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  1. need help with iphone 5c hotspot

    hi, Original cdma postpaid customer, upgraded to ril 4g [not jio, its reliance 4g] currently in gujarat using iphone 5c 4g data works after manual apn settings. but option for mobile hotspot disappears as soon as i switch to LTE [hot spot works in 2g mode, 3g not available in gujarat] apple supports says to contact my carrier.[and you know how cc is in india] any idea who can i contact regarding this problem? 198 cc support is worst then useless any solutions without jailbreaking? thank you.
  2. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    download IPCU [iphone configuration utility] for windows google it. connect your iphone with pc and run ipcu and install apn data profile with apn "rcomnet"
  3. Smartphones that will work on Reliance 4G

    I am using ril 4g card [old cdma postpaid uprade, not jio] currently using iphone 5c [4g data started working after manual apn settings but hot spot option disappears as soon as i switch to LTE, hotpot works on 2g though, no 3g in my area gujarat] <- any solutions without jailbreaking? above many ppl have discussed about xolo era 4g and era x but following is much better phone any idea regarding http://www.gsmarena.com/xolo_era_4k-7958.php it says band 3 and 40 but no band 5 would this work with reliance 4g? volte 4g data etc? thank you.
  4. any idea if htc desire 510 imported would work with jio?
  5. HTC desire 510 1x doesn't work only evdo works

    k thank you solved problem by changing card i guess first one wasnt activated properly good luck
  6. Hi there, I have unlocked htc desire 510, and I have peculiar problem. Data does not work when connected to 1xRTT. although... My data works when connected with evdo.rev.a tower with varying speed depending on location and time of day up to 1mbps when ever I am in city. But I live in rural area where evdo.rev.a connection is spotty comes and goes. but 1xRTT has good coverage. I have verified above fact by checking which tower I am connected to both in cdma field test app and network connection menu in *#*#4636#*#* And further made sure that my conclusion is correct by setting phone on cdma only, hdr only and auto in ##3282# I have also tried putting my phone on cdma only I.e. 1x only instead of default cdma hdr I.e. 1x evdo auto while in city where both 1x and evdo has full coverage, with same result, data stops working in 1x, only works while evdo. Contacted reliance customer care, they told me data is active on my phone and they advised me to check if 1x works in other phone/sim which Is not possible for me to check. My boot loader is unlocked, phone is rooted, using reliance cdma postpaid omg rcurc06 series sim preactivated on lg Call sms EVDO data works but 1xdata doesn't work. So does this phone support 1x data or only evdo and LTE? I have thoroughly searched forum and even asked in htc 510 unlocking thread without solution. Hence out of desperation making new thread for better visibility and hope that some one would be able to guide me. Thank you. Sent from my 0PCV1 using Tapatalk
  7. hi i have unlocked htc desire 510 but data only works on evdo but not on 1x any solution?
  8. Did as advised got new RECRUC06 series sim activated in one of the evdo enabled android phone in reliance mobile store. data started working. did activation in surat from mobile store and i live in rural area nearby about 35-40km. Data EVDO works flawlessly in surat but doesnt work in my area. In my area some times it would work for like 2-3 minutes then nothing whole day not even 1x. I have good coverage of 1x in my area no evdo. I know it wont show 1x or evdo is active as its cdma/lte phone but i can judge if its 1x or evdo by speedtest app. but in my case in my area only data doesnt work at all.[in surat it works flawlessly evdo with 1mbps+ it was peak hour] rarely when data works i can see 3g symbol near cellphone coverage bars and circle around 3g rotates and in settings where data enable/disable switch would show connected. but most of the time when it wont work there is circle not moving around 3gsymbol and data enable/disable switch although enabled would show disconnected underneath also speedtest and other apps would show network connection issues/ you are not connected to internet. Tried following so far. 1.restarted phone many times 2.in *#*#4636#*#* tried changing preferred network type from cdma auto prl to cdma/evdo/lte (auto) and back did phone restart after each 3.Verified in EPST menu (##3282#) EVDO prefered mode is on CDMA HRD and DDTM is disabled. so what seems to be problem? handset issue or reliance issue? I got already unlocked handset from online seller. its not rooted. do i need to root it and do something? I am lost here please guid me how to proceed next. If i contact customer care should i tell them that i have imported unlocked phone or I should tell them that i have samsung galaxy pop or something I am afraid they would simply say its handset problem since its imported and wont look further at all. Thank you. edit: one new thing i realized my data only works when its connected to evdo revA tower...and that coverage is spotty in my area...it doesnt work at all when it shows 1xRTT which has excellent coverage
  9. You need to check the ruim series you are using. Data will only work with RECRUC06 series ruim with *228 activation process done on OMH evdo enabled handset. Sent from my Motorola Moto E 2015 using Tapatalk Ok so i think i made mistake of doing *228 on this phone. Calls and sms works but data wont work. How do i go about running data? do i have to get new sim or is there any other solution? edit: I have RECRUC06 series omh cdma postpaid reliance sim card so, bought htc desire 510 from online retailer (unlocked imported boostmobile). I have recently done mnp from idea gsm to reliance cdma. new sim was activated on reliance lava android by one of my friend. shortly after lost that sim card. applied new for simcard and when i got htc desire 510 in my ignorance i activated new sim card on this unlocked htc desire 510 by *228. now i can make calls and sms, but data wont work. kindly guide me what to do. thank you.