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  1. New Handsets Added In Profile Field

    Please add "Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330"
  2. ^^^ This handset is manufactured by Hauwei.
  3. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    ^^^ Yes Google Calendar could be the best option. No need to install extra app for this. I too use Google Calendar for the same.
  4. Collect Your Freebies !

    Image Courtesy : usborne-quicklinks.com
  5. Collect Your Freebies !

    Oh my god.....I never thought that Courier Guys could do this. Aramex ne badey aaraam se saara maal udaa liya bhai log ka. Ab unko Aaraam se baithne mat doh. Shoot mail to Aramex Director etc. This is really disgusting.
  6. Using Wifi

    ^^^ Bhai iska jawab toh tabhi milega jab 2 Kingfisher ander jaengi because Beer method can be explained only after consuming beer. Lolz. Statutory Warning : Consuming Alcohol is dangerous for health.
  7. Thank You Section

    I want to thanks all those active members who continuously report threads / posts which are inappropriate. Keep it up guys.
  8. Do You Love Rimweb ?

    Hello all my dear friends. As we all knows that Rimweb has provided us a great Platform to share our views. We can share views on Rimweb, not only about Reliance or different Mobile Handsets but also on anything that comes in our mind. Admins, Mods and all members here on Rimweb are very kind and supportive. Its just like a family. We discuss here on Rimweb on almost any topic. As Rimweb has given us a lot. But what we have done to promote our beloved Rimweb so far ? Starting from myself, I had given a link of Rimweb in my signatures of all my email accounts. This way, any mail sent by me to anyone will also have the link of Rimweb in it. Many of my mail receipients have asked me about this forum due to that link. And I always ask them to join our beloved forum i.e. Rimweb. Moreover I do personally tell all of my friends and people whom I know about Rimweb. Some of them has also joined the forum. I never miss a chance to tell almost anyone about this great forum. The main thing is that we want our beloved Rimweb on the top. But this can't be done alone by anyone. We all have to come forward to promote it. No Finances required. Only a word by you is sufficient. Although our Rimweb is very popular. But still I think we should make it much popular by creating awareness about our beloved forum. So guys, now its your turn. Tell us what you have done so far to promote our beloved Rimweb ? Regards.
  9. Using Wifi

    ^^^ Dear Amit, this beer method has already been discussed here : http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/32757-guide-use-beer-to-boost-your-wi-fi-router/
  10. ^^^ Ditto. First come first serve basis will be the best. I'm using the same Pinnacle PCTV card from more than 5 years now. Its a good TV Tuner card. Came with Remote but now remote is no longer working.
  11. Android - CPU Governor's Explained

    Thanks for the useful info King Bhai. +1
  12. The Off Topic Thread

    फोटू में सिर्फ लडकिय दिख रही है .... They all are RimWeb members 2 are from kolkata one living near Tollygunj 3 from Mumbai one near Thane one near Mira Road Yeh Thane aur Mira Road wali toh CHAMAK rahi hain bhai..... 4 of them from Nasik but no one knows HP One from Ahemdabad close to Kshah 2 from Meerut learning Sword chalana One from Lucknow says she knows Aalok and told me that she has Cool Pads phone Achaa.....toh she has COOL PADS.....hmmmmm Aur Janab ek Raipur wali bhi hai inn mein.....jo ki adrishya hai.....nazar nahi aa rahi.....uska chehra daktar ne fade ker diya hai.....Daktar ki permanent patient hai. Kuch din pahle he apne Daktar ne plastic surgery ki hai uski.
  13. BOX.com is providing 25 gb Free Cloud Storage for Life in collaboration with HelloFax / Hello Sign Services. Just sign up for HelloFax / Hello Sign service and you will get 25 GB online cloud storage for free from BOX. Here is the link : https://www.hellosign.com/
  14. ^^^ Please do not post multiple threads on same topic. Adhere forum rules.
  15. Best Of Internet

    ^^^ Thanks Aalok Babu.
  16. Best Of Internet

    Sarkaar, yeh toh wohi hai, apki Padosan.....chalo chalo jaldi se Police Ke KHABRI bann jao ab.
  17. Collect Your Freebies !

    Good News dear friends......Gillette Fusion samples are back. For those who were unable to order Gillette Fusion sample can now order the same. Cheers !
  18. HTC EVO Design CDMA - RUIM of TATA & MTS Not Working

    << Topic Moved >>
  19. How To Leave Internet Addiction?

    ^^^ Nice Video Vishal Bhai. +1 Thank God, I'm not addicted to Alcohol.
  20. How To Leave Internet Addiction?

    My result is 70. "You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of the Internet. You should consider their full impact on your life." ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  21. +1 for your hardwork dear Shreesh.
  22. An Interesting Incident @ Railway Station

    Sujit Bhai, I'm using Shubh Yatra card from the time it launched. They offered it for free for the first year and from second year onwards they charge Rs.300/-. But believe me its very useful card. I often travel to Delhi in Rajdhani or other trains in 2nd AC and getting the benefit of this card. Actually this Shubh Yatra card is not only a card for savings on railway tickets but it is a full flash Credit Card offered by SBI to IRCTC esteemed subscribers / customers. Shubh Yatra card number is punched on this credit card.