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  1. Vodafone & others have finally realized that discriminating between 4G & 3G handset users is resulting into customers switching to Jio. So they have come up with these plans to hold back the customers who are looking over to Jio as better option. Their pricing is totally dependent on Jio's plans and they have kept just ₹50 less than the amount required for a customer to switch or change to Jio. For 84 days plan a new customer will have to spend ₹459 + ₹99 = ₹558 whereas he can get the same benefits for ₹509 while staying with Vodafone or Airtel. For 70 days plan a new customer will have to spend ₹399 + ₹99 = ₹498 whereas he can get the same benefits for ₹458 / ₹448 (Airtel) while staying with current operator. Similarly all the new offers are designed with reference to Jio's pricing & just kept marginally below Jio's offerings. Jio's main pricing flaw is that who ever switches to Jio before 31st March 2018 will have to spare extra ₹99 for which the validity is till 31 March 2018 only and not one year. Hence, I believe that to attract MNP customers Jio will have to keep providing additional promotions to compensate ₹99. So some more Cashback offers can be expected from Jio in the first quarter of 2018.
  2. Vodafone has launched ₹509 Bonus card (Mumbai Circle) which offers = 1GB per day 4G/3G Data, 100 SMS/day and Unlimited Local & STD calls to any number even while Roaming within India (up to 250 mins/day & 1000 mins/week) with free Subscription of VF Play. To download,SMS PLAY to 199 Validity 84 days
  3. Go to MyJio app and select recharge of 309 or above - move to pay - on the final payment page while selecting mode of payment, you will see that - 50/- is applied automatically and amount to be paid is reduced. It will also display the number of vouchers remaining. Jio vouchers are redeemable since 15 November 20 November (updated) whereas e-commerce vouchers are redeemable from 20 November.
  4. Attention!! Just received a sms from Jio And got 10GB ADD ON in my account. Thanks to JIO.
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes you are right. FRC is required because it is a new connection taken with new CAF while the same number is held by the user & transfered to new operator.
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    This is very important message - this confirms that your number is ported properly and you will not face any issue regarding incoming sms or calls. I received the same message when I ported one of my Rcom numbers to Jio. Since recently Jio has been allotted most of the 93 (MSC code) which was surrendered by Rcom - so only the numbers retained by Rcom will remain in the ownership of Rcom in future and rest of all the ported numbers will go to Jio once the number is ported to Jio (since Rcom is not providing voice services anymore). Read here http://www.dot.gov.in/access-services/allotment-msc-codes http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/MNP.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/RJIL_1.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/MSC_1.pdf?download=1 http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/RJIL Airtel MSC_0.pdf?download=1
  7. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Anil should have tried to merge his voice subscribers with Jio instead of asking them to port out (Like Tata who is handing its subscribers to Airtel) and may be could have gained something out of it.
  8. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    One Nation - applies to all IDs as all are valid in India. One circle - Does not apply as mobile network is divided into 22 circles. One KYC doc - Nowadays Aadhaar has almost become one KYC for most services. (but the services are restricted/available to addresses within their local networks).
  9. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    By DoT - for details Read here http://www.dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/2016_08_16 eKYC-AS-II.pdf?download=1
  10. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    This is as per rules & regulations set by TRAI.
  11. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    It is a pan india ID but for procuring a mobile connection it can be used as address proof (apart from ID proof) for the circle to which it belongs (address), since these days most connections work as a universal connection all over India because roaming incoming is free in most networks. But to take a mobile connection in a different circle one has to provide a local address or reference as address proof apart from ID proof.
  12. As I mentioned before that I was not able to receive calls from Rcom on my Airtel (Rcom to Airtel ported - Mumbai circle) number - I complained twice but nothing happened. But today I realised that I was not receiving SMS alerts from my Bank too (from RM-XXXXXB - seems they were using Reliance for bulk SMS). I called again at 1800-103-1111 (Airtel MNP no.) and insisted to talk to some senior executive. I was literally shocked, when after explaining the issue he told me that there is no such complain lodged against my number and the complain number given to me is a call record number for information regarding open network. Finally he took my fresh complain and told me that it will get resolved in 24 hours. Few hours later I received delayed SMS alert from my Bank but the number was IM-XXXXXB (seems they have also switched to Idea). Viola ! I was surprised when by evening I started receiving calls from Rcom numbers too. So all my issues after porting my number to Airtel finally ended. Update on 15 November : Today at 7:01 AM I received the final SMS from AZ-AIRFTA saying "Your PORT IN request is successfully activated."
