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  1. Samsung Galaxy S III

    Here you go. Firmware: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1646610 You can download Triangle Away from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1494114
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III

    This video will help you in going stock. Even the ROM counter meter can be set to zero if you need to go to Samsung Service Center.
  3. Must Have Products For Your New Android Phone

    Thank you for your answers guys, And I am sorry that I asked this question in the wrong thread. I thought this is "Must Have Android Apps" thread (http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/33813-must-have-android-apps-for-your-smartphone-part-ii/). Later on realized it is in not correct. Mods, if possible, please move it in appropriate thread,
  4. Must Have Products For Your New Android Phone

    What is the best music player (with playlist) for Android ?
  5. I had more expectation from you. Now, how many marks for this? Next pictures likes this please.
  6. INTEL DUAL CORE (G-645) 3087 MB GIGABYTE H61M DS2 2730 RAM 4gb DDR3 Corsair 1224 Cabinet iBall + SMPS 1000 Keyboard,Mouse Logitech 610 HDD 500GB WD Blue 3454 LCD Monitor 20" Benq 5040 DVD Writer Asus 1040 UPS APC 600VA 2150 TOTAL - 20335 Price Source: http://www.costtocost.in/list/pricelist.pdf * I have not included speakers whichyou can buy @ Rs.300/- onwards and there is no upper limit. * If you can increase your budget, buy a Corsair CX430V2 SMPS @2.7k approximately and a better cabinet.
  7. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Shopclues's Sunday Flea market is ON. http://www.shopclues.com/sunday-flea-market-sfm5.html?utm_source=internal-EDM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20130106-Sunday_Flea_Market-Icbs
  8. Revised Buy-Sell Guideline Suggestions

    Excellent thread. Excellent suggestions. +1. My vote too.
  9. I wanted to buy a product on Pepperfry. MRP - 199. 30% discount = Rs.60/-. Shipping Rs.60. Net Rs.199/-. It is sold at the same price everywhere with free shipping.
  10. I bought this couple of years ago but did not use after initial 1-2 months. http://dx.com/p/5-0-lcd-372mhz-cpu-windows-ce-5-0-bluetooth-gps-navigator-with-2gb-maps-sd-card-and-fm-radio-21038 If you want, please let me know. You can pay after you use and like it.
  11. Specifications: http://www.infibeam.com/Printer_Scanner/i-Samsung-ML1666-Multifunction-Laser-Printer/P-CA-PS-Samsung-ML-1666.html http://www.gadgetsguru.in/samsung-ml-1666-price-specification-buy-india-10252.aspx
  12. You can, in fact, get it for 3599 after applying coupon code "0591-458585"
  13. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    Yes, I should have done that but keeping in mind, the time and effort it takes and the money involved (Rs.350/-), I did not feel that it's worth it.
  14. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Congratulation to Arun and all Rimweb members. Thanks you for choosing me as one of the winner. However, with all due respect, I don't feel like accepting it because Rimweb has already given me enough in terms of knowledge, information and friends.
  15. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    9978/-.And I got it one hour ago.
  16. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    I bought a Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 ProBox 4 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure with USB 3.0 & eSATA last Friday. I hope it will delivered it today.
  17. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    NFS Most wanted for Rs 54 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.games.nfs13_row
  18. PNY Key Attache 32GB Pen Drive worth Rs. 1400 at Rs.777 only http://www.snapdeal.com/product/pny-key-attache-32gb-pen/129616?utm_source=omegatxn&utm_campaign=afts Coupon Code:SOSFM30 COD Works. Place order for one just now.
  19. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Thank you so much. Now let me see what all application I can install.
  20. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    I have finally rooted my S3. What are the best applications for rooted phones? Installed Titanium backup (free) as of now.
  21. Samsung 2 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive @5096. http://www.infibeam....I.html?id=Black 10% OFF on purchase of Rs.1999/- and above Coupon Code: ILOVEDISCOUNTS Nehru Place price of 2TB WD/Seagate is 5700/-. Edit: WD 2 TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive @5382. http://www.infibeam.com/Components/i-WD-2-TB-Desktop-Hard/P-CA-CP-Western-Digital-WD20EARX.html?id=Black
  22. Ecommerce Websites - Good, Bad and Ugly!

    Indiatimes is the only shopping website where I had to throw the product after various complaints of getting a defective product. No CC, no defective product change, no refund. I have had minor problems with 1-2 other websites but after posting on their FB, Twitter, the issue was resolved. But not so with Indiatimes.com, will never buy anything from them even if they sell the products at half price. My experience: I ordered a photo-frame With clock and 4 frames on 29th October. I bought it thinking that either I will use it or gift it someone on Diwali. I received it on 3rd November. I saw 2 glasses were broken. So I raised the issue with CC and they assured that they will get it picked up for replacement. After many reminders, it was not picked up. So, on 19th November, I thought of getting 2 pieces of broken glasses from the market and start using it. When I started to remove the lamination, everything came out in bits and pieces in my hand as if it is lying in junkyard for years and this lamination has kept it intact in one piece. Please see the pictures. I again sent the pictures to Indiatimes.com and requested them for refund/replacement but did not get any reply. I also posted on their FB and Twitter but no response. Finally, I threw that photo-frame unnecessarily occupying space in my home. That day, I committed myself not to buy anything from indiatimes.com again. They are so keen to dump their garbage to the customers.