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  1. I did today in the morning, lets see if it gets through.
  2. I require a Jio invite. Can anyone help ?
  3. Today when i was going out I saw cable being laid in my area on closer look I found Reliance jio infocomm ltd written on them. The guys who were installing it told me that it is being laid in my entire city patna. I also took some pics which I am posting here and if you look closely after zooming them you can see reliance jio infocomm ltd written on them. can somebody tell me after looking the pic if these wires are for cell site back haul or for fibre broadband. It will pass just 150-200 metres away from my residence. I wish it is for fibre broadband as it is being laid all around the city. can any one confirm?
  4. New 3G (HSPA) Data Packs?

    reliance is giving 150 talktime on 247 recharge for 1gb 3g data, both valid for 30 days. Source http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/PrepaidDataPacks.html. It is showing on their website but can anyone confirm?
  5. CDMA spectrum for 5mhz pan India is 9000 crores. MTS has 2.5 mhz so they pay 4500 crores, minus 1650 crores which they paid in 2008 and initially only 25% payable. Rest to be paid after 2 years in 10 yearly installments. I think they can easily buyback all their spectrum. On the other hand if they choose to buy Aircel they pay 3-4 billion at one time plus take 3-4 billion debt that aircel has. In my opinion buying back spectrum in auction is much better choice. Only concern is longtime data requirement will not be fulfilled by just 2.5 mhz spectrum and there is little scope for further availability of 800 mhz spectrum in future.
  6. Me too. Best tariff and very good network not leaving till the last day.
  7. Interesting facts on sistema issue. http://indrus.in/articles/2013/01/15/is_it_the_beginning_of_the_end_of_the_sistema_tangle_21629.html
  8. With operators like uninor, videocon who have bid for selected circles and possibly MTS also in future auction, how are they going to implement free roaming if these operators dont have pan India spectrum?
  9. What about its curative petition which was to be heard yesterday? Has it been delayed?
  10. Well I dont know how MTS will handle the situation but it need not follow any order or direction from TRAI. It has nothing to be afraid from these small directions if its just there for 1 month.( its like if a person is convicted of murder and is awaiting the biggest punishment will he really care about small offences like drink and drive etc.)
  11. Times of India is saying free roaming might be implemented from march 2013 Source- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/tech-news/telecom/Free-roaming-likely-from-March-2013/articleshow/17475192.cms
  12. I am using airtel prepaid 99 plan which gives 300 mb 3g data in roaming for past 2 months. My number is of Delhi circle and i am using it in bihar no extra roaming charges. In fact that is why i am using delhi number even in patna as the data charges are the same.
  13. Happy Diwali !

  14. Prepaid roaming has been allowed in Assam and north east from last 1 year. only J&k is still banned.