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  1. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    1. RCOM CDMA to RCOM GSM Porting commision is removed ! He will get Zero money ! 2. RCOM CDMA people will have first access to 4G RCOM GSM will take long time ! 3. VoLTE in RCOM LTE network will start in end of September 2016 ! Till then GSM CSFB !
  2. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Port to GSM is bull**** ! RCOM already developgin 4G SIM for CDMA as well as GSM customer they just need to get new 4G SIM which will fallback to GSM network for calls ! NO NEED to PORT HERE and THERE ! 4G SIM is in testing ! mya be available after 30 days in select circle ! in Few Circle they might have to surrender CDMA before the 4G SIM comes so they may force to get Temporary GSM by GSM porting ! But again 4G SIM have to be upgraded for GSM customer also /!
  3. A company must roll out services across 90% of the metros where it has won spectrum in an auction and 50% of rural areas within five years of receiving spectrum, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). Fingers Crossed
  4. If you own lowest chunk of spectrum in that state you can share the network via roaming Agreement already
  5. RCOM will pay Spectrum Liberalization price as per Current Auction Price for its already free 800 mhz spectrum upto Year 2022 ! Once Spectrum is liberalised it can use it for CDMA/LTE where it can put Cities and Towns on LTE and rural on CDMA / EV combo ! RCOM Network is already NGN and carrying JIO LTE so upgrading will not be a big issue ! RCOM have to pay Latest Auction price as per Zone = Y ( Y / 20 ) * 7 Years 20 = 20 Years of Latest Auction Term 7 = 7 years left for free Spectrum or Y x 0.35 (of Latest Auction price per 1.25 mhz)
  6. [Tutorial] Update Boost Moto G to 5.0.2 [lollipop]

    @HItesh Please put Big RED Warning about they will loose connectivity after doing it ! If you know how to reflash it then only Proceed!
  7. [Tutorial] Update Boost Moto G to 5.0.2 [lollipop]

    Remove this line from Modem of OS update binary scrip and Service PRL will not Reset ui_print("Erasing modemst1 ..."); assert(format("raw", "EMMC", "modemst1", "0", "/modemst1")); ui_print("Erasing modemst2 ..."); assert(format("raw", "EMMC", "modemst2", "0", "/modemst2")); You have to disable Signature Verizon-cation in TWRP
  8. in ICR Area with MTS (MTS Serving RevB) new PRL is required ! For Home RevB Network Any OLD Sim with Qualcomm RevB MFPA setting will work ! RevB is too much problemmatic in MTS for now ! Better be with RCOM Prl
  9. Lollipop dont support DIAG port and SPC is for now not possible ! So in short your Device stays in Drawer for some indefinite time !
  10. Banglore Chennai Pune there are many Citied by RevB on RCOM tower so normal PRL will work in it, Delhi and whole Gujarat Kerala is on MTS towers
  11. New Rev B cities are covered via MTS tower so if your SIM have Normal PRL Rev B will not be latched ! All SIMCard only have RCOM prl so it will not work on OMH phone now
  12. Sprint Note 4 Incoming SMS problem

    Dr Faramrose Note3 and Note4 S5 all works on Rev B just put proper EVDO type
  13. Sick of R-JIO now ! 4G is Different then Jionet Wifi they are offering which anybody can ! All FART and no **** !