  6. VoWifi

    I've tried that and not working. The only scenario it is working is with the JioFi device. I can use the jiojoin if my 3G handset connected to a JioFi network.
  7. Got a message that my number recharged with another 30 days. Dear Customer, Your plan Jio Preview Offer Recharge for 30days is now active on Jio Number 7010XXXXXX To manage your account with MyJio app, click click www.jio.com/GetMyJio. For any queries or support, please call us on 199 from your Jio Number or on 1800-88-99999 from any number. You can also write to us at care@jio.com. Thank you, Team Jio
  8. The piloting process for jio link is happening in few selected areas. They will update soon..
  9. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    In tamilnadu circle, lots of stores started giving free sim for all 4g phones. Stores having lots of queue...
  10. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Please try in this link http://myservices.relianceada.com/dataconsent/
  11. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Its true. Lot of my friends already got it yesterday and today. it bundles with 3 months unlimited usage and available in every reliance digital stores Update: Due to billing issues, now they are not giving it!!
  12. If it is using Band 40 using external Antenna, the speed will be higher. Also, Jio can reserve the band 5 for VoLTE and coverage. They can redirect home users who wants heavy data to the Band 40. Clever move from JIO! It will be really helpful for the people in rural areas who is not covered by any broadband and cable companies
  13. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    They sent the sim only for the postpaid numbers.
  14. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    I purposefully left my one of my prepaid CDMA number not to upgrade 4G. Guess what? The EVDO service resumed back last week after two weeks downtime with good speeds. I can recharge and use the CDMA number without any issues, like nothing happened in Reliance... I'm in Tamilnadu circle...
  15. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In Tamilnadu, Reliance 4G is visible on Network search. But can't latch on it. I can access it from the place where Rcom GSM is not reachable. So it might be 850 Band..