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  1. My exp with Vodafone postpaid Maharashtra. They refused port out twice. I had paid 300 rs extra over and above the billed amount and first they refused with reason outstanding balance. Idiot vodafone guys did not understand that I had extra payment and hence it was showing as minus 300 and it was taken as due. Second time gave vodafone my piece of mind and porting went through. Both times jio employees were supportive and happy to help. Hats off to their twitter team as well.
  2. I did it. Jio sim on phone for hotspot and jio app on iPad. It streams well.
  3. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I wonderfully agree with your idea. We must try it with our Cdma handsets. Only issue is with all other apps they are validating or having bug in the app. It can be either way. They auntenticate each time. That's what i faced. Please prove me wrong
  4. I suggest doing iTunes restore to latest version. I checked in two other i devices but it worked for me.
  5. Sir, i suggest iOS restore or at least reset the network setting from iOS ---settings---- general --- reset --- reset network setting. You would loose all wifi passwords and all setting but it may start working.
  6. Their would be update to carrier bundle. What carrier version you have. IPad Air 2 has just one version all over world so all bands are supported. Do software update.
  7. I took the bait and accepted update.somehow getting better speed on jio speediest and indoor coverage has indeed improved with 6s. and hotspot is working with this new carrier update version jio 25.1
  8. I tried this method on my iPad Air 2. It didn't work for me. How do we get jio sim on iPad ?
  9. Hello, what all devices from Apple family can get jio sim ? i tried in Indian 5s which supports all 3 jio bands. It could latch on to data network but voice calling did not work same sim tried in American 5S - only data works. It Seems to be running on just band 3/5 as speed was quite less. Everything runs as expected in iPhone 6s and SE voice as well as data. I was prompted for carrier setting update on 6s any idea of changes ? What about iPad compatibility ?
  10. JioFi2 MiFi

    Wireless broadband can never substitute wireline broadband. Only if they come up with speed based plans like 1 Mbps unlimited , 2 Mbps unlimited. Then it can replace.
  11. Another info. For e Kyc. They gonna ask for finger print plus adhar so as to give quick verification. Biometric verification
  12. need help with iphone 5c hotspot

    Can you manually enter apn details in carrier settings? You may have to add same apn for internet into Lte hotspot field.
  13. No Jio Sim Network Service on Sprint Note Edge [N915P]

    Because your sprint note edge doesn't have jio Lte bands.