  13. Lets Ask Arun

    Noted some suspicious activity. Can anyone explain - who are they ? They don't log in or visit forum but still constantly "React" with random posts. Is the forum affected by some kind of bots ? Some of the names with joining date details :- (last visit is the date on which they created account)(some of these joining dates also keep changing to current date) Member's Name | Date Joined & Last Visited @bapedbon - October 31, 2017 @capedbon - December 30, 2016 @fapedbon - April 8, 2017 @iapedbon - October 30, 2017 @japedbon - November 13, 2017 @kapedbon - November 4, 2017 @mapedbon - October 30, 2017 @napedbon - November 3, 2017 @oapedbon - October 29, 2017 @papedbon - April 30, 2017 @qapedbon - July 31, 2017 @rapedbon - December 9, 2016 @sapedbon - November 1, 2017 @tapedbon - November 1, 2017 @uapedbon - November 3, 2017 @vapedbon - November 2, 2017 @yapedbon - July 22, 2017 @Georgewrile - July 4, 2017 @charmdateTuh - April 13, 2017 Best part is that they have reacted even before joining date too - if you will check, since the joining date keeps on changing to current. May be some more are there....which can only be traced by administrator.
  14. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    You have two options : 1. Either provide a local address proof for selecting mobile connection in that particular circle irrespective of your address in Aadhaar. 2. You can port the number to Vodafone Delhi (National Portability) and use only Aadhaar for eKYC. You can have more than one connection from the same operator subject to the maximum limit of total 9 mobile connection one can own.
  15. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes you can. But not with aadhaar authentication alone - you will need to provide local address proof separately.
  16. Yes ! agree but the other Reliance 4G number which I ported to Jio did not give any such problem. Yes I know that - but while filling the online application form (on their Mobile) they forced me to choose either ₹178 or ₹495 FRC as there was a column for FRC in the form. When I said that I will decide after porting they told me that it is mandatory (reason why I argued with them later). I have been to 2 - 3 different Airtel Stores in my locality and non of them was interested in providing a Prepaid SIM and said that prepaid porting normally gets rejected from Rcom and creates problem and persuaded me to go for Postpaid connection instead. At present I am getting very good 3G (HSPA+) speed - approx. 6 to 7 Mbps in my area. Will be able to report properly only after using for at least 15 - 20 days at different locations in Mumbai. Airtel has already launched VoLTE in several circles including Mumbai. Read Here https://www.airtel.in/volte & https://www.airtel.in/press-release/09-2017/airtel-launches-volte-services-go-live-in-mumbai Will revert after using Airtel for few days.
