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  1. Voice quality does change between 3G and 2G networks. The combined RCom and Aircel has 3G licence in most of India.
  2. Also add MTS users. Combined entity would also use the RCom 4G & 3G and Aircel 4G & 3G networks. RCom voice on its 3G network and also on Aircel 3G network is better than Airtel at least in North East circles and parts of East.
  3. Yes. In 2003, MDA brought mobile to the reach of commonman through RIM. In just 3 months call rates fell from Rs.10/min to Re.1/min. 14 years later he did the same for data. I also use Jio mainly for data, with RCom 4G (the new avatar of RIM) for voice. But sometimes even RCom plays truant.
  4. Aircel offers very good services in many circles and there are dedicated Aircel customers. If RCom users are also migrated to same experience, if would be a better experience for them. So churn out ratio may come down.
  5. I still vividly remember the comments of Sunil Mittal when RIM was launched by Mukesh Ambani back in Dec 2012. - "Bakre ko to halal hona hi hai, lekin kiston main". AVOID is still following the same formula.
  6. Jio is good as your secondary calling SIM and primary data SIM. What are dual SIM phones for.
  7. only for VIVO handset users
  8. its basically a modified summer surprise with lesser validity SSO = 90 days + 28 days for 303 DDD = 84 days for 309 Both are FRC offers so only one is applicable on a number.
  9. They have started using this for their benefit. They said that all those who recharge before discontinuation will continue to get benefit. So those who were sitting on the fence so far have started rushing to recharge. Mission accomplished.
  10. I used it for 13 years. Still use MTS CDMA. But all good things come to an end.........
  11. I recharged 303 twice for the same number. Free data is showing in queued plan only for the first one and not for the second one. So you get free data only once.
  12. For heavy user yes. But for most users, the daily use is variable. So a plan that gives carry-forward benefit is better than one where the unused portion get expired every day.
  13. actually 999 works cheaper than 499 plan. 499 is valid for 28 days so effective cost for 60 days is 1069.
  14. This has been discussed several times earlier
  15. JIO TV is free for JIO users till 31.12.2017 I also use the same android box+Jio router for watching AMazon Prime Video movies. Each movie download is around 400-500 MB