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  1. @Keval32, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw your solution(it was such a simple & well known solution but still no one thought about it), it was the first method that was tried to unlock Sprint LG G2 for GSM networks and every one used that till 'Carrier' folder method was published. And yet no one(including me) tried it for RUIM DATA problem in Kitkat, we didn't even got the thought of trying it , instead we were banging our heads. Thanks for the tip any way.
  2. Most of the phones not only Motorola, HTC(Sprint HTC One 2013), LG(G2) phones(I don't know about samsung) have stopped working with RUIM with the update of Kitkat. I don't know the reason. I thought LG has blocked it by dropping the RUIM capability in the modem itself, but if it is just Kitkat related issue(that effected every manufacturer handsets) then it will be an excellent news and may apply the solution(if you find) to all those handsets.
  3. Thank you Rajan ji & others for your replies. And to be more clear, more than worried I'm fed up with all this mess, sorry for sounding like I was worried by the call, but what I want to say or do is to create little bit of fun in the long & boring post of mine, by saying it would atleast be proudable if the first case is filed on me because of something bigger issue....LOL...., that's why I said it would be silly to have a first case file on a issue like this(not that I want to be booked for a murder or rape... LOL....). Any way fun aside, but seriously I'm too frustrated & fed up by this **** created by Reliance guys. I received almost 100 calls within three months period(everyday I used to get atleast one call) & every time I used to repeat the same story again & again. And at one time, I talked to a manager level person & asked him(after he informed me their duty is just to call the numbers & can't solve my issue) to use common sense to atleast noting or marking down issue(what I'm saying) against my data card number so that they don't call me every day. And after that the number of calls I received from local representatives(from Hyderabad) almost stopped. I should've raised a complaint on PGPORTAL as Rajan ji suggested(which infact I tried few times & even wrote few lines but backed down due to lack of time in writing everything & also due to lack of service request number for my cancellation request). I had a great success going through PGPORTAL complaints in the case of BSNL, who weren't willing to provide me a broadband connection(the main reason to take this ****ty Netconnect+ connection) citing that they don't have 100 mtrs cable that is necessary to provide me a connection(though it was genuine reason & they truly didn't have the telephone cable the sad state of infrastructure in our country). After registering the complaint @PGPORTAL, the next day I received a call from the office of the BSNL head for Visakhapatnam district and within couple of days they've provided the connection. It wasn't ended there, due to some digging works done to let flood water recede, the underground cables were cut & lost the connection for couple of days. And my case was taken seperately(ad-hoc basis) they arranged me a connection & not only me benefitted by this special care but another 4-5 subscribers also got connection which otherwise wouldn't have been possible atleast for a month. So, I'll definitely use PGPORTAL after I gather information. @K.Deepan ji, will follow ur suggestion the next time I receive the call, the lady didn't give me the chance to speak to as she just hung the call as soon I asked the case details. And what you said is entirely true, it is a big risk(in my case it would be a 'Mistake', as everything is against them) if they indeed file a case in these situations. That's why I told them to go ahead with their proceedings as I don't have anything to fear. But if these things are handled by third party recovery personnel(which is norm in Credit Card, Loans cases), I really wonder why I received a call from Delhi, it should've been some one from local, right?. Any way let's see where it goes, I'll update here if there is any new information.
  4. The following is an example of the peak of an harassment a service provider can do to it's customer. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I've taken Reliance Netconnect+ dongle in April 2013(with three months advance rental plan), it never worked good, infact within few hours of activiating my dongle I've raised a complaint on the lack of signal. At the end of first 3 months(as I took 3 months rental plan) & after numerous complaints including some calls to Andhra Pradesh Appellate(Reliance Customer Service), there was an follow up by Visakhapatnam technical people that I'm living just outside of or at the edge of HSD/EVDO coverage area(but while taking connection I've asked many times the local reliance guys if my area is covered by Reliance EVDO network, then they said I was & they even told me few other people using in my area). But as I had no other option of having internet connection, I had to use the same horrible connection, by paying for another 3 months advance rental plan. The plan ended in the mid-october, I contacted local Reliance agency at the starting of October month itself to close my connection(as I knew it takes 10-15 days to completely process the closure request), but the local guys asked me to continue use the connection by giving me a three months free usage(of 2GB/Month with EVDO speeds & after 2GB 1x speeds). They said if still I'm not satisfied by the end of the free 3 months which would end in mid-January(2014), then they will close my connection upon my request. I used the free usage for about a month(I've even paid Rs.200/- for the data I used during the time between the completion of earlier plan & till the activation of free usage plan), then my device stopped working, so I stopped using the Reliance Netconnect + completely. I've raised a closer request at the local Reliance office(agency) on 04-Jan-2014, as