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Found 1 result

  1. Effective 16th Feb 2012, the new PAYG plan of 2p/10KB would be applicable for all CDMA RIM subscribers (Postpaid Only). In addition to this, below mentioned CDMA MobileNet data plans would be available to opt as data plans for new acquisitions by weekend (Postpaid Only). Business rules and migration plan for existing CDMA RIM Subscribers PAYG/Plan having Age On Plan > 6 months and < 6 months is also attached for reference. SNAPSHOT OF CDMA SINGLE DATA PLAN Rs 247 MN247 1gb Rs 0.50 per Extra MB(ACT MN247 53739) Rs 448 MN448 2gb Rs 0.50 per Extra MB (ACT MN448 53739) Some Features Hassle Free Browsing- Single Data Plan would allow internet access on Mobile/Phone as modem Mobile Data plans can now be offered to 1X/EVDO/Smart phone users without ambiguity Data benefits could be consumed on Mobile &/or Phone as a Modem. Data plans could be purchased through SMS, CRM and Rworld channels No Dual / Hidden Charges applicable while browsing RWorld / external internet sites on Mobile. Uniform browsing charges while browsing internet through Native WAP/HTML or 3rdparty browsers. SUBSCRIBER BENEFITS Default Pay As You Go Charges of 2p/10KB for mobile / phone as modem. Overage charges post quota completion as low as 1p/10KB and 1p/20KB for mobile / phone as modem. EVDO Smartphone / Android handset users can now purchase affordable Mobile data plans Rworld Network Usage Charges of 5p/10KB while browsing RWorld and internet sites on mobile is not applicable Default Mobile Internet PAYG charges of 50p/MB while browsing internet sites on mobile is not applicable. Network Usage Charges of 5p/10KB applicable while browsing internet sites on mobile is not applicable. For 1x handset: Default charges of 60p/min (day) 30p/min (night) while using handset as a modem is not applicable For EVDO handset: Default charges of 50p/MB while using handset as a modem is not applicable All new data packs would be configured on consumer pack framework and extended on SMS, CRM and Rworld channels for subscription and un-subscription by 17th/18th Feb 2012. Currently there is no change for Prepaid CDMA RIM Subscribers - launch date would be communicated later.