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  1. LYF Flame 7S Review

    Hey Man, thanks for pointing out spelling mistake. Yeah. I noticed that in bill too, well that's original bill. I am using it till now 24x7 and its voice quality for both the people on phone is bad. Except that handset is very good at 3500/-
  2. Poor Reliance 4G network

    Its not handset problem. Reliance 4G LTE is not stable. I am in Hyderabad and several times a day my signals just disappear and I had the same thought that I got handset problem because it was cheapest 4G handset available (Flame 7S) but then my friend in Punjab had same problem there but using some other handset. Then one more friend told about same. I expected the network with issues, they are giving everything for free, what you expect -- a Beta Service. I guess it will become better over next 6 months
  3. LYF Flame 7S Review

    I bought this from Reliance Digital in Hyderabad and been using it for 3 weeks so far. I bought it primarily for using Whatsapp and making phone calls. Here is my experience on both JIO and Handset: PROS: Data connection is ON almost 24x7. Speeds are like 3G, sometimes faster. Few times data connection does not work at some places, not that big a problem. I am satisfied. Signals quality is ok. Several times signals just disappear (those bars on top left corner). I thought my handset problem but two of my friends are using JIO SIM on Samsung and Lava A7+ phones and they have same problem. Hence not a handset problem but network problem. It happens like 5-7 times per day and it remains like that for 2-15 min. Bit less satisfied. Network Coverage is much better. I am using TATA DOCOMO and Aircel too and many times both don't have network but JIO has. Incoming/Outgoing calls are really tough business. JIO to JIO/Reliance/Aircel, all phone calls go smooth, connected in one try but for the rest you have to keep on trying anywhere from 2 to 20 times to get connected. Same for incoming from others. Completely unsatisfied Handset is okay. does not hang even if lot of apps are running. CONS: Handset Voice quality is very bad. I can understand only 50% of what other person is talking about and same for the person on other end. It is one of the worst voice quality in any handset I have ever experienced. Battery drains out very fast on 4G data ON 24x7. It does not even last till evening. I do use lot of whatsapp. I will advise to buy a better handset like RedMI 3S or something. Strange thing is when you look at the bill, Phone charger and Headset are listed as separate items from phone and charged separately. Just look at the bill. I paid 3499/- (Yes, I took 1 rupee back which every shopkeeper never thinks of giving back. As usual, gave it a vely old lady-beggar standing outside )
  4. Well, it is on Wikipedia too. TATA is shutting down its CDMA business: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_DoCoMo
  5. Guys, my friend has TATA CDMA (Hyderabad, Telangana). Yesterday he got call from TATA that he needs to port to TATA GSM because CDMA services will no longer be available. Yes, it is the death of CDMA in India.
  6. Hi guys, I just want to buy cheapest service provider, with coverage/network as good as TATA DOCOMO. I already have one TATA number, hence I want to go with new operator Aircel or Telenor. It is for local calls+SMS+2G or 3G, only within Hyderabad. Not choosing BSNL because some of friends have BSNL and they are not reachable half the time. What you suggest ? I dont have any preference of 2G/3G as long as I can get it to work most of the time. Thanks EDIT: I see whatever you buy, all 3 operators Reliance, Telenor and Aircel have same rates to off-net (other networks). All have same cheapest rate of25p/min using some rate cutters. So ,I see it does not matter which one you choose, the only criteria left is who provides better signal quality and more coverage. Any ideas ?
  7. From last 2 months I am using new TATA GSM number/SIM. I have old one too. Compared to earlier I see network connectivity has improved a lot and still require a lot of improvement. Many places in city I get dropped calls but mostly it works fine. It is one of the cheapest service providers I think.
  8. Reliance CDMA Shutting down

    Hey @mitJ@in , Yes. You are right. They cant work on both technologies. If you some handset manufacturer supprts CDMA then he has to pay royalties to Qualcomm, in GSM it is not so. 4G is evolution from 2G-HSPA, the evolution of CDMA was UMB (Ultra Mobile Band, developed in 2006) but Qualcomm dropped it in favor of 4G in 2008. What we call 3G is actually CDMA technology (if you look at the phones supporting 3G, you will notice the manual/box will say W-CDMA). 4G or LTE is an evolution from both CDMA and GSM but I don't think there will ever be a unified SIM suporting both CDMA and GSM available for public, the technologies are very different. CDMA is dying in India, sad but true.
  9. MNP Experience

    No, I am not spoilt and I did not try redmi note 3 or holly. I mostly have used basic handsets when it comes to CDMA and they all worked great, have used 2 android CDMAs, MTS Blaze 5 and sne of ZTE. They were good but only good, for the same price I bought Karbonn Android One and it was way beyond powerful. it has been 6 months I have ported from CDMA to GSM and I think it was very good decision.
  10. MNP Experience

    I ported from TATA CDMA to TATA GSM, after 8 years as faithful TATA CDMA user, other phone I got has AirTel. I did that primarily becauase lack of CDMA handsets and then whatever handsets are available, they are so damn expensive. It is even more true today as of Mar 2016, check eBay for a CDMA android with good specs e.g. 4.5 inch touchscreen, 1 GB RAM, Quad-Core and good camera and then check Flipkart and Amazon for same spec GSM phone. CDMAs are almost double the price and totally outdated and half of them don't even run the internet. You can't even update them, for that messes up the internet services.
  11. 3G Phones Below Rs 10,000-Cdma And Gsm

    Its pinned thread and dating back to 2011. Can someone update the list now for 2015 ?
  12. I have MTS Blaze 5.0 (unlocked). I just put TATA CDMA RUIM in it and everything just started working. Did not need to edit any settings. 1x/EVDO is just working great
  13. I ported from AirTel to TATA CDMA. Forget about retention offer, I did not even get a call from AirTel on why I am porting away from their network.
  14. Switch to CDMA ?

    Dude, it is 8 years old article and that is EXACTLY why I posted the link here. See how accurate the predictions were. Qualcomm means CDMA, there is no CDMA without paying to Qualcomm. Read more about CDMA and qualcomm on Wikipedia: How much money they demanded from Reliance and NOKIA ? Why you think 3G was (and is) so expensive ? Why do you think China developed TD-SCDMA ? Those are few of the reasons why most operators use GSM instead of CDMA. There are other loads of serious reasons you can find on Google. CDMA started dying more than 8 years ago and that blogger saw it coming from long way.
  15. MNP Experience

    I can't understand your point. How heating problem and apps malfunctioning are related to network ? They relate to handset I think. Can anyone shed more light onto this ?