the free usage period three months that is given to me would be ending around mid-jan, 2014. But the real problem started now, I don't know if the local guys are culprit or something other, my request never been processed and I continously received calls from Reliance customer care starting from February to pay the bill(some times even 2 calls per day along with sms messages), and I continued to tell them that I've raised the request and I still have the service closure request acknowledgement with me, if required I can forward to anyone to resolve this issue. But no one given much care about it, and I've even gone to the local Reliance office to inquire about it, they said it's problem on their end and many service requests were not processed during the time that I requested to close my connection. So nothing to worry, everything will be cleared. But out of no where, today I've received a call from Delhi(Reliance No. +918468954681), a lady spoke & started saying a case has been filed in Delhi Court for non-payment so & so amount(around Rs.1200/- or so) on my Netconnect + Dongle. I asked the details of the case(number) so that I can look & take the necessary action on why my connection closure request hasn't been processed within the stipulated time, the lady got angry and put down the call saying(shouting rather) I need to visit the court. In my life I've never received any charges or even reprimands by local police(heck even from normal people) for any doing of mine, because I always stay away from all the unnecessary activities. And tomorrow, if a case is filed on my name or if I receive court summons(to appear before court) on this silly issue(that too for something that I didn't do any wrong), it would be just disgusting to say the least. So, here I'm posting all this information so that if some one is out there to give me right suggestions(may be some legal opinions) to tackle this issue and how to resolve it. If possible I would like to remind Reliance that customers are not some dumb items to play with them.
  5. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    You may still get your device back to life even if you don't have download mode or recovery mode working but your device is being detected(USB) in Linux(hopefully it is), just read this post of mine. Please go to the link to the XDA thread that I provided in that post. Please note that the same caution message that I put up in that post will also apply to your device as well, be careful on what you download. Wish you all the luck.
  6. Use different ports available or even try it on another computer, ofcourse you need to make sure that the cable isn't the fault at first(or any loose connections).
  7. 1) I guess you were supposed to say ZVC instead of ZVA, isn't it?. If you really intended to say just ZVA only, then let me suggest a correction to it, it is ZVC that breaks the capability of unlocking bootloader(which means no recoveries) but not ZVA. We were able to flash recoveries on ZVA as well, but only on ZVC(Kitkat update) the problem has started. So, if you are on ZVC we need to flash ZVA/ZV7/ZV8 aboot, which are loki-able(read unlockable), so that we can flash recovery on kitkat as well. 2) The reason for white lines issue(Pls Note that this issue is been with some users only) is that those phones are having displays made by JDI(Japanese Display) rather than LG's own display which is being used in the majority of the devices. Note that this white line issue is not only confined to Sprint devices(LS980) but it is found on other models also. But thankfully the fix is already been found out by XDA Developer @Cloudyfa and if you use the updated or latest kernel(from any developer) then it should have this latest fix for the white lines issue and you won't have it(if at all you have it, because I didn't find this issue in the 5-6 devices that I've handled although I must say I followed the manual method to get recovery & download mode working on Kitkat instead of relying on AutoRec). So, I suggest you to use AutoRec app to do all the stuff(downgrading aboot & laf partitions and then flashing the recovery as well as the kernel) normally and see if you are having white lines issue, if not no need to think about anything, otherwise just flash the latest kernel of any developer. Note: There are two kernels being made by developers one for stock kitkat rom(s) & other for AOSP based kitkat roms, always flash the right kernel for the type of ROM you are about to flash(i.e., don't ever flash stock kernel for AOSP based kitkat roms or vice versa, doing so will definitely makes ur device stuck in boot loop and all kinds of issues and may even brick your device).
  8. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    For Kitkat No, if you read the corresponding(IOROOT 2.5) changelog or information on the thread it is given that we have to manually backup EFS if we are doing it on Kitkat otherwise it would do automatically.
  9. @Vinod, it doesn't even go to download mode according to the description of Kunal(Kmc251), what he has in hand is a classic case of a phone stuck in QHUSB_ Bulk mode(if you check the device manager, you will see LG G2 detected as QHUSB_Bulk and as soon as you connect your phone, number of drives open, all of them prompting you to format to be used, except for only one drive). Thankfully there is a solution for this, but you need to have a linux OS to do recover it. Head over to the following thread @ XDA for detailed instructions. WARNING: Don't download the files(partition files or img files) that are provided in the link which is given on that thread, they are for D802 model. Download LS980 files from here(those are ZV8 partitions, you can select ZV7 partitions as well). After downloading the necessary files that are required(like sbl1.img, aboot.img etc), follow the instructions given in that thread. Once again DON'T DOWNLOAD THE PARTITION FILES AVAILABLE IN THE LINK THAT IS PROVIDED IN THE THREAD, THEY ARE FOR D802, IF YOU DOWNLOAD ANY OF THEM & FLASH IT ON LS980 IT WILL BRICK, CAN'T STRESS MUCH.
