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  1. Add me in line for any BB phone. Currently in talks on TE with someone for buying a used LG Optimus One as my current phone is giving me some problems. Would be really helpful for me if you could give me one BB so I wont have to buy that. And am also in Delhi.
  2. Motorola Announces Moto G

    Looks good. Was thinking of getting a good spec'd dual sim phone under 5k as other dual sim phones were either expensive or large or based on Mediatek chips but this fits good for that purpose. Now I guess it would be better to raise budget and get this as it is reliable and by Google by its side. And hopefully, we will see Motorola rise again. I am thinking about the future of Xperia M dual. I highly think it would be priced near Xperia M dual as they are not that different in specs It could be that Google is trying to gain confidence in these places with its inexpensive offering. And when they gain the confidence of their customers, they would launch something like Moto X or better than that.
  3. Can this be used for recording of shows?? yes Well, It could be of use to my Dad. Please add my name too.
  4. How is Dr. Batra's for acne's treatment?

    Thank you guys but as I forgot to follow the topic, I could'nt reply But a friend's mother knows about this stuff and told me to continue it as it works. I guess I am gonna continue it.
  5. So I went there last month on 13th to inquire about my acne. And the doctor there said about some Dusshera discount. As it was only for one day, I registered for the treatment the very same day and paid 2500. After that I haven't seen any positive changes but my acne has increased though. A doctor their said that it might take about 2-3 months for medication to take effect. So I tried for some reviews and testimonials and found out that most of the times it is not recommended by previous patients. I have only paid 2500 till now and two cheques of 3375 each are with them post dated for 13 November and 13 December. If anybody of you has experience with them, please share here as I would get the cheques canceled by that time.
  6. << Moderator Note >> << Items listed for trade/exchange in this post removed. This topic is for Free Give Aways. >> Have some stuff Have a Sony Ericsson R306 in good condition but with software problem. Tried to get it repaired but no one could do it. The battery has died by keeping it unused for too long. The phone can be used for salvage only. Have a Agere fax modem too that came with my HP system. Have a HP DVD burner with lightscribe function that came with my HP system. It works sometimes and doesnt sometimes. One wierd problem is that it doesnt read the disks that were burned with it. I havent checked it from last year since my current mobo doesnt have ATA port. You need to pay for shipping Preference to Delhi members who can pick from my place
  7. Can I have the 2100 if its screen is perfect? I have one whose screen works sometimes.
  8. The Off Topic Thread

    Can some one please send me 2x 100 off on 500 coupons for ebay. Urgently need them
  9. Sorry for the delay. I was busy with my internship. M in Rohini, New Delhi
  10. Have a HP/Compaq SR1930IL mATX cabinet with one foxconn 80 mm exhaust fan for giveaway. And a Intex 600 VA UPS whose battery needs to be replaced. You can pick them only on weekend though.
  11. Anybody other place than Nokia Care? I also have a Dell's battery lying around
  12. Anyone knows of a good deal on Celeron processors. I have interest in G530 and G1610 but as G1610 isnt available here, I am only left with G530 and G2010(but its price is much higher than G530). If anybody is selling their celeron (sandy bridge or ivy bridge), do let me know. Also looking for a 4 gb DDR3 desktop RAm. Have found strontium for 1150 cheapest and reliable. Do you guys have any good deal for RAM too?