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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Is it possible to activate any RCom STV using core balance?
  2. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Have 2 4G handsets and 1 Airtel 4G (corporate plan) and 1 Jio 4G connection. Need the least cost plan to keep the SIM active as it is linked to banks. Have to visit regularly to NE so postpaid may be better. what is the cheapest Voda postpaid plan?
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    what should be the best network to port in under present scenario ?
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Ghaziabad is part of Delhi circle. Please check if you can get network in Delhi. I got a Delhi SIM presently on roaming at Kolkata. Went to a main RCom Store in Kolkata for adhaar linking snd bio-metric verification today. The store guy without even asking for any further details point black refused saying that RCom is closing down and not doing any bio-metric verification. After what we faced during CDMA to LTE conversion, this brings fear.
  5. It is possible to force activate a stacked plan by jumping the sequence. The sequence of other plans get changed accordingly.
  6. As per experience of some users, 1st & 2nd 399 recharge gives 84 days validity. Also, if you are Amazon user, Amazon is offering 101 cashback on Jio 399 recharge via Amazon Pay for first time recharge transaction. Same offer is also available through Phonepe. So you effectively pay 299 and get 8 discount vouchers of 50 each. Recharged via Amazon and got 8 vouchers in My Jio immediately. The Recharge is queued in My plans. Vouchers are not transferable. But It is possible to recharge any number from My Jio so should be possible to use with any number as long as recharged from your own My Jio app.
  7. where to purchase from? where to use the vouchers for future recharge? My Jio site only?
  8. was using MTS Smartphone SIM in a dongle as a backup. ow have to find out options. If I switch to RCom 4G, is there any unlocked USB band 5 LTE+3G dongle available in the market? Anyone tested RCom 4G SIM with JioFi?
  9. SMS for eKYC verification

    Received following 2 SMS in my RCom numbers "Dear customer Hon'ble Supreme court has made re-verification thru eKYC mandatory. Visit nearest RCom outlet with Adhar number to complete reverification." "Dear customer you can get your mobile number verification code via SMS. Type PULLVC and send to 55333" Got following questions. 1. Any one else got them? 2. What does the second SMS mean? 3. One of my number is from Delhi Circle and I presently shuttle between Kolkata and North East. So can that be verified while on roaming? 4. One number was in the name of my mother. She had expired. But we are still using the number. Can I get it transferred to my name through this verification process?
  10. Is there any unlocked USB based LTE dongle that works on all 3 bands i.e. Band 3, 5 and 40? I found some by Huawei, D-Link and iBall but not of them works on all 3 bands.
  11. There is the option to force activate a queued plan while within the validity of existing plan. That would change the sequence. So one can activate a plan different from the sequence on the last day of the existing plan. Otherwise, queued plans are getting activated automatically in sequence.
  12. Reliance JioFiber High Speed Broadband Internet

    Anyone has used it personally? Does this have an option to make calls, by attaching a landline instrument?
  13. MyJio App

    I posted only after verifying. The app now needs following permissions. Phone - directly call numbers SMS - read/send SMS/MMS Camera - take pictures mike - record audio location - approximate location Call log Modify/delete contents on SD card Find accounts on device Wifi - connect/disconnect wifi, full access with internet bluetooth - access/pair with other device I tried to block its access to mike & camera in RN3. App responded that it would not work with these access
  14. MyJio App

    The latest version of MyJio app wants access to microphone also in addition to earlier permissions. It already has access to all phone calls and can also make/receive its own calls. Wonder if they are using it to spy on the users. Seriously thinking of removing from phone.