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Found 9 results

  1. Got the new Zenfone 2, Gold, LTE, 2.3 GHz, 4GB, 32 GB EMMC, 5.5", 5MP/13MP in hand. Just 17k on Flipkart sale. Great feel in hand for now. Initial experience with the Asus Zenfone 2 - First the cons - 1. The screen though very good by a 17k phone standard does not match to the HTC One or the SMOLED's of the Samsung. It's brightness is a little less though the color gradients can be adjusted. Few shots - 2. The camera too is quite good but still not as good as the HTC One's (before the pink tint issue). But color saturation is better. 3. Plastic body compared to the all aluminum of the HTC One M7. 4. Lots of Asus apps. And by lots I mean lots. 5. Still on android 5.0. A flagship should be on the latest version. Pros - 1. I was most afraid of the battery life and that is quite decent in fact, especially after taking the new update it has increased quite a bit - So take the update immediately. Incidentally the update failed on wifi continuously but went through in first attempt through the mobile data. Still I have ordered the Asus Power Bank for my long trips. 2. Great metallic feel back cover and soft golden hue color. Great build quality. 3. Camera with HDR is pretty decent though not top of the line. 4. Fast charging really works. In 5 minutes it can give you a couple of hours backup. 5. Lag free and very fast even after so many crappy apps. the 2.3 Ghz processor and 4 GB of RAM really works. Some Asus apps are pretty decent in fact. 6. 3G speeds are pretty decent for Meerut (UP-W circle) on Airtel. Initial verdict - For a flagship of a company it still needs to go some miles compared to HTC and Samsung. But for the 17k price tag (in fact I can buy 3 for the price of a S6) I will take this any day over those over priced phones. It does 100% of what those flagships do and then some more. Where it lags just slightly in the body and the screen can easily be overlooked. Fantastic piece of hardware. Recommended as one of the best value for money flagship offerings in the market today. Enough of the CDMA crap.
  2. Hi Kindly suggest a phone with the following specs: GSM Dual Sim GSM+GSM, both available simultaneously. Not like Motorola Photon where you can use either GSM or CDMA at a time. 5 inches Quad core 16 GB internal memory SD card option. preferably Android 4.2 Camera 8 MP and above, but it is not a deal breaker. Can consider lower also if required. Flash player support. Budget 20,000/- (flexible) I am already using a Motorola Electrify with Reliance CDMA. Need this phone for my airtel no. and my office no. in same phone. I am also getting Moto G from flipkart for my son. Though a reliable brand is better, but a reliable model is important. Am ready to consider any brand, as long as the phone has proved successful. Would be grateful for suggestions as so far have not been able to find anything. Thanks
  3. Lenovo in Feb announced that the will be releasing CDMA+GSM phones in India - Source Are the phones already here? Recently my Dad went to a Lenovo store and there he was shown a handset which was Dual Sim. So I asked him to visit again and get more details. Today he visited it again and noted down the phone names and prices. Lenovo Mobiles Models Price ---------- ------------- A60+ Rs. 6500/- S560 Rs. 14499/- P700i Rs. 11800/- S880 Rs. 16990/- S890 Rs. 18800/- Now on checking on reputed sites I see that most of them are Dual Sim GSM phones, but still Lenovo Store employees claim them to be otherwise. All the above phones are having a real good spec and very attractive price points. Does anybody have any further information on the phones that CDMA+GSM phones Lenovo plans to release?
  4. Skytel Dual Sim CDMA Handsets

    Source Happened to click on Special Privileges on RCOM website. There under CDMA handset, two devices, SM300 and SM900 are listed as Dual Sim Android Handsets. Not Much Details are mentioned on the website regarding them. SM300 - Description Android 2.3, 3G, Smartphone, 3.5" Capacitive Touchscreen, WiFi b/g/n, Dual SIM, Dual camera, Flash etc. SM900 - Description Android, 3G, Smartphone, 4.3", Capacitive touchscreen, Dual SIM, Dual camera Does anybody have any other details on them.
  5. Suggest Dual SIM GSM Handset

