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Reliance GSM Prepaid - Local STD Roaming @ 40 paise with Rs.45 recharge

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Reliance has launched all india plan with Rs 45 recharge all India STD, Local as well as on roaming calls will be 40 paise and incoming will be free with 30 days validity

Source Economics Times


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Moderaters can club this with main topic

Here are rate cutters for some of circles

Link available in following link choose one India one rate


AP Rs 44 All calls 40p/min home and national roaming with incoming free

Assam Rs54 35p/Min

Bihar/Jarkhand Rs46 all calls 40 paise

Delhi Rs53 all calss 45p/min

Gujarat Rs49 35p/Min

Haryana Rs42 all calls 40 paise

Himanchal Rs47 all calls 40 paise

Karnataka Rs47 all calls 1.8 paise per 2 sec

Kerala Rs46 all calls 1.8 paise per 2 sec

Maharashtra Rs47 35p/Min

Mumbai Rs51 all calls 40 paise

North east Rs56 all calls 40 paise

Orissa Rs53 all calls 40 paise

Punjab Rs47 all calls 40 paise

Rajasthan Rs43 all calls 40 paise

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sadly not in prepaid CDMA

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The One India, One Rate pack for GSM more detailed link


choose GSM and then one India one rate

You can now enjoy free incoming calls and make local or STD calls at the same rate even when you are roaming.

Circle MRP (Rs.) Local / STD Incoming Roaming Andhra Pradesh 44 40p/min Free Assam 54 35p/min Free Bihar & Jharkhand 46 40p/min Free Delhi 53 45p/min Free Gujrat 49 35p/min Free Haryana 42 40p/min Free Himachal Pradesh 47 40p/min Free Karnataka 47 1.2p/2sec Free Kerala 46 1.2p/2sec Free Kolkata 46 40p/min Free Madhya Pradesh 43 1.8p/2sec Free Maharashtra & Goa 47 35p/min Free Mumbai 51 40p/min Free North East 56 40p/min Free Orissa 53 40p/min Free Punjab 47 40p/min Free Rajasthan 43 40p/min Free Tamil Nadu 47 40p/min Free Uttar Pradesh East 41 35p/min Free Uttar Pradesh West 41 35p/min Free West Bengal 46 40p/min Free

Tariff (Local/STD) Home & Roaming Circle
Pack Validity 30 Days

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