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Found 3 results

  1. Hi RimWebians... I am sort of a newbie here.. I searched the whole forum for this topic but did not find anything related so made a new page. I have been trying to get CDMA RUIM working on recent Apple iPhones as iPhone 4 and 4S were the last iPhone I had made working and used on Reliance(via MEID Registeration). I have heard a lot about Verizon iPhone (Recent Ones - 5 5S 5C and Probably 6) work on CDMA RUIM maybe via tweaking or directly. Till now I have tried RUIM in Indian sets and US unlocked sets and can confirm non working. I met a man online who says he has tried RUIM in a Verizon Unlocked Phone and Calls and SMS work straight away. After researching more I came to know about a special sim that comes with MIN Programmed in it and you need to get your no. transferred over it (Via WebWorld). This sim when inserted in Verizon iPhone work with Data SMS and Calls all without any problems. Could someone throw some light on this matter. I tried searching over every area and wanted to know if the above is correct.If yes,then where can I buy these "Special SIM" that support data. I will be buying Verizon iPhone 5S and 5C accordingly. I have almost made my mind to order as it will work with GSM anyways but I want it to work with Reliance CDMA and with data if possible. Need Help from Experts. Thank You
  2. Android team had provided optional choice of Dalvik or ART system with Kitkat. Only a select few delve this deep to explore such features. Personally one of the choicest feature for me which I had wished since much before was improvement in app update process. I use both android & iOS. Every time there is an update I have to download the whole app size again. I had wondered why they can't make them supplement updates like in desktop OS. It was said that with the next iteration of android aka 5.0 ART will replace dalvik which will come with many such significant changes. Interestingly iOS has not been able to tap this practical solution owing to their APIs I suppose till iOS 7.2 at least. I haven't checked iOS 8 yet. But in kitkat 4.4.4 I have constantly monitored that whenever you update an app. Even though it may show full app size when download begins and starts downloading but half through 45-55% it starts installing the update. I have even confirmed it with my exact data usage for that particular session. Finally & thankfully they have improved app update process. It saves time & data to a great extent. When we are using wifi we don't bother with such things. Some of us click update all, some choose certain apps to update, while others just ignore these notifications. But it matters and most of all its smart & practical. Now a days mobile apps sizes have increased exponentially unlike initial days. Of course so has the quality and features. I am traveling so much and certain changes in updates demand immediate attention. I end up doing that on mobile data. This change has become a saving grace in many aspects. If you have already observed this or are now noticing it, please share your experience and views.
  3. I am facing a really strange problem in iPhone 4 CDMA. Inspite of various efforts by me & Gaurav, we are unable to understand the source of this problem. Request Gurus to please enlighten. Details are given below:- On getting the phone from Gaurav I asked web world to transfer my number and after dialling *228 it started working for calls & sms. However, after 2 days i noticed that its not making or receiving calls. On dialing any number it instantly says disconnected and incoming callers hear "phone is switched off" message. It starts working after 4-5 hours or a day. Then it stops again after 2-3 days. Signal bar is full and its NOT an AKEY issue as even after entering the correct akey it doesn't start working. And even if i don't enter akey it will start working on its own after some time. Gaurav even changed the ROM to stock ROM (from earlier Chinese ROM) as suggested by Genius but the problem reappeared after 2 days. Its on iOS Version: 4.2.8 (8E401). Phone shows the following: PRL: 212 ERI: 5 MDN: 000 000 4660 Gaurav knows about the baseband etc issues and has ensured that baseband is not upgraded changing the ROM. Since it works sometimes, so we think it shouldn't be a MIN, PRL or Network related issue other wise it wouldn't work at all. It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem as phone's new & hw issue would probably be permanent or at least degrading quickly to a permanent problem. Couldn't find any one with similar problem on the internet even (except this 1 topic - but it doesn't have much details) Which leaves us with no other suspect for this problem. I am at my wits end waith this thing. Any advice resulting in fixing this will have a Sixpack of Kingfisher (or your favourite brand) being delivered to your doorstep. If you need to know any other technical details then either me or Gaurav will post it here. I think I have included everything.