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    So now the info has dropped on Windows Phone 7 Series and without rehashing all that information, it seems to have raised more questions than answered. One of these is where does 'Turtle' and 'Pure' fit into all of this new strategy? Are they the first phones to run WP7? Are they just next-gen Sidekicks? While we can't answer all of those now, we do know from the FCC documents that the 'Turtle' is at least real and probably the 'Pure' too. Conflipper, famous for his in-depth knowledge of all things Microsoft and Windows Mobile, has managed to get his hands on the firmware for said device(s). While he can't run any of those files for obvious reasons, a good ol' Hex editor can reveal a lot and indeed this is what he has found thus far ....after the break! 'Turtle' = GSM version; 'Pride' = CDMA 'Pure' = GSM version; 'Lion' = CDMA 'Turtle' = 320x240 resolution 'Pure' = 480x320 resolution Strong connection to Nvidia Tegra Looks to be CE6 References to 'PMX' (“Premium Mobile Experiences”) throughout He also concluded with "With reference to Silverlight and Visualizer feeds with a heavy background to social networking I don't think these phone are all that "dumb". Whatever these are, they seem to be aiming for a widespread launch with both CDMA and GSM versions. However, the resolutions hint at a more low-end, entry level type device and not the higher resolutions we are now accustomed too. Let's flash back a few months ago and check out the original info we on the Project pink phones[/url]. Assuming that info is correct (and it sure seems to be now), we can now fill in the other half of the information presented above. From September '09: Running the show has been Microsoft's "PMX" team -- Premium Mobile Experience -- which includes the assets gained from the purchase of Sidekick-maker DangerVerizon's the main carrier on board, though other agreements are in place.The "Turtle" sports a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera. The "Pure" camera is 8 megapixels.Both devices are dual branded with Microsoft and Sharp.The OS has the same kernel as Windows Mobile 7, but won't look or feel like WM7. The UI is written in Silverlight and uses Seadragon. Looks kinda familiarZune HD Sofware and Xbox integration are on board.As these are targeted toward the mass market, parental controls are on board.There is a unified messaging experience. (Should be interesting to see how it matches up against the Palm Pre.)Turtle and Pure will get their own launch party, not at CES. Now it is starting to make more sense, though until we actually see these devices and their UI/UX, a lot still remains a mystery. Stay tuned as we expect some more info to appear.
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    but i think reliance would come up only with non ruim enabled smartphones .. they would like to hook customer to their network only