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  1. OnePlus invites

    I need the invite.. If you still have please pm me.i want to use it asap.
  2. it was problem from reliance end..its solved now.
  3. I guess your device is hi-link device.. Not a normal one..
  4. After number is retained on new sim evdo need to be reactivated. You can visit Reliance Webworld to place request for evdo re-activation on new sim.
  5. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    You get missed call because you have renamed the file omadmclient.apk to bak. Remove .bak then test incoming. Then in call settings kindly enable call reject . Rename omadmclient back to .bak and disable call reject. You should be on build zv8 on 4.2.2.. If you are on build zva you might face call drop problem.
  6. Sprint Samsung Phones GSM Unlock App

    one of my friend have Sprint Note 3 .. he is trying to unlock it for gsm but unable to do so. after installing app and clicking on unlock, its showing unlocked but no gsm is working. Does its work on specific baseband or every. Model Details: Model : SM-N900P Android 4.4.2. baseband = N900PVPUCNC5 Build No: KOT49H.N900PVPUCNC5
  7. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Was wondering why this phone is not available for sell on Ribweb. Boost version is for sale for 109$, Should be a good Phone around 10K in India Only 1x working.. Evdo not working.. Problems.. Only nv mode till now.
  8. Sprint iPhone 5 on Reliance CDMA?

    Just a warning.... Do not update ios above 7.1.2.
  9. Sprint iPhone 5 on Reliance CDMA?

    Ruim will not be accepted by iPhone...
  10. Reliance saying unlimited data for 3 months. You can check data balance before using.
  11. Dear Friends, I Got This Code From a Reliance Person. This Is Working For New Activations But He Told It Might Work For Some Old Ones Also..So I m Sharing The Code. Try Out Your Luck. It Will Provide You With 3 Months Of Evdo Data. No Idea About Limits. It Will Work Only For Non-Sim Users. Reliance Cdma Smartphones Users Enjoy Free Data Offer From Reliance. SU "MEID" N028800011 Send Sms To 55444 Replace the "MEID " With Your Meid Hex / Rsn No. You will get this sms in return. Its Smartphones all the way! Thank you for being on the superlative Reliance CDMA data and voice network
  12. LG G2 LS980 Sprint CDMA/GSM

    While making call did the network stay or goes blank.
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Thats good. Thanks for updating.