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  1. The Off Topic Thread

    can we use amazon fire phone in india ? I want to send it to my dad as its on sale for 199$ unlocked
  2. The Off Topic Thread

    any suggestions on websites that deliver custom-design coffee mugs ?
  3. The Off Topic Thread

    admirrer - Univ of Utah specializing in Artificial Intelligence hitesh ha ha lol
  4. The Off Topic Thread

    going for my masters , i wont return for another 2 years atleast
  5. The Off Topic Thread

    hitesh bhai that is one terrible experience that was the reason i mentioned 3kg is what i can carry.
  6. The Off Topic Thread

    im leaving to new york on 25th of july 2014,(Hyderabad) i have some luggage space left, if you have things to send to your family or friends i can carry them for you 3kgs is what i can carry ,
  7. even before people had smart phones they ran away the problem is not with the smartphone its because of dumb people:) talking to your children and telling them what is right and what is wrong is the right solution. the more you keep them away from things the more desperate they will become.
  8. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    congrats amit bhai
  9. Best Of Internet

    one of the best narrations of mahabharatha its in English and is more like a storytelling.
  10. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    F1 VISA Approved Hyderabad consulate
  11. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    revolver rani my review - OH GOD WHY
  12. happened with my IDEA gsm prepaid. I didnt call cc but my balance was refunded
  13. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    2 - states my rating 3 stars entertaining and watchable
  14. The Off Topic Thread

    c1-00 boiling or freezing ?
  15. The Off Topic Thread

    how can we hard reset the password of a nokia phone ? i have a nokia feature phone probably 3 years old, turned it on today and i dont remember the lock code, is there any possible way of hard resetting the phone ?
  16. i dont think as individuals we need to worry too much about the heartbleed bug. all the big players patched it and others are working on it.
  17. The Off Topic Thread

    a plausible explanation about heartbleed bug
  18. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    somethings in life are worth more than billions
  19. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    please stay away from need for speed _/\_
  20. The photography thread

  21. The photography thread

    may not be the best clicks, memories attached to them are priceless
  22. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Thanks .working on a thesis on Machine learning.
  23. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    admitted into carnegie mellon, univ of Utah and few other universities for my masters/phd