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  1. WiFi calling wasn't working when I checked a couple of months ago
  2. ^^ This was fixed yesterday
  3. ^^ Thanks for informing. I am checking with the developers now.
  4. You won't be able to
  5. What does telnet command to FTP port (21) show on your PC?
  6. ^^ I am guessing that is from the Jio website. Since they have mentioned "prepaid and postpaid customers", I think that is for the FUP limit in the paid plans and not in the Free Welcome plan since the speed changes to 128 kbps with unlimited data transfer.
  7. 1 GB per day limit will be applicable for the Happy New Year offer
  8. JioFi2 device has UPnP and port forwarding options
  9. ^^^ interesting... I've got a similar request from AirTel some time ago though I did not follow up as I was out of station. I guess you had submitted the form at where they were looking for interested parties to lease space for installing cell sites? Anyway don't worry about radiation as it is certified not to cause harmful radiation. Go ahead and let us know how it went.
  10. ^^ tried network reset but it's the same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have 25.1 too on iPhone 6 (A1586) but the Personal Hotspot option is still not working/enabled.
  12. Digital Xpress store here received some stuff related to porting this week and should be available for everyone by next week
  13. iPhone 6 and above will work with VoLTE for Jio A previous carrier update removed the hotspot option in iPhone which was working fine earlier
  14. I have tried VoWiFi on iPhone 6 with Jio SIM. The option does show up in iPhone 6 which suggests that the operator supports it. However it doesn't work on other broadband connections; it requires a Jio WiFi.
  15. Jio Cinema (Jio Ondemand) was working fine on my Lyf Water 1 handset but since the past many days it has been showing the error message in the attached picture. I have tried re-installing and removing data & cache. Its still the same and everything else like Jio TV (Jio Play) works fine. Jio Cinema is working on other handsets as well. Has anyone else come across this issue with Jio Cinema on LYF handsets?