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    Though I understand that it was a bit of a let down for CDMA handset owners, especially those who spent a lot on them, that Reliance was closing down the CDMA service. But it is a gross exaggeration to say that it was a scam or a corruption. For a scam or a corruption, the person involved should be benefitted financially. Reliance is not a handset manufacturer and hence the question of getting it benefitted doesn't arise. It's an open economy and one can buy any handset and move to any other service provider. Two, for quite sometime we all knew that the CDMA service was closing down. There were continuous updates, SMSes and messages while calling customer care about this move. We also have this thread going on since ages. However, If one feels something wrong is happening, there are various channels in this country to get the concern addressed. Whatsapp is not one of them. Recently, I got a whatsapp message. It said - it was good that there was no whatsapp during our freedom struggle. Instead of fighting with the English, people might have just circulated messages like ".... Please circulate it as much as possible so that the English leave India and we get freedom"
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    Mobikwik has separate options for Reliance CDMA and GSM The recharge values and benefits are different in both cases, adding to the confusion. Should we recharge as per GSM plans or the old CDMA plans? i wish Rcom site was functional so we don't have to experiment elsewhere.
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    Its a good cheap quality phone that will do everything. If you want to go for ok kam chala lo type phone then you may buy it. ( some will say kya farak padta hai yaar sab ek jaise hi toh hote hain, others will swear by brands, so its subjective ) However LYF phones offer almost all the functions that you get in the big budget/brand phones. If you're into samsungs, lenovos, sony and iphones then you won't like it. Frankly their mandatory LYF phone buy is what has stopped me till now. I think Bihari Sarpanch here has bought a LYF phone with the same scheme. SO is it a good value for money ? I will say yes....b/w average to good value for money.
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    Post migration, my data speed varies a lot between 0.8 Mbps and 1.2 Mbps. There was a rare moment when I saw 2.5 Mbps (that was 2 days ago) but most of the time, I get around 1 Mbps speed. Signal strength is on the border between -91 dBm and -89 dBm It's definitely 3G and below and the logo on the network icon varies between H and H+ (Mumbai circle)
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    Similar experience here... went to nearest web world shop...saw the guy struggling with sim reader...he did not know in which direction to insert the sim. (Personal observation: the sim patching devices which reliance is handing over to them are...well buggy, they seem like sawed off version of sim reader) Anyways...i offered to help but this guy was too proud i guess....my 10+ years of telecom and hardware/software patching seemed irrelevant. The next shop flatly refused. Finally, the one at Pitam pura (like 5 kms from my house) was much more accommodating....i helped him patch the imported handsets (APN, *#*#4636*#*# network selection etc) Spent like an hour after my sim was patched helping other customers...the shop was empty when i was allowed to leave.:)