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The Do's and Don'ts of Posting at RIMweb.in

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hello everyone,

i just wanted to point out to every member that in this forum you are not constrained by the no: of characters you can type. so i would be grateful if you would make your posts more clear.

some of the posts are difficult to understand, mainly due to the usage of short words, but mainly due to the fact that some sentences do not make any gramatical sense.

in some cases a lot of subject matter may come up in the discussion, in such cases it would be better if you point out what specifically you are talking about.

unless you take care to ensure the clarity of your post, it will be difficult for others to reply to your post.

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Would like to add on to this thread....

Recently i've been observing that our new users are posting msgs on the forum abt discussions which have already taken place at the forum.

I would urge new users to kindly go thru all the posts at the forum first and only if they dont find a suitable thread, shud they make a new thread for its discussion on a new topic.

I've been merging topics all along just to avoid users from discussing abt the same topic at two different places and at the end, ppl lose out on something important or something helpful for all.

Keep an eye on whats goin on at the forum first and then post... and use tabs like "VIEW NEW POSTS"(which is at the top right corner, below members.. of every page at the forum) which help u locate all those posts that u've still not read..

Well frankly for me, am definitely glad to see the tremendous no. of posts and the unbelievable response that this forum has recd!! Thnx all of u'll to contribute in your own way to the forum! Its always been a pleasure to be here!


Edited by Ashokjp

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We request all members to kindly update their profiles as new handsets have also been listed. It simply helps other members know u better!

To Update Profile ...

1. click on "MY CONTROLS" at the top(below help) of this page

2. Click on "EDIT PROFILE INFO" from the menu list on the left hand side.

3. And make changes / list ur details there.

If theres anything we've missed on, pls let us know.. :)

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Let me tell of u'll tht its been amazing at the way most of the New Members have responded by Editing their Profile and helping create a better picture of the type of handsets we all use. Remember, that ur profile pages also help us customize the forum board in many ways, so keep it always updated.

Am sure most also know this, but this is for all those who dont.

U can jazz up ur posts and make them more understandable with letting ur expressions out with Clickable Smilies(Emoticons) while typing ur replies by clicking on any smilie on the bar along.

You can also add a customized Signature by making one for urself.

You can also add a cool image along with ur name alongside the post. Its called Avatar. Check it out!

Always rem to update ur Email Address coz thts the place where u'll be updated about the board from the moderators!

And if u haven't as yet let us know who u r, then get goin at the Introduction Thread right away. We'd always be glad to know u better!

Any more queries on using the board? Go ahead and post them at the all new rocking Newbies Forum!

Dont forget to let us know ur Experience at rimweb.com

Hope u guys enjoy ur stay here! :rolleyes:

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Overwheming Response to the Forum in the last few days!! Thanks to all of u'll... I surely did have a tough time managing the threads and trying to keep them in the line! ;) But it was fun!

Alrite, 1 important note for all of u'll. Would request you'll to keep in line with the thread. Read the earlier posts in a topic and remember to talk on those lines. I know its very impulsive to go off-topic. Please Avoid that. Try the SEARCH option. Works most of the time!

Moreover, lately, i have seen quite a few members, posting too much. I would be very glad if those posts made any sense. But most of the posts of a few members made no real sense ! :unsure: Opinions, suggestions and criticism are definitely welcome to each other's posts. But pls refrain urself by posting something which cannot lead the discussion ahead! Remember, that rimweb.com sustains itself on ARUN's servers and all garbage in the forum is as good as not allowing rimweb.com to continue! :confuse: Hope u'll take it in the best of the spirits!

I've started deleting posts which make no sense in a thread. Sopes u might see ur post counts decreasing, and hence the person whom all this applies to, would know as well!

Keep POSTING dudes! You rock RIMWEB.com :confuse:

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Dear friends,

It has been brought to the notice of the moderators that some people are misusing the features of this forum, by sending personal messages. we would like to inform all members that the intention of this forum is for the discussion of reliance mobile phones.

Any use of this forum or its features for personal, professional or financial interests is not encouraged, but is frowned upon.

so as a moderator i advice all members to abide by the forum rules and interact with normal courtesy and to show a bit of empathy to the other members.

If you want to talk to a person, first initiate a communication from from the 2 threads below.

Newbies and oldies

Just garbage talk

Send a pm only after the other party has given permission for for personal communication should you send a PM, unless the PM is related to a post made by the other party.

Any message which does not adhere to the condition set above will be considered spam, and i request every members to report such messages to any of the moderators, or to post it on the forum, so that it will discourage such activity.

Everyone has a right to be in this forum, without feeling like a stranger at the hangout of a gang. and as moderators we have to protect the right of everyone. so please let us make everyone feel at home.

Edited by Ashokjp

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The Do's and Don'ts of Posting on RIMweb

The easiest way to learn what's acceptable on Rimweb.com is by watching how others use it. Once you've read a few hundred posts and witnessed a few flame wars erupt, you should get a feel for what's appropriate and what's not. To help you get there a bit faster (and to make sure you don't unintentionally set off a flame war of your own), we've included some basic tips that will help you fit into our community more easily.

Never forget that the person on the other side is human.

