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  1. porting to JIO is possible if you know higher ups in JIO. I ported one Docomo CDMA and one one docomo GSM and enjoying free data, sms and calls (not on LYf phones this ported sim is like employees sim)
  2. In view of expecting 4g in india by reliance Jio, let us know about the handsets supports LTE in india. There is likely to expect to get LTE on both Band No 3 and 40. Hence I request everybody add Handsets model Numbers which support both LTE Band 3 (1800) + Band 40 (2300) 1. One Plus One 2. iPhone 5s (A1530) 3. iPhone 5c (A1529) 4. iPhone 6 (A1586) 5 iPhone 6+ (A1524) 6. xiaomi RedmiNote4G 7. xiaomi MI4 8. Lenovo Vibe X2 9. HTC one (m8) 10. Huawei Ascend D2 11. HTC One, 12. LG Optimus Vu II Plus 13. ZTE U9810 14. GALAXY S4 TD-LTE 15. Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (SM-G9001) 16. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 17. Samsung Galaxy Alpha 18. LG G3 19. LG G3 Beat 20. LG G2 4G LTE 21. LG F70 4G LTE 22. Sony Xperia Z3 23. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact 24. Oppo Find 7 25. Oppo Find 7a 26. Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro 27, Xolo LT900 let me know If I am wrong. I will correct the list List of Hand sets supports only LTE Band 40 (2300) List of Handsets Supports only LTE Band 3 (1800) iPhone 5 (A1429) iPhone 6 (A1549) ​iPhone 6+ (A1522) iPhone 5c (1532) (A1456) (A1507) ​iPhone 5s (A1533) (a1453) (a1457) Firephone (Amazon)
  3. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    s6 samsung sprint do not have 1800 or 2300 so, the phone cannot catch 4g. I checked. (room 4g yet to check) so No JIO join.
  4. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    it should work with room 4g sim. but not with bio 4g
  5. Add LTE bands To samsung S5 for Relaince 4g

    by using JIO JOIN APP on non LYF phones, you can call any phone in india. Provided you are not using Preview invitee SIM
  6. I am very comfortable with 100 Mb plan now. if Ultra Band plan of JIO implemented in our area (1gb speed) Then I will move to that.
  7. i am using earth1 and it is good, no issues with battery or touch. But mostly i use the sim on iPhone SE and works great. only thing i could not get is video calls from other LYF phone persons iPhone. If it is Earth1, I used to get.
  8. All Hyderabad persons. If you want LYF phone and preview sim card without any invitee, Tomorrow just walk in Attapur (hyderabad) JIO besides Reliance Digital, Attapur, with id proof, Address proof and Photo, and contact Mr. A. Srikant @ 7331146310 and get it immediately activated Sim Card and phone of your choice. It is one day sale without any invitee.
  9. Enjoy Jio apps. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=132C14DBC2088CE5!9064&authkey=!AGPK0vX5XtdqcAk&ithint=file%2cpdf
  10. The members having post count of more than 100 can send me pm. I will attend those requests. ONLY PM with details of Name, surname, phone NO, email id, town, and Circle. I will not answer or reply for any questions. Just i will check post count and process on the day of request received or next day. Normally you will get mail from JIO, with in 3 days. Do not use google sheet, i given earlier. I am not going to attend the google sheet from today night.
  11. HTC 510 do not have 2300 Band. Moreover it do not have GSM. Sadly, this phone may not work other than CDMA in india.
  12. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    LG tribute 2 has no GSM radio at all. Not fit for Gsm
  13. LeTv Le 1S (Gold, 32 GB)

    cooled note 3 lite will not work with cdma, will not work with JIO sim.
  14. if you are able to use it in iPhone, you will definitely get not less than 50 mbps speed.
  15. some persons, asking about, the availability of sim and handsets. I am not working for Jio, I do not have any answers about that. Just for the members of our forum, i took initiative for providing invitees. Just fill up the sheet1 in the link. I try to clear request by next day. I do not know how much time it will take to receive invitees from Jio server. Once i processed the requests, i will shift the names to next sheet. if you purchase the handset and sim just fill up that sheet against your name. ( Jio people who processed needs that info) if you face any difficulty you can put your comments against your name and if you are lucky, some body from Jio may contact you, directly by give my name as reference through mail or phone. Different persons from Jio processing the requests (each Jio employee has only 10 invitees capacity)
  16. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    if you want to buy split ac, go for diakin inverter model. Check Mount road, Madras or Gaffar Market, Delhi. (to My knowledge)
  17. How to use BSNL CDMA RUIM on imported CDMA phones

  18. How to use BSNL CDMA RUIM on imported CDMA phones

  19. it is already processed. please check your inbox or junk mail. or if you want a new invitee, enter details afresh with your family member name etc. i will again process that also.
  20. this sim are not actually locked. if you want use free data use it any lyf phone. if you'd do not want free data, voice and sms you can use it any other phone.
  21. different groups persons registering. each group assigned their color. that is only.
  22. I think no other reason, the JIO system is not ready for public sims. the staff were not well trained. the server is also not performing well.
  23. Guruji, Sorry saw this post very late . Saw that you have mentioned that you are putting all request on hold so that you can finish pending requests. Can you please add me to your list when you next start it ? I have also sent you a mail. Thanks in advance.
  24. f once registered i will move the name to other sheet. if you purchase the handset and activate the sim, then please enter the same in second google sheet.
  25. the persons who do not want their mobile numbers can delete by inserting xxxx