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  1. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    Friends, we are thankful to everyone who are suggesting for the new Buy / Sell Guidelines. Please suggest what you think could be helpful for the forum and do not indulge in unnecessary arguments with each other.....As a member, senior or junior, everyone has the "right" to suggest....but please do not indulge in any arguments and leave it to the Rimweb Staff (Admin / Mods. / Super Mods.) on the final decision for the New Buy / Sell Guidelines. In the meantime keep suggesting the best advice.....so that we can pick the most useful suggestions provided here by the members. And please, no name calling etc....we all are like a family here....so treat this community as a FAMILY. Chill !!!!
  2. Amit Bhai kal kal Ashok Ji ne ek ki jagah doh batli maar li thi..... toh ek dum tunn ho gaye ..... fir sir ko yaad aaya ke post daalni hai..... bus shuru ho gaye TUNN awastha mein.....Isliye aadhi batein bhool gaye. Aisa aksar merey sath bhi hota hai.
  3. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    God forbid, if something happens to that MOD. then who will be responsible ? On the forum, Reputed Sellers too were Newbie at some time.
  4. ^^^ Mukesh Bhai, maine yeh kaam apke liye chodh diya tha....thanks for updating the pics. Ab photuva yahan dekho aur agar inki profiles dekhni hain toh post number 105 dekho.
  5. Pls. add RIMweb ID - within brackets - for more clarity. Mr. Pathy, instead of putting Rimweb I.d. within bracket, I have now linked the names of the members with their respective profiles....just click on the name and it will take you to member's profile. By the way, good homework given to me. How many marks will I get for this ?
  6. << Post No.105 edited >> Included member's names in the pic provided by Mr. Amit Shah.
  7. Thanks for the informational post dear Saurabh. +1
  8. Dear Kapil, we will be eagerly waiting for your active participation on the forum.
  9. ^^^ Good. Studies are important for your career......Have a bright future my friend.
  10. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    That's some great suggestions dear Arun. Making the selling system fool-proof will be the best we can do for the benefit of the community. And I will be more than happy to Moderate (more) buy / sell threads...as you know I already keep an eagle's eye on Buy / Sell topics.
  11. ^^^ Hmmm......2.5 years.....Shreesh, that's a long gap. Whats the reason for this ?
  12. ^^^ Updated the Topic Title and 1st post for you dear Ashish.
  13. Advice for buying LED / 3D / Smart TV

    ^^^ Deepak Bhai....our pricing and best deal expert Mr. Rajan will be the most helpful in this case....Rajan Bhai, kahan ho ???
  14. Non SMS Stuff

    ^^^ Ha ha ha.....Chirag Bhai....that was really funny.
  15. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    Rajan Babu, many thanks for posting such a nice thread with very valuable suggestions to improve the buy / sell guidelines. +1 Its great to see members participating in this thread and giving valuable suggestions.....so please keep suggesting as much as you can, so that the Admin team could take the appropriate steps to update the Buy / Sell Guidelines. Even a small suggestion from you could be useful for the community. The above post definitely deserved not to be approved at all......but some Moderator would have approved it by mistake. Anyways, such posts should be reported on immediate basis by using the report button available in every post on the right side bottom.....I request members here to act as Moderators and report every post which you think is against the Forum Rules & Guidelines. Hats off to Arun (Admin) here.....as he is the one who do most of the moderation work......I'm nowhere comparable to him. Arun's contribution to this community is much more compared to any other Mods. / Super Mods. As this community is increasing day by day, so we do need more active Moderators for sure.....Long ago, I recommended Mr. Rajan Mehta's name as Moderator on the forum to the Admin Team.....I hope his name as Moderator is already under consideration. Dear friends, keep posting your valuable suggestions so that we can do the needful and revise the Buy / Sell Guidelines at the earliest.
  16. RIP Amanat / Damini / Nirbhaya

    May her soul rest in peace.
  17. The Off Topic Thread

    Congratulations Ravi.
  18. Happy New Year - 2013!

    Wishing a very happy and promising New Year 2013 to all of you and your loved ones.
  19. Suggest Dual SIM GSM Handset

    Try to stay away from Spice, Lava and Micromax.....they have very poor after sales service.
  20. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    ^^^ Hmmm......no return policy on Jabong....strange.
  21. 1500 posts!

    Congrats for completing 1500 posts on the forum dear Dipan. Keep up the good work.
  22. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks friends for the appreciations.... For those who are unable to connect through Pennytel, could be due to the router they are using. In order to connect through Adsl Router you have to configure the Router for different Ports. I don't have enough information as of now for this. Will dig up the net and post it here as soon as I get the information.
  23. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Congratulations to all the winners and Anniversary wishes to Rimweb Community.
  24. Collect Your Freebies !

    Friends, for those who are facing problems with PennyTel portal, there is one more workout for Calling over VoIP through Nimbuzz. Here is the procedure : Open Nimbuzz on PC----->Click Options----->Select Call Service----->Insead of Nimbuzz Out, select Sip Provider----->Select Other----->Put your Username as PennyTel Number like 888xxxxxx----->Put Password----->In Domain put : sip.pennytel.com ----->In Proxy put : sip.pennytel.com----->Connect That's it.....now you are ready to go. Enjoy!
  25. Collect Your Freebies !

    @Admirer2000 Sir, here is the screen shot for your reference :