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REVIEW ZTE S183 a.k.a MTS Striker C132

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ZTE S183, also known as MTS Striker C132 , I used this handset with TATA DOCOMO OMH CDMA SIM for a month. Here are the pros & cons:


  • Signal Strength: I worked in SEZ IT Park in Chennai and all operators (AirTel, Idea, Vodafone) lack proper coverage and whenever there is a coverage then you don't get proper signal strength but this handset never had signal and coverage related issues. This can be attributed to both TATA and this handset.
  • Call Clarity: Crystal clear call quality, no speaker issues, other side also could hear my voice fine.
  • Loud Ringtones: It rings quite loud, you will not have problems in hearing it. Some ringtones do ring low, you have to choose a louder ringtone.


  • No Vibrational mode: This phone has no vibrational mode. Very disappointing and that was the reason I stopped using it
  • Horrible Ringtones: Whatever ringtones are there, they are horrible ones.
  • Wallpapers: very few wallpapers are there, I think 2 and they too are bad like ringtones
  • No expandable memory: It has mp3 player but no SD card slot.
  • Build Quality: Pretty cheap build quality. I have used Samsung SCH-B339 which I had for 1500/- and this phone stands nowhere near to that in quality manufacturing at 1300/-
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I have a Reliance ZTE S183 that I want to use with TATA sim. Can anyone help me to get it unlocked in Pune?

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