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    Well, speed gets maximum affected by the quality of network, coverage, the band currently connected and number of users using the current tower. The quality of handset also plays a role, but not the maximum effect as I listed above. So go for the handset according to your budget without much worries, IMHO. sent from my Lenovo Vibe P1 using Tapatalk
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    4G launch and CDMA outage are two different things. CDMA shutting down may happen in the next week but the 4G launch will happen later only. Just like other circles like NCR, CDMA is shut but 4G services haven't started either.
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    I don't think it is supposed to show IMEI when in CDMA mode. This is what inconsistently works for me: 1. Put the phone in airplane mode with RUIM in the phone 2. Restart the phone 3. Wait for 5 mins after it has started up 4. Remove Airplane mode 5. Wait for 10-15 mins and the network should show up Hope this helps!
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    Proceed with caution. I will not be responsible if you end up bricking your phone. So, I got this phone some days ago and thought I'd make a helpful guide for people who are using this handset or planning to buy it to use with Reliance CDMA. You will need: 1. DFS (Google it) 2. The APK attached to this post. MSLUtility.apk 3. Reliance/ Other CDMA RUIM 4. HTC Drivers 5. Android Platform Tools for troubleshooting if required. (RECOMMENDED) 6. Some knowledge of the UNIX shell and DFS The steps I explain in this guide will help you have the most painless experience with this device to get it working properly on Reliance CDMA. 1. Get S-OFF using Sunshine. It will cost you $25 but it is very important that you get S-OFF. 2. Unlock the handset using this method. (OPTIONAL but recommended) 3. Flash Custom Recovery and ROOT the device using THIS. Feel free to skip to step 23 because the rest will be taken care of by Sunshine anyway. 4. Download and install MSLUtility.apk 5. Run the above utility and connect to a WIFI network before doing so. 6. Press READ SPC button on the utility and it should give you the SPC for your handset. Please note it down. 7. Open the dialer of the phone and press # # 3 4 2 4 #. Now enable the diagnostic mode on the device and connect it to your computer via USB. 8. Open DFS and send the SPC that you got in step 6. 9. Now get into the programming tab and switch the CONFIG setting to RUIM ONLY. After this click the WRITE button. Now you have successfully enabled the handset to use any OMH RUIM. 10. Exit the diag mode. 11. Pop in your RUIM card into the phone's SIM tray. 12. It should start working off the bat along with data. Notes: 1. All your numbers must be saved as 0xxxxxxxxxx and not +91xxxxxxxxxx, otherwise it will not be able to send texts or make calls. 2. To get delivery reports consider using the Messenger app from Google instead of HTC stock messaging app. 3. To make a conference "MERGE CALL" button won't work. You need to press the three dots, tap "PEOPLE" and swipe to the dialer. Then press 3 and tap CALL. This will establish your 3-way conference. 4. Use a custom ROM instead of the stock SPRINT ROM. I use ViperOneM8 and it works perfectly. 5. Remove /system/app/HtcOMADM_SPCS and /system/app/HtcOMADM_SettingsPlugin_SPCS, to get rid of the SPRINT Hands Free Activation Nagger. You can do this by mounting /system in TWRP and using the TWRP file manager. Before this step read Further Notes below. Further notes: 1. After flashing a custom ROM, you may need to go into TWRP, mount /system and in the terminal there enter the following commands. This is to enable adb on the device before you get into the first boot. It may be required to get rid of the Hands Free Activation screen: ok mount data cd /data/property echo -ne "adb" > persist.sys.usb.config chmod 600 persist.sys.usb.config chown 0.0 persist.sys.usb.config chcon u:object_r:property_data_file:s0 persist.sys.usb.config This will enable ADB on the device for some further troubleshooting in case you aren't able to get past the Sprint Activation Screen. 2. After this you will need to disconnect the USB and let the phone boot. Then you will need to extract the process list using the command: adb shell ps > pslist.txt 3. Now open the pslist.txt file and search for htcsetupwizard, note the process ID and type this in: adb shell kill -9 <process_id> 4. You will need to repeat steps 2 and three once more and then do step 5 from Notes. Feel free to ask questions in this thread for any help. All credit goes to the developers of Sunshine and Team Venom for helping me out with these steps. They're wonderful people and I urge you to support them.
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    Try this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esccode.msl&hl=en
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    Many SIMS of first lot had some firmware problem. There was no data access with these SIMS. The firmware of these faulty SIMS were updated (or "patched") at Reliance Stores.
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    Haha.. Bro, call me KanagaDeepan. Kabali is the name of RajniKanth's latest tamil movie.
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    Thanks Kabali da, I want to use the device just as a modem. Flame 2 seems good device for that. Will get one tomo.
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    Latching to rcom 4g. Handset model lyf wind 4 ,circle Delhi NCR
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    Jio is a kind of new love which can make us to move on from true love of RCDMA and can heal from betrayal and fake promises of Pseudo Reliance 4G. Just saying.... hahaha Indeed, Jio saved most of us else we are nowhere.. Thanks alot jio. ROFL.... [emoji14] Sent from my TIT-AL00 using Tapatalk
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    Its a joke now.. Abhi toh 4g ki curiosity bhi nai bachi.. Sent from my LS-5014 using Tapatalk
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    The RCOM 4G SIM needs to be patched anyway. It causes problems in some handsets and not in others. I suggest you visit your nearest store and get it patched. Or, you may get a new one issued from RCOM, which doesn't need the said patches.
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    So, while we wait for Reliance to upgrade us all to 4G and GSM networks, many of us will want to change to a VoLTE enabled device like a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 or a Mi5. The good news is that these support CDMA but the bad news is that they have some small problems that are annoying at times. So, let's just do a quick run down of the problems we face when using foreign handsets on CDMA: 1. +91xxxxxxxxxx prefixed numbers don't dial. You need to prefix with zero and change your entire address book and it's a pain in the a**! 2. Call Conference. The merge option doesn't work. Solution: 1. For +91 prefixes: Download an app in the Play Store called Prefixer (HERE). Now create a new rule. Fill up the data in the fields as follows: What this does is that it just modifies the number on the fly and dials it without the _91 prefix. It does not alter your address book. 2. For call conference: This is simple, after you have made the calls to the two parties, just go to the dialer, through the contacts app - press digit 3 and dial it. This should join the call for you. I know these are very first world problems and most people won't even think they are problems to begin with but this helped me, so I thought I'd share. Hope this helps.
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    Well, the fact is that people who have the RGExxx series cards are selling them at a premium to those who want them. And 200 rupees is worth it if you are getting that universal compatibility to the handset of your choice. Sent from my HTC One_E8 dual sim
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    Well, you need an RGE series SIM. I got mine from Ebay. The seller seems to have sold out his stock.. These SIM cards are very hard to come by..
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    escreen works with 10.3.0.x, doesn't show up in 10.3.1.x
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    I bought an Mi3 for my brother, myself, my aunt, 5 of my friends and about 35 random strangers on the Internet (I added it to their carts for them). It is by far the BEST value for money I have ever seen for a mobile phone. The only problem is that they haven't yet released the kernel sources, which makes the whole thing very suspicious..