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  1. Micromax Q35

    I'm also looking for a dual SIM (gsm + cdma) phone. From what I learned(!), it does what it is for. Just works on both the networks. Nothing else. No other feature that can be highlighted here (or anywhere else ). I went through Samsung series of phones as well. All were introduced atleast a year ago (q35 was launched in 2010 as well). So, we can't expect to have all the features that are available in much cheaper phones such as high resolution camera, video recording, pop/push email, decent browser, etc.
  2. @gmkarthikeyhan This offer must have expired.
  3. Intel vs AMD

    I have been using AMD based PCs for years. But I have nothing against Intel either. Pricewise, yes, AMD definitely has the edge. I only wish AMD market their products more aggressively.
  4. Thanks for the info, just switched the plan. 256kbp after the limit, this is insane Actually, they don't even provide 256kbps. Once I reached my FUP limit. My GSM mobile when connected to PC works faster than their 256kbps. Airtel spoiled my entire day then. Bought Reliance netconnect as a backup since then.
  5. Change Your Username

    I am not here to change the username, but wanted to appreciate the option to change it.
  6. I don't think CDMA voice would be shut down any time in the near future. Those who prefer quality will stay with CDMA. From what I guess, Reliance doesn't want to lose customers who prefer GSM for some reason (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry-GSM, etc).
  7. Reliance Drops Price Of Netconnect+ Devices

    I'm actually planning to buy another device to have it as a backup. I usually recharge for 1K. Now just by spending another 400, I'd have a backup device. Overall a welcome move by Reliance.
  8. Let me share what I did on my Dell mini. I removed McAfee completely as the first thing. I don't use any antivirus. I don't click on any unusual and unreliable links. I use OpenDNS that has been immensely helpful in filtering spam sites. I am concerned more about the speed (after security). So, I reformat it once in every 12 to 18 months that also throw away any junk things out there in registry, etc. But, for someone who is new to all these, I would recommend Microsoft Essentials that works fast and integrates elegantly with Windows. Though it is free, I never personally underestimated it's effectiveness.
  9. New Online Reservation Website For Indian Railways

    Correct. These things are currently being implemented, but not active for general visitors. The date and time of launch will be announced later. But the restrictions on the registration on the new agents came into effect immediately then.