    Hello friends, Please suggest a good dual sim phone with these specs Good Camera 8 MP , Touch Screen, DUAL SIM GSM , 4" screen . Does Samsung S II released in DUAL GSM SIM ?
  6. I am in a longer pursuit of ensuring SAMSUNG Ace Duos SCH-i589 will work with my BSNL EVDO service of 3.1 Mbps. I want to use my Reliance service for voice and BSNL for data on the SAME phone. During my first attempt, Samsung sales guys told that the RUIM card must be OMH. When I contacted BSNL, they said there is a patch to make the legacy RUIM OMH compatible. BSNL Bangalore guys patched the RUIM and given me back. Again I have taken the RUIM the Samsung sales. But they were quite unaware of the process of enabling the EVDO service on this mobile. I have written the matter to Samsung but in vain. Later, I have visited few Samsung Service centres following this. They have asked me to visit the Samsung R&D guys in Bangalore. But the insensitive staff did not direct me to any of the right guys. Later I caught hold of some marketing guys of Samsung. The first response of them was quite surprising! They are not even aware of a CDMA service by BSNL. They were even daring to “educate” me stating there is no CDMA service provided by BSNL. I could make them listen to my queries after stating that I am already a BSNL subscriber! During this conversation, Samsung says they are not responsible to compatibility of their services with “non-standard” service providers like BSNL; it seems they consider only providers like Reliance, Tata, MTS etc. As of now, they have agreed to check again about these compatibility issues and come back. From their response I am not sure, how much it would be hopeful. Current technical status is these: · The RUIM is recognized as an EVDO RUIM in the mobile · I am able to receive calls using the RUIM · But I am not able to configure this for data. · BSNL staff in Bangalore confirms that some subscribers are already able to use this phone for EVDO data, (after the patch); but they are unable to configure it themselves and asks me to go to Samsung! CAN YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE CAN GUIDE ME, HOW CAN I MAKE USE OF MY BSNL EVDO RUIM ON THIS MOBILE FOR DATA?
  7. Dear Friends Last November i bid a tearful farewell to my old LG RD2030 and moved to Samsung Guru Dual W139. I liked this Dual active CDMA/GSM part and bigger keypad design. I saw in Samsung Website - W139 has Twitter application. So i bought this phone using the Twitter app in GSM. But it seems ot used only in CDMA. Friends using this mobile please through some light on using Twiiter app of this phone. 1. While starting Twitter app it says "Please upgrade to R-UIM in order to obtain data services". I understand i need to change OMH Sim. What is the cost for OMH sim and the changing process in Webworld? and also the option to copy the contacts to OMH sim? 2. What will be the usage charges for Twitter App? Need to use the mobile net packs or pay as u go (MobileNetPAYG - 2p/10kb - 1x & HSD). im a prepaid user.
  8. Robosoft Partners With WIWO Mobiles To Launch India's First Indic Language Enabled Dual SIM Android Smartphone Robosoft which is mobile app development company has partnered with Banglore based United Telecom to launch India's First Local Languages enabled Dual SIM Android. The phone is targetted primarily at value segment and huge number of users not very comfortable with English Language. Launched at an MRP of Rs 5,499, it's even available for as little as Rs 4,299 here >> http://kalpadeals.co...&product_id=758 (No idea about website reliability) Specifications: 2.8" Capacitive 240x400 Resolution. The phone supports 6 languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. Android 2.2, 512MB RAM, Expandable Memory upto 32GB GSM Dual SIM. GPRS, Edge. GPS. Bluetooth. 3 MP Camera. FM. 1500mAh Battery No WiFi Review. Thanks Medianama.
  9. I want to buy a dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset with following specs: 3G in GSM with speed upto 10.2Mbps. (internet usage charges on CDMA are more than 10 times costlier than GSM). Browsing and downloading capability. Unlimited phone book memory. Unlimited messaging memory. Office viewer and editor. PDF viewer. Mass sms sending option. High resolution capacitive touch screen. Sunlight viewable Screen. Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, proximity. Multitasking capability. Stable & Reliable OS. I intend to use Reliance for CDMA & will choose any other operator for GSM. CDMA will be used only for calls and GSM will be used only for Internet. I hate GSM for calls! Please suggest some handsets which meet above criteria. I like using a particular phone for years.