  17. Rcom to Airtel PORTING experience was NOT as smooth as Jio (Mumbai circle). I received only three sms and even after porting there was incoming issue from Vodafone, Dolphin (MTNL Mumbai) & Rcom. After visiting Airtel store although Vodafone and Dolphin incoming problem got solved but till date when I call from my Rcom (3G SIM) to my Airtel ported number, it say "Please check the number you have dialed..." 30-10-2017 Received SMS from 1901 at 10:19 AM. (Received without asking) 2-11-2017 Went to Airtel and they offered ₹178 (28GB 28 days) and ₹495 (84GB for 84 days) plans - I took ₹495 plan. 2-11-2017 Received SMS from AZ-AIRFTA on Rcom number at 1:06 PM. 2-11-2017 Received SMS from AM-AIRCLB on Rcom number at 4:25 PM. 8-11-2017 Received SMS from AM-AIRCLB on Rcom number at 9:06 AM. After midnight I inserted my New Airtel SIM (when the Rcom SIM stopped working) and it started working immediately - but I noticed that although I was able to call all other networks but incoming call was only from Jio network. By 7:00 AM in the morning incoming from Vodafone also started working, but when there was still incoming issue from Dolphin & Rcom till afternoon I went to Airtel gallery and they took my complain assuring that it will get sorted within 24 hours. Further I was shocked while doing First Recharge, when the executive said that the plan has been revised and now I will ONLY get 70 days benefit instead of 84 days fro ₹495 as promised while taking the connection. I insisted that while applying you did mention the plan 495 in my online form against FRC so I should get the benefit as was valid on the date of application, but they were reluctant (My first experience with Airtel) and I had no option. Now incoming have started from Dolphin (MTNL) but still when I dial my ported number from my Rcom (3G SIM) - it says "Please check the number you have dialed...". I am not facing any such problem with my other number which I ported to Jio. Anyway I am not much bothered about Rcom's incoming issue as it will get over by 30th November when the network itself will get offline for voice services. Rest I am able to receive incoming calls from all other networks. Not to mention that I am using this Airtel connection in my 3G Handset and I am getting Very GOOD 3G speed although there is a frequent dormancy problem when the connection switches from HSPA+ to 3G.
  18. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    FR's for Vodafone (Kolkata) are ₹56, ₹67, ₹68, ₹85, ₹89, ₹152, ₹202 & ₹284. Thereafter you can recharge with ₹1 (STV) for 30p/min calls for 90 days or ₹3 for 1.2/2sec calls for 90 days. You need to recharge from any dealer/shop as these are not available online. Confirm with the dealer before recharging.
  19. Unfortunately I had done ₹558 (₹99 + ₹459) recharge on my wife's RCOM to Jio ported number on 8th November and missed the offer.
  20. Jio Triple Cashback Offer for Jio Prime Members Offer Period: 10th - 25th November https://www.jio.com/en-in/jio-triple-cashback-offer
  21. This is because you don't have the Primary Number attached to this account (this page displays info related to primary number). Are you able to access "MY ACCOUNTS" page ? Are the linked accounts listed ? Is there any option to convert any of the link account to Primary Account ? (Since Primary account is missing) If nothing works - simply remove your linked Jio numbers either using MyJio or Jio.com. Using MyJio App: 1. Sign in to MyJio 2. Tap on the 'My profile' in menu 3. Select 'Manage Accounts' option from setting page 4. Tap on the 'Delete' icon to remove the respective linked account Using Jio.com: 1. Login using your Jio ID and password 2. Click on your name on the top right corner and select 'Manage Account' 3. Click on the 'Delete' icon to remove the respective linked account Thereafter - after removing the linked accounts go to profile and again change the email ID of this account to any other email (you can use gmail alias). Remember when you change email ID a 'One Time Password' is sent to the new email for verification whereas while creating a fresh account a verification link is sent instead. Now your email should get released. Now take the handsets which are using Jio sim & go to the apps section to Force stop the 'MyJio' app and clear the 'Data'. Thereafter start 'MyJio' app in each of them and check if they show any of the email in profile or is it empty. If the email is showing empty, then you can create a new account using 'Sign up' method on the Jio.com while using the number you want to keep/make "PRIMARY". "Allways remember that Jio creates a new/separate Customer ID related to MyJio account (Check profile on Jio.com by login to different Jio numbers using OTP) for each Jio number even if the "Aadhaar ID" is same for them." Hope this should help you to sort your issue. There seems to be no provision for deleting a "MyJio" account even if the number is closed or ported, exactly like the "My Services" account of RCOM / RIM which remains there even if you remove your associated number.
  22. If the number is dead then you should hear "the number does not exist" but still you can get the number from the Original Operator - to whom the number actually belongs. Read here for more information
  23. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    No I don't mean that - but SSL certificate assures the authenticity of the site. Normally I just don't put my number on any web form unless I am totally sure.
  24. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Its mentioned on their site but then why is it not using secure or SSL connection?
  25. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    AFAIK It is not authorised site but just gives error and collects your number for Tele-Marketing.