  10. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Ok guys, the ZVC(Sprint Kitkat update) TOT file is available now, giving you another way of updating your LG G2 to kitkat. Let me summarize the number of ways that are available to update your Sprint device to KitKat. 1). If you are completely stock(factory state, although you can have GSM unlock that won't be issue), then to update your device immediately, clear data & cache of 'Google Framework Services' and check for updates in system settings(try it few times if you update is not shown at first time). 2) If you didn't install Xposed models or wifi mods & nothing else is modified in your ROM(factory OS) except that you are rooted and TWRP installed(again, it doesn't if you have done GSM unlock method), then use modified OTA file provided in this XDA Thread. The main advantage of this method is that you can flash the OTA from within TWRP and still have TWRP recovery even after getting updated to Kitkat. Please follow the instructions on the original XDA thread carefully. 3) This is the by far easiest way to install(although you loose everything, so you must backup your data). Well known XDA Developer member 'autoprime' has made ZVC(Sprint Kitkat update) TOT file available for all. You can download the ZVC TOT file HERE(in that page you will see LS980ZVC_12.zip file). Please donat to him if you can as according to 'autoprime' he had to pay to get this ZVC tot, you can find the original ZVC tot Thread here. 4). And the last(this was the first method that I've put up this thread, but it may be the least preferred method as it involves adb sideloading). You can find detailed description of this method in one of my post in the previous page, you can find that post HERE.
  11. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    To EveryOne: There is a way to force the update to be received by your phone, just clear cache data of 'Google Frameworkservices' & force close it and then check if updates available to your phone. As I've written yesterday that there is also a modified OTA that is being worked on by developers, it is ready now and this modded OTA can be flashed through TWRP. You can find the OTA & instructions in this thread of XDA forum.
  12. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    Just to inform every one, that above link is just source(it's for developers but not for normal people to flash, so don't jump & download it), the download link is provided in my previous post, here is it: LG G2(Sprint) KitKat Official OTA(681MB). If you don't want to wait till it gets to your device, you can follow the instructions given on my previous post.
  13. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    LG G2(Sprint) KitKat Update Finally Released: Finally Lg G2(Sprint) Kitkat update is released, here is the direct link to the official OTA: LG G2 Sprint KitKat OTA Presently, a modified OTA file is being worked on by the developers over XDA. Stay tuned, will update this post. But if you want to apply the official OTA now itself, below is outline of the instructionso of doing it. I'm quoting from XDA.
  14. @VinodNayak, LOL... that quoted message sent by me, not moderator.. I think he migh have mistook me as moderator(I feel happy though...lol). Any way kindly delete that message from your post. Coming to the topic, I don't see any chameloen values in that subscirber folder except original owners a/c number, a/c type, bill cycle data, state, zip etc. I'll test it with G2 once I get my hands on one and will definitely share my findings. But as I said there is nothing in Subscriber folder that is related to Wifi or settings. But I want to mention that 'Property' folder that is included in this 'Carrier' folder(uploaded by OP) has more files(hence values) than in the 'Property' folder provided by @ysabxe, I still believe combination of those extra files or values combined with 'Wifi' folder in this 'Carrier' folder are enabling Wifi-Tethering. I may be wrong, because I don't have any device right now to test it out.
  15. Oh, ok that's strange to find that it is not working so, as you know there is nothing in Subscriber folder related to Wifi or settings. I thought copying just' Wifi' folder instead of whole 'Carrier' folder will work, that's what I asked in my last post actually. Because while unlocking through @ysabxe method we are just(or already) copying 'property' folder into the 'Carrier' folder in our LG G2(we didn't copy whole 'Carrier' folder there we just copied just 'Property' folder there). The second thing is, in my opinion(or guess rather because I didn't test it by myself), since the 'Carrier' folder uploaded by OP(@axiprash) also contains the 'Property' folder & all the files necessary for unlocking the phone, people will be good to unlock & get Wifi-Tethering enabled by just copying 'Carrier' folder provided by OP, there is no need to do unlock first(through @ysabxe method) and then again copy this 'Carrier' folder to our phone to get Wifi-Tethering. It will be simple for people to just get it working everything(both unlock & wifi-tethering) in one step, if it works this way(I'm sure it will work, just some one needs to test it out). Copying this 'Carrier' folder alone gives you both unlock & wifi-tethering. I don't have G2 right now, otherwise I would've tested & posted results of both scenarios that I explained above rather than posting multiple posts with just ideas.