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  1. I am using Freedom 350 plan since last 1 year in mumbai, summary of it Rental 350 , 1GB : 3G & unlimited in 2G, 1000 local+std minutes, 200 national sms.
  2. Is the above revised plan for Mumbai Postpaid customer?
  3. Congratulation to Hetal & team,it's too late for me
  4. Google+ Coming

    My google+ started since morning, as i posted several invitation request in many different forums but didn't get any email invitaion, so not sure whom to give credit for that but thanks for taking effort for me @phonegeek.
  5. Google+ Coming

    Please note my id kepalp@gmail.com , send me once google restart invitation window. Thanks in advance,
  6. Please note that Swaminarayan Mandir is not at grant road it's located near Mahalaxmi Mandir you need any reference letter & you must be strick Veg. Secondly CSMART suggested Hotel Krishna Palace which is located 2 minutes walking distance from Grant Road Station which is good option but as per my knowledge rate must be above 6500/- per couple that incl. only Breakfast. But as he suggested for MCA, NSCI,WIAA which is good option but for that you need any referal letter from members or any affilated club in your town. If budget is not a problem, stay at Krishna Palace which is centrally located & you can cover entire south mumbai & even suburb station.
  7. @Greatest,you should have asked for such MCP (Mobile connect Plan) when you done your MNP,as i did. In my case i was having recorded line conversation+hard copy of Plan which was offered by their retention dept.(M/s.Andromeda) but then also i have to cry like a baby :'( in front of nodal officer & they given me Vodafone Live as BAKSHISH which i denied to except & had to fight with them for MCP which they consider after 20 days, now i am enjoying 2 GB data @ Rs.99/- on my Android phone. So my advice to raise your voice for MCP @99/- when you complete your 3 months lockin period.
  8. yes agreed, at least you can able to catch RCOM & they are doing something with all pain you suffer, whereas in vodafone you can not trace any reliable source everyone from C.C.--)Gallery--)or even nodal officer all are giving false promises & docket numbers. Tarikh pe tarikh will be appropriate Tag line for VODAFONE.After port-in of my wife's RCDMA to voda Prepaid & my issue which is still hanging I decided to let my son suffer with his RGSM(Poor network-with great freebies.)
  9. Please do not believe any port-in offer from VODAFONE,i have 4 different cases & in each case mostly Vodafone MNP/Retention agency m/s.Andromedia was involved. I called to VF-18001234567 & asked for any sp.plan for port-in customer & they transfered line to postpaid dept.(what they told me)but it was transfered to their agent m/s.Andromedia & they offered me Rental 299/- with 800 local minutes+200 local SMS+2GB GPRS@ Rs.99/-. But after porting into Vodafone when i called C.C. to confirm my plan,they told i can use only 400 minutes local & there is no such plan which i was promised at the time of application,luckily I do have hard copy of all evidence & also having recorded telephonic conversation for all the calls which i made to C.C.,till today Andromedia is saying that i can use 800 minutes but VF c.c. do not accepting it, more frustrating part is when i 1st call to C.C.abt such discrepancy they ask me to contact any VF gallery with all evidence, when i showed all evidence to gallery they bluntly replied like just contact the agency who offered such plan so i explained him entire episode that i was not aware about such agency & i never contacted them directly from my side,i just called to 18001234567 & they transfered my call to Andromedia so where am I wrong in that? Now my case is pending with Andromedia+Nodal officer of VF, will update you all about it,but meanwhile please do not fall into such fake offers from VF itself, they are just running after their target to get max. port-in customer.I am not alone who suffered,i know 2-3 others from our forum who experienced the same thing. Even VF Retention procedure is conducted by Andromedia.
  10. I think they must have appointed all retired nationalize bank employee, or other govt. employee in retain Dept.,i am getting almost 2-3 calls per day asking me reason for port-out request, so with all frustration i gave them all false report that i am getting 800(L+STD),750 free sms,2 GB GPRS etc... & i was shock when that guy was ready to give me all such things which i was offered from Vodafone. he was ready to give me 2GB GPRS in CDMA , So those who really wanted to port out from Reliance please don't believe them, just go ahead with your port out procedure. While writing this reply again i got call from that same dept. now he has offered me to visit my office & giving me same offer in writing, let's see will update you on rimweb.
  11. MenduVODA is giving very good offer for Port-in customer in mumbai rental 299-800 mins,200 sms free,Rs.99-2GB, 0.30 paise after free usage. but in prepaid Vodafone are doing refugee type relation with port-in customer, they are not allowed to dial C.C. no. more then 4 times in a month, no e-recharge is possible etc.... so go for postpaid only.
  12. After 8-9 years finally it's time to break up with RCOM,will never going to believe them for any retention offer. Got very good port-in offer from Vodafone Rental - 299 Talktime - 800 minutes. SMS - 200 p.m. GPRS - 2 GB @ 99/- p.m. call charges - 0.30 paise flat rate after free usage of 800 minutes.
  13. My Free 3G started but i am getting "H" indication instead of 3G on my HTC Desire HD.
  14. I already done that,just got ref.token no. nothing else.