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  1. Lava's products are somewhat better than Karbonn and also in after sales service Lava is anytime better. Karbonn now a days is playing the PRICE Game.
  2. Kalpak Sir, this is not the software bug. If you move SWIFTKEY to SD Card after installation than everytime you reboot your handset the keyboard will change to default. In order to keep SWIFTKEY as your default keyboard even after reboots, you have to keep the SWIFTKEY in Phone's Internal Storage.

    Belated birthday wishes dear Hitesh Bro.

    Belated birthday wishes Guru Gopal Ji.

    Wish you many happy returns of the day dear Mujeeb Bhaijan and Varun Patel.

    Wish you many happy returns of the day dear Mr. S. V. Pathy a.k.a. admirer2000 Enjoy the day my friend.
  7. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    Shreesh Bhai, the name was suggested by OP of this thread (ACS). So the credit goes to him. BTW, if you haven't seen the Dance of Democracy yet, than here is one for you : http://youtu.be/zf_ps7p3tWU
  8. Bus Bhai, was only occasionaly available at the forum due to some unavoidable circumstances. But now will be regularly available here. Yes, I heard a lot about i2C regarding cancelling orders. Even one of my friend's order too got cancelled. I received the handset without Screen Protector. As the seller mentioned that screen protector will be included in the package, so I raised a complaint with eBay and they offered me Rs.300/- coupon as compensation which can be used on the purchase of any product without any minimum limit. Overall, the handset is really good and my son is really happy after I gifted it to him.
  9. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    Topic title changed on request of OP. Please discuss here all about Elections 2014, Politics and Politicians.
  10. So your order for LG E970 with Ebay got cancelled ? I too ordered 1 LG Optimus G E970 for my son through GEB and the same has been delivered after 20 days.
  11. << My dear friends, This thread has been splitted from another thread >> ^^^ Yes my dear friend, you can even recharge for STV's online. Regards.
  12. Best Of Internet

    Nice Videos uploaded by Mr. Pathy, Babaji and Shadow. +1

    Happy Birthday dear Hitesh brother.

    Many happy returns of the day dear Dhiraj Ji and Pulkit Ji.
  15. Futuristic rendition of my existential quest

    Bahut Khoob Baba Ji. Hum Bhi Wahan Hain Jahan Se Humko, Kuch Hamari Khabar Nahin Aati.
  16. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Happy to see you happy bro.
  17. Welcome back Rajan Babu.

    Thanks a lot dear friends for your warm wishes. God Bless you all.
  19. Oh, I was not aware that you didn't got the refund. Yes, it was an eye opener for all of us. Better safe than sorry.
  20. Collect Your Freebies !

    I too received Listerine few days ago.
  21. Dear friends, whenever I see a high value item listed at low price on eBay it reminds me the story of SILVER COIN which many members got on our forum by the seller instead of the Hard Disk they ordered. You don't have to go anywhere else. The whole Silver Coin Drama is present in this thread only. Read from this post onward : http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/27460-irresistable-deals-in-electronics-gadgets-mobiles-pc-hardware/page-37#entry228608 (It's worth reading the next 15-20 pages after above post if you want to know what happened in the end). Although all of them got the refund afterwards but it took too much time for the same as eBay asked to file Police Complaint against the seller...check this : http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/27460-irresistable-deals-in-electronics-gadgets-mobiles-pc-hardware/page-48#entry229837 http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/27460-irresistable-deals-in-electronics-gadgets-mobiles-pc-hardware/page-49#entry229927 http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/27460-irresistable-deals-in-electronics-gadgets-mobiles-pc-hardware/page-49#entry229929 Some helpful points posted by DigitalNirvana : http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/27460-irresistable-deals-in-electronics-gadgets-mobiles-pc-hardware/page-50#entry229972 Anything can happen at any time with anyone. So its better to be safe always.
  22. Can't say about specific model but you should also have a look on Toshiba LED. Toshiba is as good as Panasonic. I purchased Toshiba couple of years ago and got 3 years warranty.
  23. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    ^^^ Description for Microsoft Windows 7 Professional at Shopclues says : Warranty Available : Manufacturer Warranty Duration : 1 Year LOL.... Ek saal mein agar Windows kharab ho gayee toh manufacturer nayee de dega.... Kahin ghar wali KHIDKI toh nahi bech rahe ye ? LOL RIP Shopclues.
  24. How is Dr. Batra's for acne's treatment?

    @Scott Can't say about Dr. Batra but you can try Hamdard SAFI for 21 days. There are many positive reviews for SAFI regarding Acne relief. Try it if you can.
  25. Happy diwali to all members

    Belated Diwali Wishes to all Rimwebians.