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  1. Trichy , tamilnaducircle 4g will start by 8th according to cc executive.10gb 2g data will expire on 16th. Want to know once 4g start, our 2g free data will change to 4g
  2. 4g got activated and without sending any "start" SMS got 10 GB 2g data credited. Thinking of porting once we are sure that we are not going to get the 10 gb 4g
  3. It seems Rcom is not in a hurry to shut down cdma in tamilnadu. everything works as usual. on the otherhand my wind 4 jio connection is getting lot of complaints from my friends that number is busy eventhough it is not. Also data speed dropped from 24 mbps to 9 mbps.Still not bad but occational dropout for a few minutes is irritating
  4. Today is 7th. CDMA is still working in trichy TN. Data also is working as usual Sent from my LS-5014 using Tapatalk
  5. Reliance stores don't ask for invites nowadays. Just buy a lyf mobile you will get a jio sim. Better buy lyf wind4. Sent from my LS-5014 using Tapatalk
  6. As a Temporary measure purchased wind4. Now will be looking for good offers Sent from my LS-5014 using Tapatalk
  7. Wind4 is perfect for hotspot and value for money if you consider the 3 month free bundle Sent from my LS-5014 using Tapatalk
  8. I think he means USA version
  9. @deepak shankar sorry for late reply .out of station. leaning towards gionee thank you
  10. I am in the market for new handset. Would like to know Gionee m5 plus or xiaomi mi5 which is better. New suggestion also welcome
  11. Dr Saab Is it so bad? Even though I got the 4g sim yet to insert. Going to enjoy CDMA till last minute. 10 GB free and one month r2r free is the only grace point it seems
  12. iN Tamilnadu they are issuing 4g sim and telling the customers to wait for a week to get activation!!!!!!. also want to share my views on jio.wind4 is not bad at all..For me it is a good deal considering free offer.My friend @Erode says he also got the sim and they told him also to wait for a week.10GB data and one month R 2 R is free
  13. @parinn Sirji Could not read your post as Hindi is like Latin and Greek to me. Think there are many like me. English please . Don't mistake me. Want to read your post. Sent from my N8000_WHTE_CKT using Tapatalk
  14. @parin Sent from my N8000_WHTE_CKT using Tapatalk
  15. Trichy and erode in tamilnadu not affected at all. No intimation from reliance regarding shutting down Sent from my N8000_WHTE_CKT using Tapatalk