Because your interaction is through a computer it is easy to forget that there are people "out there." Situations arise in which emotions erupt into a verbal free-for-all that can lead to hurt feelings. Please remember that people all over the world are reading your words. Do not attack people if you cannot persuade them with your presentation of the facts. If you are upset at something or someone, wait until you have had a chance to calm down and think about it. Try not to say anything to others you would not say to them in person in a room full of people.

Don't assume that a person is speaking for their organization.

Many people who post to Rimweb.com do so from machines at their office or workplace. Despite that, never assume that the person is speaking for the organization that they are posting their articles from (unless the person explicitly says so). Some people put explicit disclaimers to this effect in their messages, but this is a good general rule. If you find an article offensive, consider taking it up with the person directly, or ignoring it.

Be careful what you say about others.

You read these posts; so do millions of other people. This group quite possibly includes people you know and care about. Information posted on the net can come back to haunt you or the person you are talking about. Think twice before you post personal information about yourself or others. Posting personal information even in the most innocuous topics can be extremely hazardous. If you don't want it known by a large segment of the world's population, don't post it.

Be brief.

Never say in ten words what you can say in fewer. The longer you make your article, the fewer people will bother to read it.

Write well.

Most people on Rimweb.com will know you only by what you say and how well you say it. Take the time to make sure your posting will not embarrass you later. Minimize spelling errors and make sure the article is easy to read and understand. Avoid the temptation to WRITE IN ALL CAPS when you want to make a point. Writing is an art that requires practice. You are your words on Rimweb.com. Choose them carefully.

Use descriptive topic titles.

The topic title enables a person with limited time to decide whether or not to read your article. A title like "Help me with my LG2030" posted to Tech Forum doesn't convey as much as "Error 166 while connecting to USB Port". Keep your subjects short and to the point.

Think about your audience.

When you post an article, think about the people you are trying to reach. Asking LG2030 questions on Samsung Handset Forum will not reach as many of the people you want to reach as if you asked them on LG Handsets Forum. Try to get the most appropriate audience for your message, not the widest.

It is considered bad form to post to a general interest Forum and then post the same message to some other, more targeted Forum. If it belongs in the targeted forum, it does not belong in the broader one.

Be careful with humor and sarcasm.

Without the voice inflections and body language of personal communications, it is easy for a remark meant to be funny to be misinterpreted. Subtle humor tends to get lost, so take steps to make sure that people realize you are trying to be funny. The net has developed symbols called emoticons to help convey emotions. A common one is :-) for a smiley face (look at it sideways) which should be interpreted as 'this is meant to be funny'.

Be aware that frequently satire is posted without any explicit warnings. If you find an article outrageous, ask yourself if it may be intentionally inflammatory. Don't post a self-righteous rebuttal if you suspect someone is just fishing for users with low humor thresholds.

Only post a message once.

Avoid posting messages to more than one topic unless you are sure it is appropriate.

Summarize what you are following up.

When you follow up an existing post, Rimweb.com includes the full article in quotes, with the cursor at the top of the article. Tempting though it is to just start typing your message, please STOP and do two things first. Look at the quoted text and delete parts that are irrelevant. Then, go to the BOTTOM of the article and start typing there. Doing this makes it much easier for your readers to get through your post. They'll have a reminder of the relevant text before your comment, but won't have to re-read the entire article. And if your reply appears on a site before the original article does, they'll get the gist of what you're talking about.

Cite appropriate references.

If you are using facts to support a cause, state where they came from. Don't take someone else's ideas and use them as your own. You don't want someone pretending that your ideas are theirs; show them the same respect. For example, much of this FAQ was derived from a post that has been widely disseminated across Usenet. You can find that post here.

Please do not use Rimweb.com as an advertising medium.

Advertisements on Rimweb.com are rarely appreciated. In general, the louder or more inappropriate the ad is, the more antagonism it stirs up. Just think how annoying it is to you to have your evening meal interrupted by a telemarketer. The feeling is the same when someone posts inappropriate commercial messages in a forum. If in doubt, don't do it.

Avoid posting to multiple forums.

Few things annoy Rimweb.com readers as much as multiple copies of a posting appearing in multiple forums (called "spamming").

Discussions related to CLONING is BANNED.

Please note that all topics related to 'cloning' has been removed from the forum since we have received alerts from authorities about the illegal nature of the topic. So please do not post anything related to cloning/esn/min in the forum in future. All emails and PMs sent through the forum are also being monitored.

This guide is adapted from the very helpful "A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community" by Chuq Von Rospach.

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As you may have noticed, the Forum Guidelines have been updated with the updated Signature rule. The link restriction will prevent users from 'advertising/spamming' in the forum through their signatures. And the image size restriction will help in faster loading of forum pages. If anyone is using signatures which is against the guideline, please remove/edit it as soon as possible.

Signatures should not contain any links/hyperlinks (active or non-active) to external websites. However, links to websites related to RIMweb.com, RIMweb Affiliates, Reliance Infocomm or its associated websites, Invision Power Services, social service/charity organisations are exempted. Signatures can be no larger than 400 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height. The whole image cannot exceed more the 15 KB in file size. Be sure your signature does not go over these specifications before posting it. This also includes any text you may place around your signature. Your Signatures/Avtars will be taken off, if it abides any of the above rules, as per the decision of an Administrator/Moderator.

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