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  1. Thanks Hitesh Bhai... it failed for me when i tried...Can you please provide links to stock zip. But I managed with another ROM and reprogrammed my phone. But now I am facing another problem. I am not getting calls when I am connected to internet. Can you please help me for it...
  2. I also faced the same problem one year back... I had to flash the OS again and reprogram it... But you should have NV data dump file for data programming... Please ask your seller for the same...
  3. Motorola Droid Razr M (Global)

    Dear techies... need a help... I am using Motorola DROID razr M XT907 for Reliance CDMA. Everything was working fine... I was able to connect Evdo. I accidently updated from 4.1.2 to 4.4.2. No I am facing problem with Evdo connection. I am not able to connect to Evdo. 1x is working fine. What can I do ? please please help me.... BINU
  4. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    Thank you Hitesh bhayya for your guidance ... My phone is ready now. Only thing left is data programming..
  5. Tutorial: Generating NV Dump file

    Can anybody help me to get NV data dump for my phone. Its moto g XT1031. How to take NV data dump back up in Moto g ?
  6. Tutorial - Flashing Stock Firmware on Moto G

    hithesh bhai or somebody Please help me out ...... I am using Moto G boost mobile XT1031 for a few months. I have rooted it and it was working fine. But last week it got hang while transfering a file through xender app. I switched off the phone by long pressing power button. But phone is not booting up after that. Initially it was got stuck in bootloader unlocked warning screen during normal power up and during recovery it was going to a blank screen. I flashed Philtz Touch CWM recovery and tried to boot throught it. That was also not working. Even factory reset is not happening. What should i do. I have my MEID and MIN number with me. Please please help me out....
  7. What are the EVDO packs available for CDMA postpaid in Kerala.. how can I activate those....