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  1. Port forwarding works on JioFi2....checked personally...ssh works and also non standard ports (>10k).
  2. try typing *#*#4636#*#* in dialer. Select phone information > Drop down select LTE only. That should do it.
  3. JioFi2 MiFi

    I am not questioning the stability...just want the option to check speeds on various bands on users will. Any insight into unlocking this device? I am not even aware of the manufacturer of the device...based on device id it seems like alcatel.
  4. JioFi2 MiFi

    Any way to select band on JiFi2? I have noted that sometimes speed on band 40 is less that band 3 even receiving full signal on both bands.
  5. Jio Mobile

    I am getting a speed of 5 mbps +....not bad. Speed is worst between 8-10 pm...only some kbps. I guess when welcome offer is finished...we will get good speeds....but till now....i am happy...cant ask for more from a free sim
  6. This is huge. Plans are good. Proud day as an Indian. Biggest LTE network deployment (guess) ever. With plans well thought of. What does the Hotspot row specify? I am guessing you can avail the same plan for hotspot and get approx double the data with no free 4g at night? Please correct me if i misunderstood.
  7. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    Seems like they WANT people to go away.
  8. Thanks for sharing this. I am inclined to buy mediatek phone now....the seem so much hackery friendly
  9. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Started receiving 4g in Delhi - North. I am using redmi2 prime...which doesnt have band 850 enabled for LTE. The speed has been 15 - 20 mbps on roof with 4 bars. Indoor connectivity is horrible for voice. Hardly any network. The good part is ... much stabler data speeds than 3g. Getting stable speed of 4-6 mbps since receiving LTE, IF you keep the phone in somewhat "open location". For me it has been over the window in usb tethering mode. Happy now...hope this continues.
  10. They are 2 different companies providing very different experiences. After 3 months they will give you an option to choose a plan or to discontinue the service.
  11. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    Seems like RCOM specific message. This is JIO thread
  12. I got the feeling that having this CPE would boost coverage of JIO phones indoors. Somewhat misleading
  13. Lets Ask Arun

    Multiple notification issue seems to be fixed.