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Please Stop Over Commercialisation Of Our Forum...

Is our Forum Over Commercialised?  

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  1. 1. Is our Forum getting Over Commercialised?

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    • No
    • Arrey hone do naa.. Tumhari bhais ka kya jaata hai... LOL

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Imho, since Rimweb is becoming big and heart of CDMA operators are becoming small day by day, more and more Buy/Sell topics are expected.. Many new buy/sell topics are expected until cdma operators started giving feature-rich (OMH if possible) handsets @ reasonable prices, which is NOT going to happen in near future, imho..

But charging 3k for phone configuration is too much of course..

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Usually I visit the forum mainly for learning something...and also for Buy and Sell...

People like Sadik, Dhiraj, Muffy, Hitesh, Amitjain, sagarbn..they have contributed too much to the forum (There are lots of people...I just mentioned some name)

But till now i never contributed other than some softwares which i got from other forums..but the technical stuff..still I am a beginner...


In a Forum there are mainly 5 types of people ::

1. Veterans or Gurus

2. Masalas or (people who wont contribute but increase the count of posts)

3. Learners

4. Sellers

5. Leechers


We wont be able to stop any of these..but We can do something like what we did for TE as it was done by ARUN with everyones approval..

Onething I agree...If u have a solution or a knowledge..you can depend whether to give it for free or paid its all ur choice..

But please do remember ::::


P.S :: I dont find any mistake in charging a small amount like donations but huge money for programming is like ditching urself !!!! Your reputation in forum wll go down...thats all...

Thats y our Muffy, sadik, dhiraj, hitesh (I am mentioning these names since i know them very well...) have much reputation in the forum..they are like ATH (Any Time Help)

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We all know that the B/S Forum is becoming bulkier by the day..

But we can see equal no of Topics for new/old sets.. although volume maybe totally a diff story.

Recommend that Arun finds a way to separate the New/Old Device OR Service related posts (In diff Sub-forums) so that its very clear & ppl can judge new additions in every Sub-Forum of his choice.

This will to an extent give numbers as to how many 'seller topics' & how many 'once in a while selling' topics..

Although we can never know the actual volume of business, but it will give us a fair idea on the extent of 'commercialisation'..

I chose option 1 but im not getting into the debate.. apni bhains ka..

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sab log apni apni jagah sacchhey hain lekin bhai log mehangaai itni bad gayi hai ke koi kare bhi to kya karey ?????

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We must remember a few things:

The availability of high end phones from the 'official channel' is poor and they are frighteningly over priced. Support is almost non-existent. This forum addresses both these issues.

Keeping this in mind I do not think it is over commercialised.

What is useful and what is useless is a matter of opinion.

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well in my opinion buy/sell is an integrated part of RIMWEB...but i think there must be some restrictions to this like minimum no. of posts etc..

because as mentioned earlier what will solutions do if there are no handsets....

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This topic was not opened for revising the Buy/Sell forum guidelines as it was already discussed in another topic. This topic's intention was to bring into light about the attitude of certain members who are here to "sell" the knowledge that they have gained from others. A "certain member" had asked Rs.3000 for programming a handset and any restrictions in the forum would not have prevented that in this case. This "certain member" has been reprimanded and dealt with as it was brought to my attention. Ironically this "certain member's" name was mentioned in some of the appraisal posts in this topic itself.

So this topic will remain as a pinned topic in the Feedback forum for others to read and refrain from doing the same. If you come across or suspect a member who is trying to do the same then please use the "Report" button or send me a PM.

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