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  1. Myservices show the following "Data combo" recharge option for Delhi 4GLTE prepaid number. Has anyone used it? Is the unlimited outgoing also valid on roaming? MRP (Rs.) 499 Admin Fee (Rs.) 433.913043478261 Service Tax (Rs.) 65.0869565217391 Benefit 4GB 4G data + Unlimited Local and STD calls+Free Incoming roaming Valid for 28 Days Data Usage 4GB 4G data + Unlimited Local and STD calls+Free Incoming roaming
  2. for last one week, my RCom 4G at Kolkata is not getting 4G at all. Only working on 3G and Edge.
  3. not getting any 4G network. only latches to 3G
  4. There are many well known cloud drives that offer upto 50GB free of cost (special offers come from time to time). So why would anyone pay. Plus there are still doubts about the privacy issues.
  5. Are you using Instacare. If yes, first generate the data usage details for the period from the app and keep a screenshot.
  6. JioJoin/Jio4GVoice records your calls and sends to their server. For that. it needs a strong data connection.
  7. What is the data speed you are getting? Recently Jio has gone down to a crawl and Jio Join is reported not to work at slow data speeds.
  8. I was earlier having 5GB @ 246 add on pack in CDMA postpaid which they converted to 4G. Last month, they sent SMS that its being "upgraded" to 1 GB for 251, but when the bill came it was at old rates. This month again received a similar sms. Then also received warning sms that I have used 90% and then 100% of allotted data and now normal tariff would apply. My billing cycle is 1st. So lets see what comes.
  9. Nightmare?? Its a standard Email notification whenever Adhaar biometric verification is used. Got similar Email when I used Adhaar biometrics for opening Digibank Account. Get similar Email twice a day as we have to use Adhaar biometric based attendance at office.
  10. Out of my 2 RCom Delhi 4GLTE SIM, both presently on roaming in Kolkata, one has gone offline since today morning. Its in Lyf phone as second SIM with Jio set as the first SIM. This RCom SIM is from 4/16 series and not patched so data does not work on it. Even on manual search, no Reliance network is shown and Aircel 2G Network is shown as forbidden. This one is a postpaid SIM Strangely, the other RCom 4GLTE SIM (prepaid, patched and put as first SIM in J7) is working, though connecting only in H+ mode. Don't know what is happening. Edit: It started working again after 10 PM
  11. Even postpaid unlimited/high data plans have been changed for CDMA to 4G upgraded SIMs
  12. Plans will change 100% guaranteed. Whatever chorcom promises now.
  13. speeds are always good in pilot. Real test comes only when its widely launched.
  14. Same process for video also?